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    How can i kill someone with a crown??

    I set the game down a lot since it's annoying to me at times. And recently tried to come back into it. I experience the same thing. It's not pay to win, it's just that these people you encounter with 'crowns' have been playing steadily since the last wipe. Although this game acts like its a realistic FPS. It's actually a RPG. You're character progresses and get's stronger, faster. He gains levels with the traders opening up better gear to be purchased. And of course, the players themselves gain experience. So unlike a game, like CS:GO, where all the players can buy all the same gear, less experienced players in EFT have a triple handicap. This makes it really hard to want to progress. You have to decide if the grind will be worth it. One slight tip. Factory is fast paced. So you either leave with a lot or leave with nothing. You might want to try a few of the bigger maps. Makes it easier to avoid geared players. You might not leave with as much, but at least you leave more consistently.
  2. Flozzin

    Any different thoughts

    I think the idea of giving people some sort of gear score and dividing up the instances between the scores. It's not fun to kill hatchet runners when you are tanked out in the best gear in the game. And it's not fun to start off and get killed by the best gear in the game.
  3. Flozzin

    Quest ruin the game/fun

    I agree. They are a pain and feel pointless. I didn't buy a hard core FPS so i could spend the majority of my time staring at my inventory screen watching a spinning circle. Biggest complaint of this game is how little enemy engagement it seems to give. You spend a good portion of time in your own stash. Or if you are actually on the map, watching circles spin.
  4. Flozzin

    Kill trading.

    Could you explain why you feel kill trading is bad? I saw an interview with someone who was in Somalia in '93. He was in a humvee with several others, one of them saw a Somalian with an rifle and his buddy, and the Somalian both fired, both died. Kill trading is something that can happen in real life. This game is suppose to be realistic. I feel like its a feature not a bug. But if you can explain why it's a bug, I'm willing to listen.
  5. How is it not violent. 100% of the posts that respond to him are talking about shooting people with guns. Clearly that is violent. /sarcasm
  6. Flozzin

    Why is the game so focused on teams

    I like the kill at 28 seconds in that video. Really showcases how laggy this game is. He was clearly 2 seconds behind where your character was the entire time, and it wasn't 'because hes bad bro'. It's clear he follows your old path, because his barrel goes down, then over, if he knew your present location it would have been a smoothish motion straight to you.
  7. I get the idea of bullets coming from the gun barrel. It makes a lot of sense. What I have never experience on real life is approaching an object, looking through the sight, and not realizing the HUGE OBJECT that I am up against is blocking the barrel. Never have I ever shot something that was 1 foot in front of me. At minimum I would have used that object as a rest. Not try to stand up against it, jamming my barrel into it, then try to fire off several shots like some a-hat trying to get shot by ricochet. It's impossible to tell if the bullet will hit the object or if you are just high enough to shoot over it. This wouldn't be an issue in real life, but it is in video games. If you don't like the idea of objects not appearing in the sights, then there needs to be something else to warn you.
  8. I'm sick of people getting mad about other people's posts when they complain about bugs or bad mechanics. Just because you had 50+ dollars to throw at a beta doesn't mean your feedback will be constructive and in a well reasoned format. None of us had to pass a test on how to appropriately point out bugs in a video game. There are no rules stating that we must be level headed when we post about them.
  9. Flozzin

    IM DONE !

    I assume some of it is untested because its in beta. But I would say some of their ideas are a little off base or poorly executed even with the beta tag.
  10. Even though you are trolling. I want to point something out. When people leave this game, they generally stop going to the forums, if they ever did to begin with. Very few people will dislike a game, but continue to participate. That means that most people in this forum like the game as it is. This creates confirmation bias. What would be interesting, but very few games ever do this, is to state how many copies have been sold and how many unique log ins happen per month. That would be a good test for how well all the changes are working out.
  11. Terrible lag clip I'll leave this here as an example of some awful lag that just happened as I was watching him.
  12. Flozzin

    dehydration is BS OP

    It seems like quite a few of the dehydration advocates in this thread are confusion dehydration with heat exhaustion. The two can go hand in hand, but they are very separate things.
  13. Maybe it's true for the games you played? I don't know which ones. But games like CS, PUBG, COD and even ARMA2/3 don't let you pistol someone from a great distance in the face for a kill when that person has a helmet on. Certain calibers and types of weapons do more damage of course, but things like pistols and shotguns have heavy damage reduction when shooting at distances of over 200 feet.
  14. Flozzin

    Game not playable, freeze/lags netcode ffs

    I assume you have windows? Use movie maker(its a microsoft product, free) and edit it down. And pick a different resolution. You should be able to get it down to a reasonable size. No one needs to see lag in perfect HD.