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  1. AdrianVictus

    more or infinite AMMO on traders

    always out of ammo and OFC only over skilled bully and macro guy get them, so please make all ammunition infinite ammount.
  2. AdrianVictus

    isn't 5.45 BP suposed to penetrate 6B47?

    a 6b47 can deflect BS or M995 too?
  3. i know the game have worse desynch than dayz standalone, but isn't BP of 5.45 suposed to one shot someone trough this helmet?
  4. AdrianVictus

    How to deal against OverSkilledBully

    i mean, before the WIPE it was good but now... can't do anything, with or without the best gear.
  5. tittle say all, can't do anything. Without any answer i will delete this game from my PC and wait until its fixed.
  6. AdrianVictus

    Dans quelles situations ressentez vous des freezes en jeu ?

    Pour ma part c'est surtout quand je croise un mec de près et que je commence a lui tirer dessus.
  7. AdrianVictus


    have you any clue about it? this game have a worse desynch than dayz standalone. EFT map are almost 4 km square for the biggest for 14 player max, when dayz is 278 km square for 60 players. How is this possible?
  8. AdrianVictus

    everyone spawn in the same time

    or they will wait you in the spawn, as soon as you are here, BOOM ! you die.
  9. AdrianVictus

    everyone spawn in the same time

    yeah i know about that, but spawnkill is a lot more anoying, because spawn point are fix and every player spawn near eachother...
  10. AdrianVictus

    everyone spawn in the same time

    some people have SSD and some people like me have HDD, so people spawn before us. it should be awaiting player once everyone have completely load everything. Its anoying for 2 reason : Spawnkill : many fag lord just come on the spawn (because they are broken on every map) and spawnkill people whos still loading. People who spawn behind you : they come by behind and kill you because they loaded to late.$ So please @TheWay do something
  11. AdrianVictus

    Silencer rework

    lol no dude, the lowest is AS VAL/VSS and all other subsonic weapon and its about 80-90 dB
  12. AdrianVictus

    Silencer rework

    yeah i did a mistake. i real life weapon is about 180dB, with a suppressors is arround 150 and 130 dB, so you can hear him like 500m arround.
  13. AdrianVictus

    Silencer rework

    yeah its hard to make a choice : 1.Fix the game 2. Add more AK
  14. AdrianVictus

    Silencer rework

    the game is suposed to be realistic? but silencer are unrealistic asf. BSG should focus on that instead focusing on cancer features such as mag drill and new armor system. In dayz standalone you can hear them really good but they are balanced. on this game after 30 metters, you can't hear anything. a silencer is only 120 decibels in real life after all
  15. AdrianVictus

    Comtac interaction

    Thanks for the answer Yeah it would be really cool. Sometimes you want the normal sounds so it would be a really good point.