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  1. I found a solution for game crashes ! Thanks to some help from @JoeTheSwiftElf Indeed uncheck the compatibillity mode for windows 8. Note make sure you do that aswell to the EscapeFromTarkov.exe in Task manager as to the BSG Launcher ! Also what i did is set EFT to Borderless mode in the Launcher. And i made sure that in the Security Settings in the EscapeFromTarkov.exe we had Full control
  2. Dear BSG ! First of all i love your game ! But im getting kind of crazy of not being able to play right now. I keep gettin crashes at the most random moments. Happens when i die, two minutes after i spamed, or just any random moment. Sometimes i get a crash reports and the other moment just nothing and straight up just closes EFT. Here are the google drive links you guys need at BSG ! https://drive.google.com/open?id=1xc9S9uKv9rpDakIBRME7F_8OPErYZYeL https://drive.google.com/open?id=1T8rhgCxrVW1LtsxUU9jwoiCXx_EhMKiu Hope you guys can make use of is ! Thank for everything and my relative healthy addiction <3 !