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  1. BanditMaka

    Havoc - Discord Community - NA/EU

    Good dudes
  2. BanditMaka

    FPS Drop near another player

    Yea, my ram never gets totally used up, and yet I experience those massive drops, when you say. I see it happen to streamers as well, who have beasts of PCs. Mine is used for rendering, and no slouch, I can play everything, but this game suffers some serious optimisation issues.
  3. BanditMaka

    Newish. Is this a hack/bug/what?

    Heavy desync I would guess.. I have it when I play with Americans. i just fall, and don't even hear the shot, then I see I'm dead. When enemies push, and I have high ping it happens, but even been Team Killed by grenades and not heard anything before I falling over. First game of day? Takes extra long to load, play a scav run on that map first. Customs spawns are horrible. Check point is the worst, it's easy to be precamped if you spawn in late.
  4. BanditMaka

    Is there a new vest or is this a hacker?

    Glitch spot, he's actually behind the door. Needs a fix, been around for ages. Use nades, if you get em close enough to where his body actually is you can still kill.
  5. BanditMaka

    Coming up a description for this picture!

    "Yo blyat, pills good ey."
  6. They won't hold your hand, but people on reddit and youtube will. Always funny coming from an era when devs couldn't rely on the internet walking players through the experience, and had to consider more effective ways of introducing mechanics to players. Funny that players think they are not having their hand held while looking up videos of what's where. But what's most funny is that there are legitimate short comings, with quest items, and their locations being so obscure as to be absurd, and the devs don't make an effort to change them because not enough players call them out on it, since they just watched a task guide anyway and had no intention of trying to work it out for themselves. This is in no way bashing you Bacon. Just an amusing observation.
  7. BanditMaka

    My suggestion for armour and helmets as of 0.9.2

    Please BSG. I love the game, I have literally stopped playing any other. I can't stand the current level of bullet sponginess, and I'm sure it doesn't match your vision of the game either. Much love.
  8. BanditMaka


    I hear ya, I play alone a lot and try to avoid hitting the shops unless I have to for missions items. I found mine from loose loot spawns in the parking lot and near the bonfire on broken boxes near one of those little camping areas. If you go to mantis and emercom you have a better chance I expect, but you can definitely find em running parking lot. Just focus on the tents and check the tables in em.
  9. BanditMaka


    Unless they changed it yesterday, it's just rng. Interchange is still good. Found 4 in 1 raid a couple of days ago. On top of boxes and shelves, no keys.
  10. BanditMaka

    New WIP Materials Coming Soon! 8/2/18

    I'm a 3d artist, and the work from your team is so good, it would be great to have a dev diaries featuring your modelers and texture artists. I also hear Nikita is personally a talented 3d artists, and I'm sure that has something to do with the level of rigour across assets.
  11. BanditMaka

    August Discounts!

    Would be nice to have a chance to get paid!
  12. BanditMaka

    Huge ban wave

    Speak for yourself, just cus you were to weak to play fair, don't paint ya mates with the same brush. Although I guess if fake recognize fake and stick together then you may have a point.
  13. BanditMaka

    Tips To Git Gud?

    Embrace the pain. Learn from your deaths, and map knowledge is OP.
  14. BanditMaka

    BANNED: 101 Reasons not to cheat

    Damn, so I do recognize one of those names.. Explains why he was so "good" at the game.
  15. BanditMaka

    BANNED: 101 Reasons not to cheat

    Sadly I don't see names I know on that list. But I will say I've been happy to see @Colonel Twerkins, and others in the lobby of many games, as I know the kids are less likely to use hacks when you're all about.