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    416 Mods: Remington rail, M4 compatibility

    I apologize, it is not required but many suggest change recoil spring / buffer if using with a piston upper, that's what I was referring to. I originally thought it was required but see now though that some say it's only suggested and the rifle will still function without changing the parts.
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    Hello all! I am wondering what mods the team has planned for the Hk416/17 series rifles? I own a nice replica of the Remington RAHG rail (prototype) and as you may agree, it looks pretty nice on a 10.4 inch barrel HK416 upper (they also make a long version of the RAHG for std carbine barrel). I would love to see this in game, though I don't know if the RAHG is compatible with the 416A5 in real life. If the development team is interested, I would be happy to take more photos and measurements of the rail for reference use. As a side note, compatibility with the 416 upper and M4 lower would be really cool and add a lot of mod possibilities, though I understand on a real rifle it takes some internal modifications. (also I did post this as a suggestion and I apologise if I'm breaking rules)
  3. Hello! With the addition of the 416 coming soon, I just wondered what kind of mods would be available, and wanted to recommend some classics. The Remington RAHG is a very ~cool~ and elusive addon for the classic HK416, which would be a good high-tier, high ergonomic mod, and it looks incredible with the 10.4 inch barrel. The Giessele handguard would be a good mid-high grade addon as well, but I don't own one, thus no photos. Next, it would be really cool to see the 416 upper compatible with the M4 lower receiver (and maybe vice versa?). In real life, you do need to make some minor parts modifications, but it would add a ton of variety to modding Western rifles. Here are some photos for inspiration. If the dev team are interested I would be happy to take more reference photos of the rail (replica) or whatever else.