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  1. Icy_Icy

    Would you like a wipe in patch 0.11?

    God please no, i wanna reach 40 atleast once! For us people with jobs its hard enough to get 40..
  2. Icy_Icy

    War With Cheaters!

    Couple names i recognize, always feels good.
  3. Icy_Icy

    The launcher's update

    Ignorance is bliss
  4. Icy_Icy

    Weapon Modification: Show Off Your Work

    Couple M4 builds i had saved One is as close as i could get to a Military issue M4(ACOG version). God i love modding in this game <3
  5. Icy_Icy

    Some Work in Progress Material

    Well, no different than having a *insert random logo* hat in the game. So why be so bothered about it? It's a novelty item, nothing more, nothing less.
  6. Icy_Icy

    Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

    Hi, im Icy#0420 Verify plis ^^