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    Character name BlueFalcon Description - 32 years old - black short hair - friendly but always suspecting others His past - got kicked out of his home in germany at the age of 15 - got deep into the darknet and underground life How did he get to Tarkov? - met people from russia, who were selling firearms - they had a special job for him with a big reward - he finished the job but they betrayed him, so he started to take revenge on the scavangers Predilections - enjoys bacon & eggs - prefers people with fair trades and not too much talking Friends - always on the lookout for people with similar interests and goals - some guys from the underground life Wounds, and battles - after his job he got in a gunfight on the street, were he got shot in his left leg Aspirations - taking revenge & enjoying the rough life in the streets of tarkov The greatest achievement that character did - found some very valuable things for living in the streets of tarkov - traveld trough multiple countries for his destination and learned to survive on his own Strength 23 Endurance 30 Accuracy 27 Engineer
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