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  1. BuzzAlmighty

    Game crashes/freezes when loading a round.

    I've played every single day for months, changed nothing...not even a driver and now I crash while loading in. Can't play a single game.
  2. BuzzAlmighty

    Why patch the game during the weekend?

    My grandma used to say "If you can't do any better then you need to be quiet" If Nik handed me the keys to BSG, I promise you, EFT would get really bad really fast.
  3. BuzzAlmighty

    Since this latest update...

    Since update I haven't been able to complete a single raid on Factory. 100% crash/freeze rate. I have to force close the game as it makes my pc unresponsive.
  4. BuzzAlmighty

    Can't Loot - No Loot window on green boxes

    Same for me. Green wooden crates in bunkers are 0% loot chance for me....no loot window when the box opens.
  5. BuzzAlmighty

    Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread