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  1. To be fair no one runs *that* fast unless their legs are made of carbon fibre Aside from that yes it is advised you drink as much as you can but most people will live for 3 days and be functional for about 2 with pretty heavy physical stress (this is based of "survival guides" and the like and is easy to look up and you can find multiple medical sources and anecdotal evidence alongside current advice given to people undergoing "survival" training ) if you do nothing and conserve as much as you can you last a lot longer but you can do practically nothing. Now tarkov runs at about x4 speed which means most raids last about 3-4 hours i know people who will work out hard without drinking. Also if its got to the point where your stomach contents is spilling out of you Dehydration is not what is going to kill you septic shock would like a word.Also water is not stored in the stomach it passes very quickly from there to the bloodstream and from there is being utilised very quickly compared to things like solid foodstuffs it can't leak out of you like a petrol tank -.- There are no good answers to why this is still as much of an issue as it is why is there not camelbak item or bag integrated with one rather than relaying on eating golden star (i've used tiger balm personally which is close enough to it and its mostly camphor and wax like 0 water content) so don't even think about calling on the "realism card" to try and make a argument about how it is the way it is because its "realistic". There is nothing about a hydration system that allows you to eat paraffin wax for that "cool thirst quenching taste" that can be called realistic. (Shall we also talk about the murder milk?) It looks like it was put in as it is something survival games have in it (along with the food stuff which currently goes down so slowly you will never need to eat in a raid, and radiation which is nonexistent) and then no more though was put into it aside from plans for the open world persistent thing which looks less and less likely so maybe its worth the 20 mins to think up a new way of doing it like: Carrying across the water and food numbers raid to raid (with warnings if you are going to start a raid with less than 1/4th of a resource filled) and then add a stamina malus based on the amount of food meter you have left. bish bash boom one quick and cheap food/drink system that can act as a stand in until things get sorted out correctly (assuming things actually do go in that direction) Or just tear the whole thing out and leave it like that until the proper system is implemented. Either its worth coming up with a alright stand in or its not worth doing it at all why do it once badly and then refuse to consider changing it until its time for the final version of it, wouldn't trying a number of different systems allow the devs to see what the effects on play that they have and can pick and choose the parts that fit the best.
  2. smokey-phil

    Well......I'm poo at this game :)

    Try the official discord you have to post in the activation thread here on the forums after turning on the thingy that shows you own the game (so only people who actually own the game can use it to find other people who are playing the game rather than it be a catch all tarkov thing i guess) either way most of the people on there are really helpful and you can normally find people on there day or night whatever region your in, there other non official discords out there as well blacksite gaming is one of the biggest ones of those its run by kleen (streamer, ex-bsg staff) that is also a really good one and there are plenty of helpful people on there as well.
  3. smokey-phil

    Please add more anti-motion-sickness

    Dramamine works quite well if you know its going to happen beforehand. I guess you could also try adding a screen dot or cross hair to give you something to focus on which can also help quite a lot (though i dunno if that is "legal" rhetorical question i don't think here is the place to hash "that" one out.) But i wouldn't hold out much too much hope for bsg changing the fov options. From comments i've seen on reddit and on here they are happy with restricting fov so one person can not watch every angle without having to move (sound cues) it also makes the game play feel a lot more closed in and claustrophobic as you have to actively look around to keep an eye on everything (its not that you can't do it, its that it takes a positive effort on your part to make use of the tools provided in this case the "look around" middle mouse button bind and by moving with regards to your line of sight. On this kinda thing helmets often do a bang up job of cutting your peripheral vision (if they don't it tends to mean bits of your forehead and temples are on show and that is just not a good look for ballistic protection) so i guess maybe helmet choice could be included in these kinda things with hard limits on how much you can see out of it based on the obstructions (or lack of) i dunno just something that came to mind. Also all the cool kids set fov to 75 to make the scopes work correctly (just the black ring not the fps issues) though setting it to lowest provides pretty much a zoom function in exchange for less peripherals which i guess is something (it may also make some scopes not work correctly so you know business as usual)
  4. I think they are meant to be visible from any distance but things like the fog that sits over everything 200+ m away covers stuff up pretty well Aside from the fact that almost every map aside from the labs seems dead might have something to do with it (it seems like you an start a map with as few as 1 other people if no one else joins before like 3 mins waiting on the (waiting for other players bit) last night i ran at least 8 shoreline raids to get a chunk of the punisher task done do you know how many pmc's i heard fighting in the distance about 3 or 4 over the whole time and i never came into contact with them (i mean i wasn't going hunting for them i was after scavs) but it's not like i was playing super solid snake sneaky i was mostly using unsuppressed adr-15's and a mosin (for those tarkov shooter tasks) run to area drop scavs, do the loot shuffle to max exp gains, move on and repeat like one after another i went and hit up every scav spawn between me and the tunnel exit (always ended up on the other side of the map from it so maybe spawn location is linked to the position you joined the queue) and i did'nt see a single pmc didn't come into contact with one and i'm fairly certain i did'nt come across any player scavs either (normally you can tell as they don't act like total idiots like taking fire from a direction and the taking cover facing towards you or you come across them outside of the static spawn points (this could do with dying or at least being heavily supplemented with random spawns and scavs that actually roam around looking for loot or are trying to achieve their own tasks or whatever rather than standing guard over the old gas station for all time) So yeah maybe widen your sever list as well as certain ones tend to be dead outside from peak hours (London i'm looking at you :P) Otherwise the best things you can do to come across more player as a sniper are to stake out the high loot areas quickly (like get there first and then set up so you can line up on the boxes and then take the headshot while they are looting as they cannot move once the window is open (make sure you don't just fire once if you can help it, it can hard to tell if someone went prone or actually died while looking at them though a scope with a thin field of view as your gonna be off target for a fraction of a second when you fire and then again while you re-bolt (assume your need to and are not going semi auto) and just seeing them on the ground does not mean they are dead and free to run up to and loot and a second bullet doesn't cost that much (unless ya know flea market )
  5. smokey-phil

    How to kill all players when they camp in 1 sec?

    Yeah getting a team of 5 and area suppressing with grenades is actually nothing new Also nades are really bad as a direct attack they tend to be more useful as something to make people move or deny areas of cover to them. (they did'nt use to be f1's used to be able to murder pretty much everything nearby i recall killing myself with them more than a few times when i didn't toss them at like 45 degree angle or something (str stat also has stuff to do with this ) If your tactics need 5 people to all be throwing explosives to make it work reliably well lets just say i'll pass but your welcome to keep doing it.
  6. smokey-phil

    So why cant we report cheaters again?

    Oh yeah i know trust me, but you don't have to be crazy to enjoy watching crazy But yeah most of the "standard cookie cutter" reply's about this kinda thing are kinda amusing when you start looking a little deeper at them. Also the weird disconnect between "no name and shame" and "oh yeah here is a list of cheaters we'll just sticky that for a day or two"
  7. smokey-phil

    So why cant we report cheaters again?

    Because (pick one as appropriate) More work/ anti cheat is good/ plannedtm/desync/ get gud/ no video proof your just a bad player and don't want to show us/ costs to much to implement/ not enough people to look at the reports/ no we can't be bothered to make a community vetting system,/What cheaters ?/you didn't actually hit anything. There are other reply's that this thread will generate but i can't be bothered to think of them right now.
  8. smokey-phil


    This is actually a fair point if that power wank fantasy of a book is relevant to tarkovs lore then i guess we can all go be pmcs and hate on the wimmins together. (out pmc company name can be "edge-lords after dark" ) Back in the real world chances are there would be women who did'nt fight much like there will be men who don't fight (i know shock horror right) problem is from a tarkov story lore perspective these non combatants are pointless as apparently everyone in tarkov is shooting each others legs offs. Aside from some task flavor text there is no reference to anyone else being in tarkov aside from potential targets. From a gameplay perspective: not a chance there are NO non combatants on the field (takov may have just been entirely staffed and lived in by hardcore mill-sim enthusiasts, they certainly shoot better than civvies normally do ) Also i love how in the weird and wonderful world of 2018+1 that "social justice" is somehow a bad thing do people really want to go back before civil rights?
  9. smokey-phil

    Pump actions and their place in EFT

    I think your on about having to tune the action of the gun to the amount of recoil in order for it to cycle reliably in a semi auto, this is kinda harder than you would think as shotgun ammo comes from 1oz slugs with a 3.5 inch magnum case to a 2 inch birdshot low load fairly lightweight stuff so if your gun is set up for one type it either won't cycle the next round or it might get overzealous and start loading weirdly or damaging the internals Pump actions for the most part this stuff don't bother them as you are cycling the action and the only way that the type of ammo makes a difference is if it hurts your shoulder But yeah i get what you mean but i'm not really in favour of artificially making one thing better than another just so it as a place if its fallen out of use find it a new place make it so pump actions can change between different loading or something like that rather than just a straight stat tweek (though the stat tweek is much simpler to do)
  10. smokey-phil

    Pump actions and their place in EFT

    Thats kinda the point its not a huge amount of upsides for running one right now aside from the shear availability of them and maybe the fact that ammo is common as dirt on scavs. also the 155 exists and stamps all over the 133 in terms of usefulness +you can take the standard 6 round mag tube of the pump and put it on the automatic meaning that the capacity difference is pretty much nill
  11. smokey-phil

    Pump actions and their place in EFT

    The remi has a small place as the shotgun you can mod out for "reasons" (it looks cool mainly) and with a low power scope and slugs you can wreck pretty much any scav under 100m in 1 to 2 hits, thats not saying much but it's about all its good for aside from a panic switch for when your sniping solo and someone gets to close. It normally it beats out taking a handgun for those kinda things as the ammo is one slot and no mags to buy and is nearly as cheap. But running a shotgun as the only thing you have is not a great idea unless you play to the good points of the gun (like anything else) but if you get caught out by someone 100m+ away and they have a rifle chances are your going to die unless you can run (towards them, away from them either, both ) There are lots of reasons to take other stuff and not many to take the old pump action shotgun oh and the sights don't exist on the mr-133 (they do but can't tell that looking down it ) fixing that alone would mean i would maybe keep hold of them rather than sticking them into the vendor trash pile Also being able to load a single shell at a time would be nice (something like a secondary reload key or something) rather than starting the full animation and then just blowing the shell you just loaded into the wall your "hiding" behind because you clicked too many times to cancel it cause your finger slips or something. Chokes and patterning would also be nice if we are going full bore pants on head crazy but i can happily live without it.
  12. smokey-phil

    Useful Aim Training Tip (+ Challenge!)

    It did not go well
  13. smokey-phil

    Heal Your Team

    This is kinda the point they showed off the texture and left people to make up there minds about its function leading to people thinking that it might be used as a revive item or something like it. Its also possible they just put it in the labs as an early Easter egg and may add functions to it later on. or it may just stay as a valuable item with no real utility.
  14. smokey-phil

    Useful Aim Training Tip (+ Challenge!)

    hah i might try that later on this evening i think i have a dvl kicking around somewhere otherwise its going to be another bolt action cause i;m not buying more stuff i'm not going to run
  15. smokey-phil

    Useful Aim Training Tip (+ Challenge!)

    i got to about 40 before the chip damage and running out of loaded mags got to me This is more a planning and what gear you take into it thing if you take a backpack of 60 rounders and just keep firing them empty and dropping them you could do really well with this kinda thing but the normal raid load-out i take in with about 400 rounds total across loose stuff and ready to shoot loaded up stuff (which is what i did this with just on a whim) and that quickly ran out and i couldn't find the time to load up new mags while the ai keeps pushing up on you Shotguns would be the other way to deal with this as you can always find the time to stick another shell or 2 in there but it would help if there was a load single shell option rather than having to risk blasting away into a wall trying to stop the reload animation. All in all 8/10 not a bad way to kill half an hour kinda reminded me of insurgency's co-op survival mode but alone and always low on ammo Next time set some gear restrictions or at least starting gear restrictions and work with what you pick up or something that might be an interesting way of going about it.