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    trying to find someone to play with

    are you still looking for players. I'll be VISIBLE in the discord

    cant pick spawn points

    yep, spawns are random now. honestly I'd rather come across pistol glitchers in every match than be forced to have a random spawn. Kinda defeats the purpose of playing as a PMC IMO Edit: also maps are useless too now
  4. I have a spectrDR and was wondering how I toggle between the 1x, 4x, and iron sight modes. I can't seem to find the controls in the setting.

    Honest Question about Hatchlings

    I think the problem with this is that it is essentially just a scav run but without the advantage of scavs being friendly. And requiring people to go in with weapons just forces people to insure a cheap pistol dump it in a field and continue as a hatchling. I think that the easiest way to fix this is by making it so that players play against people of their level. This could help because high level players aren't the people hatchet running and it will give an incentive for low level players to take gear because there will be no max level geared squads waiting to kill them and more hatchlings to kill. Also a low level guy going in with an AK74U and a T-Bag is about as quick as a hatchling so hatchlings won't have a huge advantage at the levels where people hatchet run

    Weapon Companies Thread

    Olympic Arms Pistol AR-15 the OA93-AR -15 modern variant: Barrel: 6.5”, button rifled, 416 Stainless steel Chambering: 5.56 NATO Twist rate: 1x7 Stock: None Length/Weight: 17.00” / 4.46 lbs Older variant: