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  1. MP-133

    I wonder what the shortest barrel option will be
  2. Official answer about the stream

    I'm not upset...I slept passed the previous English stream time anyhow. Do we know when it's been postponed to, yet?
  3. PB

    Now this brings back Stalker memories.... Here's hoping it's a touch more effective (at killing)
  4. Edge of Darkness

    Alpha should begin this month at some point, so maybe two weeks.
  5. Developer's diary #2 in Russian (English captions)

    I disagree. Show us the details, as most of us appreciate them. Not everyone understand the process required for game development. I appreciate the glimpse into the content, if the Alpha is not ready yet. One request: Ballistic physics/interaction for the next diary. Even gameplay doesn't always explain that one, what happens behind the scenes.
  6. Developer's diary #1 with English voiceover

    I really like what I see...Legs! They seem so rare. That Scroll speed and height adjustment is so different, but also seems so useful. Adjust to whatever cover you have available, instead of binary Standing-Crouch height found in almost every other game. I am disappointed about one thing...they had the wood there, but didn't demonstrate ballistic penetration through the wood. I'm alright with that being the only disappointment. The weapon animations were top notch. Another 2 weeks estimated for the Alpha preview Dev-stream?
  7. Machete/Axes

    It's already been confirmed: No Bows
  8. Pre-Order closed beta question

    Another Month or so
  9. Scavs concerns

    The per order bonuses are a one (well, 3 for Alpha, Beta, Live) thing, which won't be reoccurring. Pretty sure you spawn with a single magazine send pistol, and also pretty sure the tomohawk is limited (though I've heard it's also just a knife reskin, which would support your argument) A single pistol, no armour, not likely more than 20 bullets (whether total or in magazine) will be able to do something, but at great risk. The Skav has a fair chance of being better loaded out than that
  10. General questions on weapon implementation

    How will manual action (bolt or pump action, single action revolvers?) cycle in this game? Some do it automatically, but I enjoyed Red Otchestra 2 optional of automatic, but my preference was manual. Click the fire button to cycle the weapon when you want. This lets the user either see what he shoots, while also selecting the in scope or out of scope option. I don't suppose you can divulge that info? Auto or manual cycling? Question B, when checking ammo left in a mag, the Action trailer showed the ammo count in numbers, is that planned to be the final implementation? To use RO2 as another example, they have a similar visual (removing Mag) but do not list the number, just "full", "over/under half" or "close to empty". As you said above, some of the mags will have windows, but that seems redundant if the game tells you exactly how many bullets you have left.
  11. Just upgraded! NDA for alpha
  12. Just upgraded! NDA for alpha

    The Alpha is mouth closed (with risk of banning for leaks). The Beta however you can freely stream/speak.
  13. Start Equipment

    A pistol, a Knife, a single Magazine are confirmed. Other than that? Not sure.
  14. Body armor

    Into their arms? Into their neck? It doesn't end there. You will never have full protection, I imagine. Even if you did, your manoeuvrability would take a BIG hit, if you're wearing 50+ kilos of Ceramic/steel. Not able to run far, or reposition. Run from a grenade? All your armour won't save you from THAT, from a certain distance.
  15. Body armor

    It adds an element of strategy. Do you think he has a metal plate on his groin? Or just kneecap him.