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  1. puppydotexe


    Killed by a hacker AGAIN! Shot through a wall, I was literally surrounded on all sides by walls. Of course, I have no recourse and will get banned if I post the persons name here! Can we have more details on your anti-cheat system BSG? Or is it just lip service?
  2. This game has so much potential. I quit before out of frustration and now I am quitting again. The issues with the core of this game(desync, lag, scope lag, OP SCAVS, hacking, glitching) are too much to deal with. The current state of this game is not fun and it is extremely frustrating to have these fundamental flaws that duck UP the otherwise amazing experience. I'm done with beta testing. I'll try again when the game is fully released. Good luck BSG.
  3. puppydotexe

    Hackers and Death Cam

    Please implement a death cam. There are so many BS kills and I want to know if it was a legitimate kill or hacking. Twice this morning I have been killed by pistol one taps to the head from characters I never saw or heard.
  4. puppydotexe

    I quit

    I am sick of dying due to lag while ADS'ing and sick of dying before I see a player or scav even shooting at me. I am done with this game untill it is fixed. If it is never fixed I am never coming back.