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  1. I'm glad someone else went and wrote this all out, it's something that was bugging me as well. Knowing the real armor classes and what they're rated to stop I was hoping I could apply that to EFT, but the current stats don't make any bit of sense by comparison. Another potential thing is the penetration chance, I heard that rounds in EFT have a percentage chance to still go through armor that's supposed to be able to stop them. In reality this wouldn't be allowed, if a plate is rated to stop 7.62x51mm AP, it will stop it, if it can't it doesn't get the rating. I don't know if the percentage chance bit is true, I haven't been able to confirm it, but I hope it's not.
  2. WidjetArcs

    Gamma Case

    In my understanding when you upgrade you have to do a character reset and it'll give you the higher tier case, and everything else that goes with a fresh start of that tier.
  3. WidjetArcs

    Insurance is to be removed.

    That's not how Insurance works in Tarkov though. If you down someone and they don't have their gear, something else is going wrong. Insurance only returns gear if it hasn't been looted by another player already, meaning it's up for grabs if a player shoots you or just finds your body after a firefight.
  4. WidjetArcs

    Reduced Waiting Timer for Scav Play

    The problem is how much gear and money people would hoard up if the timer was that short. Playing Scav has the rewards but none of the risks of playing as your PMC. The devs likely changed it to specifically encourage people to play as their PMC more often. Given that I started after the latest major patch, I started with the 20 minute timers. If for some reason I need to go Scav again after escaping or dying as one I just watch a youtube video or lurk the fence for items I particularly want/need. If they do reduce the timer, 5 minutes would definitely be too short, but perhaps 15, or 10 at the lowest.
  5. WidjetArcs

    Dump Pouches?

    I just recently started playing EFT, and after a bit of a rocky start I'm enjoying it quite a bit. While swapping mags with a full rig I noticed that if there's nowhere to put the empty/partial he'll just drop it on the floor, which makes sense. But it made me think about having a dump pouch just for partials and empties. There could even be different sized ones, to go with the differently sized chest rigs. Obviously this means another place to carry things, but I think that should also come with some balancing drawbacks specifically for magazines. For instance, if you have a dump pouch it means you can run a full chest rig, but at the same time, you can't reload magazines in the pouch, you need to return them to your rig or other storage to do so. Plus, if you just cram other items in there, you lose the functionality, meaning a full chest rig will once again result in dropped magazines. The other trade off could be slightly longer reloads, but just by the smallest amount, and that may be entirely unnecessary. If having another place to put stuff is entirely undesirable, you could also just restrict them to only holding magazines placed there during reloading. Just entirely prevent players from moving items into it.
  6. WidjetArcs

    Reload a mag suggestion

    What OP is trying to say is it would make sense that you could reload a magazine out of pocket while still retaining some awareness of your surroundings. I think that would be workable if it had conditions. Like the magazine has to be on your rig so you can grab it like normal, and the loose ammo should have to be in pockets. This would have the added benefit of balancing it out, reloading this way is a risk because if you die you lose the ammo since it's not in your secure container. But you trade that off for being able to look around while loading. Maybe even limit it that you can't sprint while popping rounds into the magazine.