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  1. jbk23

    Official Trading Thread

    selling or trading: - customs office key - gas analyzers -CPU's -RAM pm here or ingame Jeronimo
  2. jbk23

    Weapon mods - Sell or keep it?

    most of these items (in the image) you will find quite regular, so basicly there is no need to keep them around, unless you plan to use it soon. (maybe the stock). I would only keep the rare stuff and things I want to use. you can also check the eft wikipedia, there is a lot of info on attachments and mods. https://escapefromtarkov.gamepedia.com/Escape_from_Tarkov_Wiki also for modding weapons, this is a very handy site imo: https://www.eftdb.one/ it gives you a complete view on how to mod a weapon, what you need, and where to get the items. goodluck and enjoy the game!
  3. jbk23

    Official Trading Thread

    I need: 1 lion statue 2 gphones 2 powercords 1 circuit bord 1 rec battery willing to pay or trade (have 2 customs office keys, gas analyzer, gm counters) pm ingame Jeronimo or here
  4. jbk23

    Official Trading Thread

    buying or trading: Gas analyzer Doccase, keybar, (items for trade: 60 round mag AK, gold chain, gmcounter, gunpowder, cats, horses, tushonka's) pm here or ingame Jeronimo.
  5. jbk23

    Availability of EOD edition

    if it wont be available in the future (doesnt mather for how long) it is limited. With the info we have now, available untill open beta/full release, it is still a limited edition.
  6. jbk23

    Official Trading Thread

    WTB or trade: - 5 cowboy hats got cat/horse statue, gold/silver chains, gm counter, airfilter, car battery. on EU servers, pm here or ingame: Jeronimo
  7. jbk23

    Official Trading Thread

    WTB: -key bar -docs case - ammo case pm here or ingame: Jeronimo