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  1. axel2011

    V-Sync not working as it should?

    Few things i want to mention. 1) generally V sync decreases performance 2) you FPS lock while using v sync is directly related to you monitor/monitor settings 3) check nvidia panel settings , it might affect the lock cap as well. Kind regards
  2. axel2011

    RPK hidden message under dustcover

    *What are u looking for here ? * - thats the translation
  3. axel2011

    Lucky_winner TV

    Огонь ! . Чуток над качеством поработать нужно , хотя сами по себе клипы сочныею
  4. axel2011

    Fix your game BSG and quit adding crap...

    0.11.5 patch is coming very soon which is aimed on fixing many things . Player base wise there weren't any significant changes and player count remains stable. Kind regards
  5. axel2011


    As the person above said , If you upgrade from standard to EOD , after wipe you will be set at starting gear of EOD pack.
  6. axel2011

    Using a Different Keyboard Layout?

    you cant assign a keyboard strait away , but as i said keys are extremely customisation, so technically saying you can create any layout you want , it will just take some time to re range all buttons
  7. axel2011

    Using a Different Keyboard Layout?

    i didnt really get your question. i mean you can bind any action to any key if thats what you are asking about. Kind regards
  8. Hey , i dont speak any german so thanks google translate. The only thing i can advise is to message support as soon as you can and see what they can do. Best wishes
  9. axel2011

    Letters under stamina bar

    BETA XX.YY is the current version of the game. Letters WKPF represent the session you are in as far as im aware. Kind regards
  10. axel2011

    Where do I get my closed beta code??

    Follow the steps as the opiat3 stated. You dont get a physical code , however you are able to participate in beta testing. Kind regards
  11. axel2011

    Question on Matchmaking time

    Server wont start the game if there is no one else except you . Try choosing different servers with lowest matchmaking time from launcher , that would help with finding game faster . Kind Regards
  12. axel2011

    Kinda sorta lag.

    It is probably a server lag, try manually changing server to see if it helps .
  13. axel2011

    Shotguns: What are the Selling Points?

    Well in my opinion shotguns are reasonably priced. Killing wise ? - leg meta , shhhhhh. on completing quests i would advise to play factory.(im always using usual shells , not expensive RIP ammo) Best of luck
  14. EFT is a hardcore game , i mean you need to always stay aware and people could always come from unexpected angles. Single player mode might come up closer to the full release of the game. Kind regards