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    IM DONE !

    I assume some of it is untested because its in beta. But I would say some of their ideas are a little off base or poorly executed even with the beta tag.
  2. Even though you are trolling. I want to point something out. When people leave this game, they generally stop going to the forums, if they ever did to begin with. Very few people will dislike a game, but continue to participate. That means that most people in this forum like the game as it is. This creates confirmation bias. What would be interesting, but very few games ever do this, is to state how many copies have been sold and how many unique log ins happen per month. That would be a good test for how well all the changes are working out.
  3. Terrible lag clip I'll leave this here as an example of some awful lag that just happened as I was watching him.
  4. Flozzin

    dehydration is BS OP

    It seems like quite a few of the dehydration advocates in this thread are confusion dehydration with heat exhaustion. The two can go hand in hand, but they are very separate things.
  5. Maybe it's true for the games you played? I don't know which ones. But games like CS, PUBG, COD and even ARMA2/3 don't let you pistol someone from a great distance in the face for a kill when that person has a helmet on. Certain calibers and types of weapons do more damage of course, but things like pistols and shotguns have heavy damage reduction when shooting at distances of over 200 feet.
  6. Flozzin

    Game not playable, freeze/lags netcode ffs

    I assume you have windows? Use movie maker(its a microsoft product, free) and edit it down. And pick a different resolution. You should be able to get it down to a reasonable size. No one needs to see lag in perfect HD.