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  1. Here's my discord

    Binging Chihuahua#4162


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    Discord name: Xianith#0937

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    discord name Copeboy

    Thank you have a wonderful day

  4. hi this is my forum profile for discord verification.


    ty have a nice eday

    1. Cosantoir


      Just dm me you discord user please


    2. BrotherSin
  5. Honestly as someone who has been playing since day 2 its actually pretty easy to kill people who are much better equipped than you but you need to have something else on your side if you don't have the gear and that's map knowledge. So many people play this map on a linear level just looking to hide behind trees and under bushes find the spots that give you a height advantage or additional cover. Learn the most traveled routes and find bottlenecks so you are in a position to kill a team of 3 geared guys with you Vepr.
  6. I’m friendly

    Because if you have better gear than me I want it. Until there is something that outweighs killing people be it a penalty for killing the same faction that mitigates the risk of some guy with a hatchet killing me and taking all my Gucci gear anything that moves will be killed on sight.
  7. I'm BAAACCK!!!!!

    It's Been a while guys (Almost 7 months) but I'm finally back on the scene with internet. I can't wait to see that awesome work the guys at BSG have managed to pull off since I last played. Looking forward to getting to know the new beta players. Cos
  8. Game package under your avatar

    I think this may not be showing for some people but here it is on mine.
  9. Game package under your avatar

    Click profile on the top right of the page. Click edit profile. Then on the bottom left show my preorder status to public
  10. A short video on new Scav Faction

    Cheers @Olloch Any idea where they will be streaming the new scav class?
  11. How did you come across EFT?

    Back in 2016 I was looking for a new survival game and it was suggested as top 10 for 2016/2017
  12. BSG will appear on this GDC 2017?

    Yea, I was talking to one of the guys from BSG on Friday and he was saying he was prepping for GDC
  13. Gamma container is obtainable after game launch?

    Yes you can get a 2x1, 3x3 and maybe a 4x3 container. They can be earned earned by completing tasks for traders.
  14. Happy Valentines Day!!

    Bear's are RED, USEC are Blue, Lets hit customs, & shoot a Noob or two.
  15. Questions about the preorder packages

    Okay 1st off join the community discord there are plenty of people there that will help you get on top of your game Stay away from factory for now and try doing loot runs on more open maps with less players like Woods. The scope shack can give you 40k worth of mods in a single spot and there are a lot of other places to find quality gear and Salewa's also. I do appreciate that the game is hard but you just need to get used to playing the slow and steady tactical way and moving away from the COD/CS GO run and gun attitude. It will come with time I promise. And if you have extra bad luck if you have less than 20k worth of gear you will receive 50k rubels. I hope this helps.