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  1. jbk23

    Matching rumours

    It is clear that you dont like this game, why do you play something you dont like? Why do BSG needs to adjust their game to your needs? why not find a game that fits your needs? I really dont get it, it's like watching a tv program wich you dont like on a channel, complaining that it is not fun, while there could be something fun on some other channel? What is your logic??
  2. jbk23

    Insurance :-P

    ah! thanks for the explanation! Sorry for going offtopic.
  3. jbk23

    Insurance :-P

    you are in the army and make only €175 a month?? what country is that?
  4. jbk23

    First day of Tarkov....

    @[email protected] Dont get me wrong, I dont want to say all hatchet runners are people who suck orhave no gear, nor saying only hatchet runs on lab are a good thing. Just trying to give a reason (one of many) why people do hatchet runs. For myself part of the fun is going in with very little to nothing and find loot and weapons to get around in the raid, makes the raid more exiting. but sometimes I rather start with a good setup. I can certainly understand the frustration if someone beats you to a quest item with a suicidal run. It could be fixed with quest items spawing in for every player that is on the quest, so one never gets beaten to the item, it is there for everyone who needs it. But that would take a away some of the suspense and thrill of the game (imo). Another option for some quests is random item spawn locations (which I think is gonna be implented at some point). What I would like to see, is a raid where you cannot leave for 20-30 mins, so there is a higher chance one will be involved in pvp. This could see less hatchlings because they cant run straight out with loot that doesnt fit in the container. If someone is not good in EFT, it certainly doesnt mean they are not enjoying the game (this is well aplied to myself ;-) )
  5. jbk23

    First day of Tarkov....

    not everybody is good at this game.... some people die more then others, and so lose more gear then others. Some people dont play scav, so no free gear. what is not to understand when people have no gear they do hatchet runs?
  6. jbk23

    BSG you are to be blamed. :P

    Idiots shouldnt play games
  7. you miss a couple of things. you can turn of the voice and/or alarm sounds for the cargo and garage exits. I dont know if this still spawns raiders or not when the alarm/voice is turned off. apperently (I havent seen or checked it out) when you activate one of those 2 exits, the raiders will spawn in the extract area, so rushing the exit after activating it could be a bit suicide. but thanks for the video.
  8. jbk23


    if you did not transfer tour stuff from the scav to your inventory after the raid, then its items are gone.
  9. "It is not what I paid for" Seriously?? You have not paid anything toward this gift! you preordered a game, BSG GIVES(!!!!) you acces to the beta + some items you can play with. They dont have to give you anything, but they do. And then they give you something extra for xmas/NYE and you complain about not getting what you paid for???
  10. look better, he is demanding his gifts from last year, he is demanding his gifts are better then people who preordered later. but my fault, I should have quoted said person.
  11. "I choose to give you money for an unfinished product, now I demand rewards and they should be better then what other people get, because I was the first to give you my money out of my own free choice" get of you high horse dude, you are not better then anyone because you knew about this game earlier, and you did not spend more on this game then (a lot of) other people, so dont act like your special, just because you where early. Be happy you get something, and make another person happy with the free account you got.
  12. jbk23

    All Terra Labs Extracts (Pic's in 1st comment)

    I just extracted from ventilation with a backpack.... (mbss) so maybe only with smaller backpacks.
  13. jbk23

    kill cam revisited

    BSG doesnt want a killcam in their game (or at least in EFT)
  14. jbk23

    BSG Lost My Respect

    you have no clue what censorship really is.
  15. jbk23

    BSG Lost My Respect

    criticism and lies are 2 different things. The "security patch" was there for sheep like you who believe everything that's being said by some idiot streamer without facts. To many puppets in this world who cant think for themself, follow others who are shouting without evidence.