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  1. BanditMaka

    Little promopack for you!

  2. BanditMaka

    Where's my game?

    Yeah I feel you, and for you. I didn't trust them either and is why I went through paypal rather than pay by card, despite the additional fee. That said, I did receive the game in the end, and it is a very good game.
  3. BanditMaka

    Where's my game?

    Tax (region specific), + transaction fee probably. Mine was about £10-15 more than specified once all said and done, but I used paypal and they charge extra for paying through xsolla (fraud protection).
  4. BanditMaka

    cheat, bug?

    I have experienced this also. Invisibility bug apparently. I did post about it, and was told to use the search function before having it closed. Search just yields more complaints on the matter, though sadly no response from devs on the issue. Game breaking stuff.
  5. BanditMaka

    EFT Ram usage suddenly up? please help

    Yea? Ok, damn.
  6. BanditMaka

    EFT Ram usage suddenly up? please help

    In terms of an inability to move items, heavy trader lag etc yes, but you think the high memory usage is a server side issue also? That doesn't make sense, that's a memory leak issue. Search RAM issue, on this forum and see screenshots with 16 of 16 gig used up and the like, that's not a server side issue.
  7. BanditMaka

    EFT Ram usage suddenly up? please help

    Dude this was pretty funny, and in theory I'd agree, but Koshis mem cleaner actually seems to help in practice.
  8. BanditMaka

    cheaters cheaters cheaters

    Just wow, thanks for the replies.
  9. BanditMaka

    How many of you have experienced hacking in game?

    yep Very similar name, no? Clan members or something, like all the wookie variations. Seems more likely, but could be some insane hack.
  10. BanditMaka

    How many of you have experienced hacking in game?

    They know, and have addressed it as a priority, sadly it can get pretty bad at times. My advice is to not play right before a wipe or an update as that is when they are most confident to cheat, and least likely to get caught, using that time to stock up on legit players gear before any updates to anti cheat that might prevent them from cheating for a while. Likewise cheating is least likely right after an update, when there may have been changes to the anti cheat and if we're lucky the sites that sell em, will even stay down for a while. But that never lasts. It's a struggle for Battleye who have dedicated teams working on nothing but this and over a decade of experience in the area, so for BSG to do it all in house, it's gonna be a rough ride for sure.
  11. BanditMaka

    Various AKs - Paying attention to the details

    Exquisite. You guys use max or maya for modeling, I'm guessing, and then what for texturing?
  12. BanditMaka

    cheaters cheaters cheaters

    Can you really "cancel" a purchase that long after making it? I never use credit cards so don't know what kind of insurances they give you for signing your life away to em. Some of the scummy cheat makers offer replacements as part of their own insurance, so many cheaters don't even need to buy the game again for themselves.
  13. BanditMaka

    A little information for you!

    Sounds good. Got just enough time to plat with all the lvl 40 tools before we get to start again. Any news on if it will be a partial wipe and we'll keep trader rep again? I'm good either way, it's the weapon mastery that takes me forever to get up anyway
  14. BanditMaka

    Where's my game?

    It does some weird that this game has more keys revoked than any other I've played and spent time on the forum of. I wonder why it attracts criminals for quick resale, you'd think they'd go for a game with a larger player base. I've used g2a and kinguin, tons of times, as well as having sold a dozen keys myself on kinguin, and never had a problem. Yet every few days, sometimes multiple in one day, players jump on here to ask where their game went. I give em the same answer as you, but it does seem weird, beyond just a case of "cd-key reselling websites have been dodgy as hell for as long as they have been around".
  15. BanditMaka

    List of recent bans!

    oi! no naming and shaming OP. Kappa Keep it up blyatt.