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  1. I love these mosin complaints. Here's the crux of the complaint. High level, high gear players are no longer immune to damage from low level players and can't farm them without risk anymore. Hilarious complaint. Such a shame your armour isn't utterly busted and OP like it was during the last patch.
  2. TheDoctor82

    Dying game

    possible for various reasons, see last point for one of them possible for a variety of reasons, some potentially not the dev's fault ditto textures are really nice This is the killer.... armour works too well, it's the game's no 1 problem currently
  3. TheDoctor82

    Overcoming gear fear.

    I've avoided gear fear by being unable to rank up and acquire anything remotely attractive. The side effect of this however is the game is no fun. We call this the "new player experience" and it ducking sucks lol.
  4. TheDoctor82

    Hackers Hackers and more Hackers

    The biggest cheating problem at the moment are the scavs, they are ducking ridiculous at least in offline mode. So much so that I can't even be bothered going online if they are the same there because I will just lose what little gear I have because of them.
  5. TBH in a game like this where you die 95% of the time to some shithead you couldn't have possibly seen, it's not worth bringing more than starting gear so that the fucker gets nothing for killing you anyway. That's what I hate about this game, it always feels incredibly cheap when you die and all of your kills are similarly people who you had a free shot at. If you run head first into someone, one of you is dying and the other one is going to take so much damage that he's fucked anyway. Having said that, I'm stuck at rank 9, unable to complete quests because gear disparity is real (level 1 trader stuff is beyond garbage), and as I say, there's always some wanker camping somewhere and you can't be looking in all directions at once simultaneously. There's very little in this game for anyone who doesn't want to play it for 8 hours a day the second a reset occurs and gain an insurmountable gear advantage.
  6. Was just trying a almost stock 74n on factory offline and it's utter trash like most low level guns in this game. What makes them ridiculously op is all the attachments that are locked behind quests and vendor levels that allow you to get the recoil down to basically nothing. Without all of that they are unusable as anything other than 1 round at a time because they bounce around like you are on a trampoline. Try spraying more than 3 rounds at anything other than point blank and I'll be surprised if anything other than the first 2 shots hit. Stick some attachments on and you can laser people with loads of guns at full auto from distance. So no, flooding the "economy" with 74n's won't make any difference. Changing it so that you don't have to get playing at 8 hours a day from day 1 of the wipe to level vendors to unlock recoil reduction+immunity armour, and secure a massive advantage that is unassailable after a week would make a massive difference. But that's not going to happen sadly.
  7. TheDoctor82

    0.10 patch WIP

    shotguns.... yeah right get real, vs an assault rifle what world are you living in? Toz lol SKS ironsight (not the worst mind) single shot, trying hitting anyone who isn't just walking. Vs auto you have no chance. Pistols, no damage whatsoever, useless vs armour or anyone wearing a helmet. as for the vepr, you are the one who didn't even know it was locked behind a trade. As it happens it is the best gun available at low level (or was in 0.7 or whenever you could actually buy it) and now you can't even get that. You whole attitude just wreaks of "I don't care about these problems because they don't affect me" .You sound like you are one of these people who is living in a fantasy land where everything about the game is great and any criticism needs to be shot down with personal attacks to discredit the person bringing it up. Unfortunately people like you are part of the reason that stuff like this doesn't get addressed.
  8. TheDoctor82

    0.10 patch WIP

    It's fact. How stupid is it trying to aim with something that obscures the very part of the screen that you need to see? They are useless, that's why no-one uses them, once they have a dot. All these people telling me how the game should be hard at the start and they don't even know that you can't buy the vepr136 anymore..... the gun they are telling me to use. IT'S LOCKED BEHIND A VENDOR TRADE! Shows how much time they have spent in new player hell....none. I'm sure the new player experience is perfect once you have all the gear and don't have to deal with it anymore lol, but in reality your game is going to die over time if the new player experience sucks and the is no-one to replace the core community which will decay over time as all games do. Then maybe you will give a poo about the new player experience once there is no-one to play with and it's too late.
  9. TheDoctor82

    0.10 patch WIP

    I just checked and I was right that the 136 can't be purchased because it is now locked behind a vendor trade only. I think it used to be available in 0.7 which was the last time I played. So more anti-newbie design that I was talking about. As if the starting guns aren't bad enough "let's lock another one behind a trade so they have no chance"
  10. TheDoctor82

    0.10 patch WIP

    the sks is trash, you can't get a dot sight on it to begin with, and I've no idea what the 136 is but I'm 99% sure you can't buy it so it's useless to someone new who will need a new one every round. I presume it's (as I mentioned) locked inexplicably behind some ridiculous vendor trade.
  11. TheDoctor82

    0.10 patch WIP

    How about making some decent guns available to new players so this game doesn't have the worst new player experience of any game available? not locking everything behind vendor trades... not forcing new players to use crap guns with screen-blocking ironsights that you can't even see what you are aiming at? Just FYI in case you aren't aware, this game is 100% UNPLAYABLE as a new/newish player... absolutely unplayable. Some of the anti-newbie design is mind boggling and it's going to kill your game stone dead if you don't make it at least possible for new players to at the very least get into the game to begin with.
  12. TheDoctor82

    This game is brutal for newbies

    I am finding the same as the OP. I've looked at what the cheapest way I can play pmc is and am trying that but it's kind of an exercise in futility. Scavs kill you, players can kill you because of their ridiculous scopes. I just died to some asshole sitting against a wall in a bush on interchange. In the middle of nowhere, not near anything important just sitting there for no reason at all. It's a bit stupid in honesty. Idiots like that make me glad I don't have anything worth looting. If that sort of nonsense is going to be a regular occurrence then the game is going to be pretty much unplayable. I'm kind of getting the impression that what a lot of people like about this game is that they get to kill players who have massive gear and knowledge disadvantages who have absolutely no chance against them, and that functions as some form of entertainment to them rather than having anything resembling a fair contest. Whatever the reasoning, it doesn't make for a particularly balanced PvP experience when you take all things into account.