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  1. BanditMaka

    Playing as a Scav, killed by a Scav

    Bare in mind that while a lot of player scavs will kill others just out of fear of being killed when their back is turned. There are also a lot of situations when esp. new players simply mistake them for a PMC.
  2. I'm with you. It seems like an attempt to keep players logging in everyday. Which is one thing in a mobile game that you have easy access to, but Tarkov is a different story. They can't just return the stuff to us, because people likely won't have space for it. But maybe the timers could be much longer, like 2 weeks or a month. That way it isn't endless stress on servers with people having masses of outstanding insurance claims all over the place. But one can realistically make a claim, when unable to log on everyday.
  3. BanditMaka

    Kill 10 usec shoreline, Impossible quest.

    I run it well with 12gig, i7, 1050ti. I do get stutters whenever scavs spawn in (on any map), and if it's been a long session, Shoreline can freeze up worse than others. But certainly playable with 12.
  4. BanditMaka

    Pre 0.9 State Information

    "Firerate linked to FPS is fixed" You gorgeous people. Great list of proposed fixes, shows you are listening.
  5. BanditMaka

    Anti-cheat update

    Damn, people using macros and reshaders and defending the use.
  6. BanditMaka

    To all the drama queens that announce their departure

    Complaining about issues with a game is ok, I mean if not during development then when? But announcing that you're leaving is something else. If those threads didn't incite reaction people wouldn't bother, best thing to do is ignore them.
  7. BanditMaka

    Anti-cheat update

    Reset ya profile.. Solo wipe. OP.. Great news.
  8. BanditMaka

    Do You Deliberately Kill Scavs on Scav runs?

    Not deliberately. But that isn't to say most ends don't run with me unsure if I shot a Scav until another starts shooting me. I can see why people just kill everything that moves. At least there are no mistakes.
  9. BanditMaka

    End of Tarkov is near

    I think the criticism is justified when leveled at the netcode and desync issues. Rounds Per Minute being tied to Frame Per Second, and lots of other things. But having your profile wiped is gonna happen all the time in development. If they try not to it will seriously limit the kind of changes they can implement. Expect repeated wipes. But they should make sure tasks aren't grindy just for the sake of player retention, to keeping in game hours up or to mascaraed as content. If tasks don't feel cheap and grindy, then the time sinks involved in leveling up are more stomach-able.
  10. BanditMaka

    Scavs Aimbot

    I just realised, if you pause the first one at 0:06 seconds. The Scav is literally flipping the player the bird, while eating head shots. I could swear BSG are trolling us sometimes.
  11. BanditMaka

    Scavs Aimbot

    Are we really pretending these are working as intended? Come one lads, bugs like this are to be expected but they are bugs.
  12. BanditMaka

    This game is brutal for newbies

    You're welcome. Fair enough on the maps, I stay away from the worst ones for that reason. Paca is like second worst Armor, but it's a lot better than nothing. You can't trade for Paca at level 1, but you can buy it from Fence, after a player sells it. They're fairly common, and average between around 10-20k give or take, but you have to be fast to grab it. Out of your price range at the moment anyway. Unless you reset your character and start from fresh? You should see how Customs runs for you, because spawning in as a Scav, you are often spitting distance from your extraction. Just walk into it to make sure, then go off and loot near by, leaving if it feels too dangerous. My first Scav run there, I only saw one other player, another Scav who did the wiggle. I wiggled and left him to it. Looted the military box, gas station and cars, before seeing the 10 minute timer and heading back to the gates, almost right where I had spawned in. It was a poor mans run, but it gave me more confidence to go again, than being taken out in factory over and over. Factory is great for learning in some ways, but in others it's not. You're are facing people who are maybe not even in better gear, but who know which spawn to start heading for the moment they spawn. If they kill that guy they know where the next spawn likely is by that point. If they hear a shot or footsteps they start zeroing in like it's muscle memory, and you have no time to adjust. Bigger maps can be less fun for sure, but at least you get some time to operate, and can maybe choose when to engage (or not). Poor performance is a killer though, since it won't help with enjoyment or with your chances of survival. It is good to learn what you can alone. But if you wanna play with others (which can also be cool), it's just about finding people at a similar level. Leave the serious guys to it till while we build up our own muscles. Just have fun and learn while we have so little to lose. We can always reset our accounts once every 20 days. It's nothing to insure a cheap loadout, and most people don't have space to loot it, so you get it back. I've been playing with other easy going people over at OG discord, and will be about tomorrow. So feel free to hop on, if you just wanna try and survive a few runs with someone on a similar level to you https://discord.gg/YcJgTGA
  13. BanditMaka

    This game is brutal for newbies

    I hear ya, I am feeling the curve. The AI can be cheap, moon walking with their arms coming out the wrong side of their body, auto aiming gods that probably should be toned down. I'm not one to wave off criticism with "it's only beta", but I am forgiving of the issue, as it really is to be expected to some degree. The game has a learning and gear curve for sure. Offline without Scavs is great for learning the maps and extractions, and then Scav runs are great for getting a little started gear without being harassed by aim bot NPCs. Check your extraction first, and then loot close to the extraction, if you get injured or pick up something good, rush to extract. I found it worth grabbing a Paca, from fence for my PMCs first run. You can also use the stuff you get from being a Scav (rig, little bag), to make some cheap/free builds. Use the free P226R, with 2 mags and some spare in bullets in the cheap little Scav vest (having space left over). Take a duffle or T-bag, with water in. Meds in the alpha container, water in case you get shot in the gut before you can find some. It's a Scav, style load out for a PMC. Cheap as chips to ensure if you wanted to, since people probably won't bother taking the stuff. Then if you find better, or manage to get a good kill, it's nothing to dump what you have or transfer it over. SKS is a powerful starter weapon, and not too expensive. If you buy one of those, an extra mag and rounds, a Paca and maybe a helmet. You have a tougher load out for Customs offline runs, that should at least have you surviving encounters with the Scavs long enough to learn. You could maybe reset if, and just take what you learned in to your next run, though if you have fear of losing your gear you may have something you don't wanna lose that way. Joining a group or just playing with others might help. Have you looked up the Other Guys (OG Gaming) thread?