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  1. Rico032

    Increase stash sizes?

    How much do they increased the Stash size ? Does that somebody now ?
  2. Rico032

    Gunsmith Part 11 need adjustment

    You have to unfold your AS Val before you change the stock... if you dont do that the val get the stats with folded stock
  3. Rico032

    Strenght / Endurance Glitch

    okay thx for that fast answer. I hope it get fixed with the fast wipe =) I mean atm ist not that big Problem because many of the legit Players also reached "higher" lvls in this skills and the difference is not that big then it is after a wipe.
  4. Rico032

    Strenght / Endurance Glitch

    i heared now several times that BSG dont punish Players when they try/do glitching out of the map to max lvl Endurance and Strength. Is that really true ? For a normal Player ist just frustraing espacilay after each wipe if your slow as duck and other guys glichted strenght on max and are many times faster then you without getting punished f.e. Some Officials are able to give an answer to this ?
  5. Rico032

    Traders Event until 0.9 Wipe!

    I am not really talking about Grinding... I talked about a Scav round... you easily get this amout of money after 4-5 Weaponcase's If youre lucky you also get a Dead Body with some pieces of gear... So i definetly don't have Problems to earn money and do full gear runs... I run usual with Fort Mk3 full modded ak74m and a Kiver or Fast MT and i run always with this gear.... and in combination with a Scavround after i die i always earn money around 1-2 kk...
  6. Rico032

    Traders Event until 0.9 Wipe!

    You do something wrong if youre not been able to earn money... also with this last patch... Before it was ridicoulus... you earned easy 150-300k for a scav run in interchange for example. For my opinion now the balance to get money is a lil bit better....
  7. Rico032

    Pre 0.9 State Information

    Bigger stash is definetly neeeded I LIKE No more tetris ^^ And this Forts are sooo big
  8. Rico032

    MP Shotgun trade for m4

    its now not longer possible to trade 4 mp 153 shotguns for an m4 ?
  9. Rico032

    Trading Sammelthread

    Hab den Key schon danke
  10. Rico032

    Official Trading Thread

    WTB Marked Key & Factory Key
  11. Rico032

    Trading Sammelthread

    WTB Marked Key & Factory Key