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  1. Factory exits BROKEN!

    If you look at this as an issue with no known root cause, you will need to investigate it as a problem. Don't make assumptions that it is Desync or that any of the individual issues are all linked in some way. I've not actually been on much through the alpha but have hammered the beta and this is the first instance I have seen this, only at night on the Factory map.
  2. Factory exits BROKEN!

    The server was not in any obvious way being affected by desync. Doors opened without issue. Loot transfer and loading ammo to clips, no delay. Hit rego was spot on (assuming it isn't client side rego) also if you take the game into offline mode and it creates a local session of the game it still allows for extraction how does server\client synchronization play a role in not extracting?
  3. Factory exits BROKEN!

    I've encountered the same issue. I've checked all available exits and waited in the main exit in case it was a desync issue all I get is the option to breach the exit door. I recorded the fault, the issue occurred at about 14:00 GMT+8 Edit: If it is possible to restore the lost gear due to the glitch let me know.