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    This game is brutal for newbies

    I am finding the same as the OP. I've looked at what the cheapest way I can play pmc is and am trying that but it's kind of an exercise in futility. Scavs kill you, players can kill you because of their ridiculous scopes. I just died to some asshole sitting against a wall in a bush on interchange. In the middle of nowhere, not near anything important just sitting there for no reason at all. It's a bit stupid in honesty. Idiots like that make me glad I don't have anything worth looting. If that sort of nonsense is going to be a regular occurrence then the game is going to be pretty much unplayable. I'm kind of getting the impression that what a lot of people like about this game is that they get to kill players who have massive gear and knowledge disadvantages who have absolutely no chance against them, and that functions as some form of entertainment to them rather than having anything resembling a fair contest. Whatever the reasoning, it doesn't make for a particularly balanced PvP experience when you take all things into account.