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  1. smokey-phil

    Where is the update?

    At least you are honest i guess . . . .
  2. smokey-phil

    Game needs to do level'd matchmaking

    The problem is that a pretty largish group of player don't do this they get to the top and piss down the ladder.
  3. Great now go make a game with that in it, you can do it we believe you in we are all behind you. you just gotta believe.
  4. It's only as active as it is cause eftbalisics keeps coming back and shouting down everyone with a dissenting voice which seems to be most people so far, so you could call it a target rich environment.
  5. smokey-phil

    Patch time?

    Well as of when i googled it it's now about 6:22am in st petersburg so i guess sometime in the next 8 hours would make sense you know when people actually get to work and all that.
  6. smokey-phil

    Attention! Some Responses for you

    Assuming that a mute function is realistic i'm kidding
  7. is it really any different to the little side step jiggle or just constantly spaming on a and d to avoid people lining up on your head. personally i find the weird movement things that games have little endearing things like the shield jiggle in dark souls they show a kind of personality to the thing that is often missing.
  8. smokey-phil

    Some Work in Progress Material

    This is also so pretty weird logic if a person is not needed for a job anymore let them go why keep someone around and find make-work for them when not having to pay them may be more cost effective that the amount of money they add to value of the project doing said make work. From a purely fiscal base
  9. To be fair they are amusing ways to kill an hour reading the mental gymnastics that goes on here *i ran out of e-mote thingy's on the wip thread earlier on today with the streamer items in but if i had not you would be having some of them about now
  10. smokey-phil

    ATN X-sights

    Hehe a real life kill cam oh this will be a fun thread. Edit* Though thinking about it its nothing you could'nt do with shadowplay really and the scopes already save the last image that goes though them try looking though a used scope in the item viewer after a raid
  11. This is it in a nutshell the last big 13 page thread got locked out that one is a hoot as well i think this one will be done shortly He can go back to the echo-chamber of this website and carry on making graphs and everyone can have fun with their mosins tomorrow sound good to you sounds good to me
  12. smokey-phil

    Some Work in Progress Material

    Also how has no one touched on the BIGGEST thing of all of this tarkov is getting shiny menstrual pads Unless someone wants to fill me in on what it is?
  13. Its a nice idea but like most people said it's unlikely to work very well. However rather than just tell you that i would try giving you another idea Start a discord group for people who are looking that kinda thing and have them start a match at the same time on the same region sever 9 times out of 10 you'll be matched into the same game from that it's up to you what you make of it.
  14. The item sink in tarkov is the scavs and then the player scavs doing sweeping runs (wait till last 5-10 mins go to high traffic areas where people get into fights use ai to cover you as you grab everything you can and get to the exit with seconds to spare you just have to fear getting a mia less than the pmcs who will be exiting before you) However later on i guess weapon degradation will be a key part in getting rid of value and excess items as people won't (shouldn't) have the money to repair everything and repair and sell for profit should only work when you need to pretty much polish out a scratch and get another 1-5% of the value. ) But yeah it might well be a problem however br mode is not the way to do it and neither any other is arbitrary method for doing it As some old psycho once said: "you can take my gun when you pry it from my cold dead hands"
  15. smokey-phil

    Some Work in Progress Material

    Care packages are not the only problem with this as other people have said implementing changes due to streamers advice. I would also say that the care packages are sent to insure "exciting game play" on streams with all the cool new gear the average player is never going to see until the last week of the wipe (for testing reasons ) again this is'nt the worst thing in the world however when you consider that the streamer in this scenario still play in the same pool as everyone else it could be said bsg gives priority to making the game look good rather than insuring its players have access to a fair game play environment which to me screams sales above all else. this along with the no refunds all your money is ours type stuff does not fill me with hope.