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  1. BanditMaka

    When is the wipe, this is so boring.

    The guy is complaining about being at a disadvantage, and you suggest he resets his account as if that's helpful. Then because you don't like my genuine reaction, you go on like a child and negatively react to all my recent posts throughout the forum. Pretty pathetic dude.
  2. So you build the mechanics to promote one type of play and not the other. Which they are doing (hatchet running has changed a lot), and should/may also do with containers.
  3. BanditMaka

    Sometimes it's just not your day (or week).

    ..your month, or even your yeeeaarrr, but...
  4. As I say, where it comes to the grind, I fully appreciate the argument. A solution would be to make it less grindy in general, and remove the need for a cheesy solution, like a magic safe box. As for Perception being important, it would do a lot for perception if the cheesiness of these boxes wasn't such an advantage. With the biggest of one coming only if you pay for the most expensive version of the game. I mean there are players on the edge of poverty here, in real life, not just in regards to the Tark economy. I am digressing to make a point, while addressing some of yours. But the fact is, it would only be far more realistic, and engaging if you couldn't put a rig in a gamma, and then an ammo case in the rig. Or Rush loot spots , secure the crap, and then disconnect. Realistic firefights, and high stake encounters is what we want surely? If we want a casual, accessible loot farming sim, then it can't be Tarkov, can it?
  5. BanditMaka

    When is the wipe, this is so boring.

    It is rubbish starting mid wipe. And while you won't get much sympathy from these lot. Maybe I can point you in the direction of some quick leveling examples, to help get you on an even playing field.
  6. For me it's also about how it ruins the game in some sense. I have friends (lova ya) who rush lion/cat spawns, throw em in the gamma, DC, and then do it again. They don;t care about stats and AWOLs. But my thing is they should be fighting there way out with that ish. I wouldn't even mind if (as has been suggested, though likely will never be implemented) you could only put things in a secure container outside of raid. So that that stuff was safe, but only after you'd extracted with it at least once . Maybe it's just cus I'm a filthy standard edition vet, that I notice it. But the same friends throw me their gamma and reset their accounts when the new wipe comes, so it's not like I couldn't do the same, or as if it's out of spite. I just genuinely think that use of cases hurts gameplay more than helps it (outside of mitigating the grind involved in acquiring keys etc).
  7. OP Good idea.. plus those Kappa improvements. With a restraint on the type of items that can be placed inside.
  8. BanditMaka

    Where can this guy have shot us from?

    Yeah sounds like 2 guys, second to your left. The first, I'm not sure. Doesn't seem very suspicious though, and I'm always looking for evidence that promotes taking the cheating situation seriously.
  9. BanditMaka

    A warning to ASUS motherboard users

    You sure this is being installed by default? Not doubting just double checking. I just (6 days ago) installed a new ASUS motherboard, with a new BIOS, and don't have this installed. It did install RealTek HD Audio Manager. Sonic Radar, seems unappealing from my perspective, even as someone who is legitimately hard of hearing, having to turn up my left ear audio considerably to get an even volume across ears. It still comes across a little cheaty. But I can see the arguments against that line of thinking.. "Sonic Radar is and onscreen overlay that visually represents sound activities according to their positional location. It is designed as a gaming aid for pro/am gamers, those hard of hearing or unable to use in-game audio clearly."
  10. BanditMaka

    Number of player per map

    Prepare for Escape map, to the right, it tells you how many other players can possibly spawn: Scavs usually don't spawn straight away and I don't know what the specific trigger is, or amount of players alive that determines it, but it does seem like you can Scav in right at the beginning of an empty-ish game. I think player Scavs can appear up until the final player PMC or Scav, extracts. Beyond that AI spawn in waves through out the raid.
  11. BanditMaka

    0.11 issues - Error 228 Move items

    That is weird. You submit a ticket?
  12. BanditMaka

    0.11 issues - Error 228 Move items

    You not been disconnected, and it's just taking ages to show? Restart the game, or wait a while, does it still happen? When servers are super busy (patch day for example) this happens a lot.
  13. BanditMaka

    Well duck me

    Been able to make that mistake long as I can remember. I've had one squad member quit playing for it, lost his full keybar and couldn't stomach the grind again mid wipe. I remember losing a ton of meds first few days of playing that way, and that was a fair while ago.
  14. BanditMaka

    Illegal DMCA Actions

    Russia is "Eurasian". 77% is in Asia 33% in Europe. Though being part of Europe doesn't mean you're part of the EU. One is a continent the other a political economic union
  15. BanditMaka

    eroktic wtf

    Then you gotta have him served a cease and desist, not abuse the copyright system. People get stuff wrong and or lie on youtube all the time, and BSG can effectively go after them if they feel it is such a threat, so that's not the problem. The problem is they abused a legal system, to silence criticism, and then admitted as much. They must have themselves lied when flagging the videos, since slander is not copyright infringement. EFT is, in spite of it's issues, one of the best games I've ever played, and I respect BSG in many ways, but not when it comes to their consumer practices or inability to receive critique.