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  1. Keza

    Factory is CHAOS

    Factory is tombola. Sometimes you can creep around and loot. Other times you get wasted within seconds. I am only L10, so I loot a bit, escape, and return. get to know the map etc. Watching streamers and how they play that map gets me killed instantly.
  2. Keza

    Bronze Pocket Watch

    I did that mission few days ago, truck door was already opened by other player, but I could still get 'my' watch. Supposedly these missions items spawn for you. Even if another player accessed the container already?
  3. Keza

    USB DAC for audio

    You purchased Fiio E10k, I presume? Nice to hear your sound quality improved! Enjoy those scavs rustling through the bushes behind you :-)
  4. Keza

    USB DAC for audio

    Sound quality might be an issue as well. My Schiit DAC (Multi bit) sounds way better than onboard (MSI MPower Z270 Titanium). But to each his own, right? Glad we could help anyways.
  5. Keza

    USB DAC for audio

    I think the separation between left and right is much better (stereo image), also dynamic range improved considerably. And...I have the Multi Bit version. That DAC uses the original samples points to reconstruct the audio signal, rather than avereging like most other DACs do. The signal is more 'original'. The amplifier is 'just' that, an amplifier. If your headphone has not specific demands (i.e. impedance etc) it should work just fine. In game? I like it a lot, I have played the Division, Survarium, Black Squad, Fear the Wolves, all great. For EFT I have experimented a bit with the surround of HyperX Cloud II, but it does not add anything except creates a more 'hollow' sound (e.g. large hall), but did not help anything in locating the audio source (speech, shot etc) in game. Compared to onboard is really no comparison. As said, bigger dynamics range, better stereo image.
  6. Keza

    USB DAC for audio

    Last year I invested in audio upgrade: http://www.schiit.com/products/modi-2 http://www.schiit.com/products/sys Yes, you pronounce it like you think you would! But their - removed - is actually REALLY good. Combined with HyperX Cloud II (I do not use surround, only stereo) Definately better than onboard...
  7. Keza

    silly question about insurance

    would be nice if a personinalized weapon (like you can buy with ebok) always returns (with insurance) but you will need to wait longer...
  8. Keza

    Newish. Is this a hack/bug/what?

    weird poo happens. I had proper helmet (Kiver-M) on and MF UN (UNTAR). BLAM! OHK. I see streamer take hits and just move on?!? desync is a real issue. you can see players actually teleport a few meters!!! at times. So there goes your headshot...
  9. messing with graphics to remove objects should be impossible. it is like having ESP, right? I got shot at night time (dark and rain). Never saw nothing, just BAM, ded.
  10. Keza

    silly question about insurance

    good to know, thanx
  11. Keza

    Not getting the hang of it.

    EFT is less of a run 'n gun game. I have just started playing and put in only about nine hours so far (level 6). Only Customs. Learn the map. be careful, avoid trouble. Every now and then pick off a scav/player. Scavenge... watch streamers, yes they are often much higher level, but you can learn a LOT from them.
  12. oops, missed this message, sorry man. I am on EU, CEST
  13. agreed, I found that out the hard (dying) way :-) But this guy was running like I was in Quake 3, turned 3/4 circle moved behind truck, came back, ran off a few feet, came back. very strange. And my shots did not appear to damage/slow him down. did you ever see full black unarmed players/scav? I am trying to find any screens of of this, but cannot seem to find anything...weird. I will turn on recording for possible future events....
  14. I am only L5, so I have seen nothing yet I guess. I thought a scav boss was fully armored badass. Does BEAR run in black gear? I am not sure I have a recording, will check tonight (do not think so tho).
  15. but gear is never full black is it? I mean: black pants, shirts and black ski mask. Black gloves and unarmed? some admin mode?