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  1. хелл йе, бровер!
  2. Quiet fancy metaphor about zebras. Never shot a gun in my life, but from youtube videos I think your article makes sense. Maybe recoil system needs some tweaks, but the core of it should stay as it is. By the way what is up with this guy Klean. Some of his ideas are bizarre. Like one where he suggested to add special sniper round to make sniper rifles usable. Why his opinion so valuable?
  3. StockRadio

    Wait, this is a thing?

    Same here. Spawned with Bitcoin once this patch.
  4. Анатолий 23 StockRadio Ульяновск/+1 МСК
  5. StockRadio

    Factory exit key?

    I would say scavs pockets are best bet. They gave me a factory key and KIBA key already
  6. Попробуй включить функцию "оптимизировать для вычислений"