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  1. IHunt

    Game crashes when I die or extract

    Same I am currently in the process of re-downloading the game after completely deleting all game files I will let you know if that helps...literally every Scav raid I would get the same issue you described above. EDIT: apparently we are not the only ones
  2. IHunt

    Dead because i can not heal myself !

    I can already tell this is not the game for you bud. You're going to suffer from bugs periodically...especially in the games current state if you cannot live with that why are you even beta testing?
  3. IHunt

    Super unplayable fps

    The hardware checks out you should be straight...I recommend checking to make sure your ram is being read properly. Run ram diagnostic test. https://www.howtogeek.com/260813/how-to-test-your-computers-ram-for-problems/ Is Vsync on? whats your in-game settings like? getting micro stutters or huge lengthy lag spikes? my fps varies from 40-75 FPS and my specs are way more dated then yours...you might also want to check your cpu/gpu usage during your gaming session and adjust in game settings to put more stress on your GPU instead of CPU. I am rocking a I5-4670k OC to 4.2//GTX 1070//16GB ram//SSD EVO EDIT: I also had to mess around in my Nvidia Control panel an tweak some performance setting there.
  4. IHunt

    Work in progress or any progressbar

    I don't know if this will be of any help to you but I use this to keep track of recent dev comments on certain issues I am interesting in. https://developertracker.com/escape-from-tarkov/
  5. IHunt


    Calm yourself improvements are in-bound. In the mean time why don't you go do something else since beta testing isn't your thing obviously? An Tarkov is far from "garbage" IMO, even in its current state there is nothing like it...nothing gets my blood going like this poo.
  6. IHunt

    16GB RAM will help me?

    Before I was running 8GB of ram for about a year playing most games without issues until Tarkov....it was barely playable. I ordered some higher end ram (two sticks of 8) and it was like night and day with performance.
  7. IHunt


    Man I am so sick of these posts, like we all get it you died to desync move on man...this issue has pinched the nerve of the whole community and its being worked on and hopefully will be resolved next patch.