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  1. Keza

    Cheater paradise......

    ... hacks will ultimately kill any game.
  2. Keza

    I don't get it

    When you begin playing the game, learn the maps, the gear. Engage scavs carefully. Gradually over time you will have better gear and improved tactics to take on players. Do not focus on missions alone. Collect keys, loot. But yes, the game is hard, it is supposed to be!
  3. When EFT goes down the One Life path, players move away...quickly. I totally agree with you that some mechanism should be devised to prevent 'easy money'. OTOH everyone is free to to the same 'money runs'. Just like you say people are free to purchase where they want. Problem is that hatchling can almost OHK fully player: absurd. when you fire at unarmoured player, he is almost invincible:absurd. So current game mechanics allow this gameplay and will hopefully change in the near future.
  4. A game with the best animations and weapons simulation breaks down when gameplay is bad. https://kotaku.com/one-year-later-those-two-perma-permadeath-games-arent-1788301072
  5. shootout ends too fast? is not that the whole point of your progress: to get better weapons and ammo to improve TTK? and bring better gear back. In the end game, players have similar gear and must now rely on their engagement tactics, which most do not....Most players, even streamers, do western gunfight... who in their right mind looks a second time around a corner when being fired upon? Use flashbang, nade, whatever, flank...run Not many do this, but when they would, gameplay changes for the better! How come a hatchling can run towards me (ADAD/strafing) and I hit him with whatever firearm and he keeps moving forward and trying to attack me? Who does that? And even after headshots (right in the face) he continues without ANY issues.... buuut, the game allows for it, in game reality it is feasible and profitable....
  6. It would be nice that you can only be hatchling when you do not own a firearm and(!) do not have money to buy one. At elast players then run with minimum pistol. Or damage should be way less and turning speed waaaay down. It takes a few bullets to take an unarmoured player down without the player being slowed down...which is silly.
  7. risk reward is unbalanced. You could spent 45 minutes looting, sneaking and shoot the odd player/scav and then loose everything because someone either hacks or waits at exfil points. On one hand this is 'realistic' and immersive , but killz gameplay/fun.
  8. Keza

    Customs office key

    Found mine on scav, which also had kiver helmet and AK74N (black)....later found another in Dorms, on another scav and on several players....but first only after Level 12....
  9. Keza

    Connection lost to match - Lost everything.

    BETA, report to devs, and continue playtesting :-)
  10. Keza

    How do I get an in game map?

    ^^^Noice! good idea!
  11. Keza


    sometimes a type of bullets just stops registering, changing weapons immediately solve this. I fired with vepr 136 and could not hit any fo the fvie shots at close range, I changed to shotgun, BAM BAM ded (him that is). there is also a weird bug on helmet. Go into the game with helmet equiped and its armor may do NOTHING. put in backpack and equip only once in the game and it works (check Eroktic, Grimmz)
  12. Keza

    How do I get an in game map?

    I found the maps on the website very useful. In game maps not soo much. Orientation is hard, no compass....supposedly that will come by means of a wristwatch somewhere in the future. That would make all the difference. Not everyone is a streamer that play 8-10 hrs a day....
  13. Keza

    How rare is this scav lol

    I killed one with this and AK74N, stoked!
  14. Keza

    I uninstalled this BROKEN game

    Not really helpful to improve the game, now is it?