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  1. So yeah show me where on a scope you find the turret that allows the whole gun to move faster i don't mind the idea of sensitivity sliders (dpi setting never got though to everyone i guess) but don't tie them to the scope or even the gun it falls under personal things people do not perimeters of the equipment think of it like the walk-run speed slider would that make sense to have that tied to any single item ?
  2. smokey-phil

    Repair prices

    Repair and insurance prices are now tied to the average flea market value of items. So get ready to get rekt by high volume trading scripts and tools that drive the prices higher and higher
  3. smokey-phil

    Repulsive Names

    This one has come up before the result last time was that the forums need heavy censoring and a word filter that sometimes eats non swear words and punishments for people who use "bad language" on said forum. However in game your welcome to call yourself "kike-killer-3000" or any other combination or offensive words and terms. I think the reason why was that anyone can see the forums and you have to pay to actually get in the game which makes it ok ??!!!? (not in my book but whatever) or that the game has an age rating and the forums don't. Here is a older thread where where pretty much all of this was hashed out before. (there are a bunch more all mostly locked out for being "answered") Apparently (and this is new to me) that name filtering will be in 10.5 which i assume filters the name for you and doesn't stop the person actually calling themselves "arab-slaver" it just blocks out some words from being seen.(assuming someone thinks to put the exact words onto a blacklist file somewhere)
  4. smokey-phil

    AI/Scav's OP again.

    This is not "hardcore" gameplay this is "oh snap why did we put 50 in every value-ah well whats the worst that can happen" gameplay We are used to the scavs ability going up and down due to patches and tweaks but this patches bots seem a little bit over the top i think its the better movement combined with the old accuracy values that where needed to make them a threat so now they position better and shoot just as well if not better. The kobe nade toss is also getting a little bit old when you get the scavs at customs gas station taking people out in the warehouse area with arced grenades over the locked door shortcut. Other than that i've seen a whole bunch of glitched scavs where they lock up in one animation and face a single direction with their hands and gun and the rest twists around and contorts to try and match the animation skeleton up. I'm not sure but i think i also saw an ai scav actually try to make a attempt at escaping combat and went to hide in a dark corner of a shop in interchange so new behaviours means a whole new bunch of issues to learn to deal with
  5. smokey-phil

    Removing the crappy TOZ from scav runs

    They could do with coming with the 4 round mags and maybe the better stock, but its a scav run. The idea is you make do with what you have and find better stuff your should only have the toz for as long as it takes you to find some bodies or a gun spawn. If the average scav loadout is better than the average pmc loadout then there are problems. Hopefully they will tweak the weapons list as the patch goes on so this is less of a problem in a couple of months when everyone and their brother is running untar and ak's at the very least.
  6. smokey-phil

    player scav violence

    bingo People are less likely to attack you for a backpack if you roll with a couple of ai bois + the ai can tell if they are a scav killing scumbag (assuming they committed another act of scav on scav violence before setting their sights on you.) Learn to blend with the ai to act like them carry the same gear as them (you ever see a scav ai with more than 1 gun - did'nt think so) walk around in the same dopy shooter on rails sweep around 360 that you can see them doing with the flashlights in the dark. People often target other human scavs out of fear that you will attack them (you have nothing to lose why wouldn't kill them- its what they think) and many times will allow the ai to pass to avoid pissing off the whole map scav pop so if you act like an ai and hang around ai you might just pass for ai You gotta think a little deeper with these things every time you get another scav shotgun you in the side of the head try and work out why the person felt the need to do that and then avoid doing it (this often means no looting until you are sure your in the clear, if anyone playing as a scav comes across you looting chances are they will take the shot if only to save the time of looting whatever box you had your head in themselves TLDR: 1: learn to pass yourself off as an ai scav 2:: avoid doing dumb-ass stuff in full sight of everyone 3:??????????? anu cheeki breeki iv damke ??????????????? 4:PROFIT(small amounts of may be found hereabouts)
  7. smokey-phil

    Thanks for ruin the game

    We can but dream. But yeah after the delays "to make sure we get it right" they didn't and once again the hotfixes will be going for another week or so till we get to something that should have been out the door maybe a month ago it's always the same kinda stuff and it's all things that should have been fixed the first time they happened so that they don't crop up each patch cycle. But a Test sever with the current nightly build or the current patch candidate build that goes up when they need to stress test this stuff before a full roll out would be an idea to look into, if you where dealing with a company that actually wanted feedback in a constrictive manner then maybe it would get implemented but i'm not hopeful with the current way things are going.
  8. smokey-phil

    Why is there no Acknowledgement

    Inertia mainly and that weird stalker feel that sometimes happens. I also have to point out that i would a happy bunny if these things where to change.
  9. smokey-phil

    Why is there no Acknowledgement

    that is everyone else, personally i lost MY faith about 3 weeks ago it made a whistling sound as it flew away. I really would like to love tarkov but its not making it easy now is it.
  10. smokey-phil

    Why is there no Acknowledgement

    Oh wow its like a really bad joke now. Not that long ago people where getting on board with the whole communication thing nice to see that stops at the "redone" launcher. (still has the 0.9 patch trailer up on patch 10.5) Guess its time to wait another 2 weeks for the hotfixes for the patch to come out after the patch was delayed in the first place for reasons of quality. I don't think its just me losing faith in it now.
  11. smokey-phil

    Is this normal?

    you did stand on top of the bridge for a while and it's got line of sight to a bunch of places. I bet you made some campers day just running into their already pre-lined up shot that they already paced out the distance on. Its one of the reasons powering across the map like that can be a bad idea you went past a bunch of places where someone could have done that to you.
  12. smokey-phil

    Sorry for the delay

    A handful of us always tell them this along with other basic "try not to shoot yourself in the foot" pr tactics. It is pretty much never listened to, they always try to build up "groundswell" or whatever 20-rouble word you want to use for interest by dropping hints about the "new patch" (it'll fix the problems from the "last patch") and then it's either delayed or not working as intended.
  13. smokey-phil

    Concern about voice chat

    i guess you can mute it and lose the advantage of hearing mr 90's hard eurobass guy (you know their will one one at least) coming from miles away It's a concern but i would think that most people who want a gameplay advantage will keep using discord for team chat for the simple reason it cannot be overheard. The community is toxic as it is now it's just that you cannot hear the screams of "hacker" and "reeeeeeeeeee" right now. I guess you could get used to it before its implemented by recording some of the those sounds and playing them back whenever you get closer than 30 yards to recreate the joy of having a virtual duel with some 16 year old with a vocab that would make most sailors blush who likes to run the mic on voice detection so you get all the background swearing and weird sounds they make as a soundtrack to your encounter.
  14. Is this a forum script posting this 0.o ??
  15. smokey-phil

    Are players just being salty ?

    People are salty Hackers exist These two things are not mutually exclusive they can both be true