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  1. I believe its maybe something todo with the latest patch. Before the patch Skier had 0.25 loyalty for me and I had just done the quest for Therapist for handing in that folder on woods which made him take a small hit down. After the patch Skier is now level 1 and my loyalty with him is NEGATIVE 0.05. I'm stuck on the quest stirrup now with 5/12 PMC's needed
  2. As the title says, since the new patch released I've noticed Skier's reputation level for me has reset back to level one with negative loyalty at -0.05. I'm on the Task Stirrup at the moment with 5/12 PMC's needed. Problem is before the patch I had 0.28 which took a hit down from Therapist's task down to 0.25. So I don't understand how he lost 0.30 reptuation so quickly since Stirrup doesn't say its a timed quest.
  3. Stripped down gun parts

    When shoreline works, it can be very easy to run into the health resort loot a box and get a fully loaded AKM, AK-74 or AKS-74U and with the abundance of loot there finding ammunition isn't too much of a problem either. This I believe is a problem as someone can just run in with virtually no gear, grab a gun and either flee of fight. The chance of finding a full size weapon in this crates thats in a working condition should be very low or at the very least in a condition that it will fire but will be ungodly to control. Such as finding a 74U with no stock, flashhider and dust cover etc.
  4. Civs

    Exactly, I don't think any NPC thats added to the game should be defenseless unless they have like both broken arms or something. Refugee's or Civ's as you call them should just be extremely limited weapon wise than even Scav's, have horrible aim and favour to flee than fight. But something else caught my mind thinking about this and its the presence of Player Scav's, I look at Civ's and see an easy and quick way to get some cheap gear and possibly get some Exp since Scav's aren't planned to have a Karma system in anyway.
  5. pistol, worth it?

    Depends on my loadout and what I'm going for as my PMC. If its a task that entails me hunting other PMC's, I'll usually carry a suppressed TT as a backup to whatever I'm using, sometimes a 226 or a Grach. Usually I use the pistol to take out Scav's, a suppressed TT helps a ton when you don't have full access to rifle suppressors and the 226 and grach are useful when I don't have a suitable secondary (such as using a long range gun like the SKS or SV98) If it's just cash runs when I'm low on money, I'll just run in with a TOZ or a Pistol instead and loot the safe and cabinet locations to minimize the amount of money I'll be using. Same if it's factory runs on a busy night, just rock pistols and see what I can get.
  6. Drivable vehicles.

    I don't believe driveable vehicles will be a thing in tarkov by the player, but I do believe they maybe added as a form of asset that can be used by AI such as Scav's or hostile military forces. They may even be interactable by players as a form of mobile loot box in the future or if they are equipped with a Heavy Machine gun perhaps even operable by using the weapons on it.
  7. Saiga Drum Mag

    In my opinion I think I'd like a drum mag for the Saiga, however I have my doubts on how well they'd be percieved. I'd love just an extended magazine that goes past 5 rounds, maybe 8 round and 10 riound magazines which are 1x3 slots while drum mags are a 2x2 or 3x3 based on size. A 12 rounder for example could be a 2x2 and fit inside the 2x2 slot of WTRig while you'd need something WAY larger to store the 3x3 magazines
  8. Changing bears to pmc kills, punisher pt. 6

    I feel like at some point this may change based on your affiliation with a specific faction. At some point in the development timeline I'm sure it'll change from Kill 25 Bears as a USEC to Kill 25 USEC's as a Bear and so on.
  9. Civs

    I'm kinda on the boat with this, but I disagree with the notion that Civ's should not use weapons, I'm also somewhat against the use of Civilian Players as that could be easily abused. Rather I believe that Civilians or aptly named Refugee's should be armed but remain mostly neutral to PMC's and directly hostile to Scav's. NPC Refugee's in my opinion shouldn't spawn with any kind of military hardware, infact the only guns I see them carrying are Shotguns with the rare appearance of one holding a pistol or some kind of civilian hunting rifle or carbine. (MP-133, MP-153, Saiga-9 and VPO-209 being most of the civilian guns currently). Gear should also reflect this, spawning mostly with T-Bags, MBSS, Scav Vests and various clothing items again with a rare chance to spawn with a larger backpack or sometimes wearing 3M armor and a Kolpak helmet. I like the idea of the VIP mechanic, extracting these individuals out of the conflct zones and into an area of safety. Maybe as an addition to Karma and Exp, these individuals can also give you some of their loot which includes a higher chance to spawn more of the rarer task items and overall junk that can be sold for a high value, possibly even donating money to you later as a token of good faith.
  10. Leg Armor Types

    Armor thats worn on the legs is normally only used for EOD Bomb suits and riot armor and normally they aren't useful in stopping bullets but mostly explosive shrapnel from explosives, thrown projectiles from rioters or to reduce the impact force or lacertations of a melee weapon. I COULD see leg armor being implemented, maybe as some form of Riot Armor but I highly doubt it would be able to stop any bullets, melee attacks maybe and possible increase the survival odds from a grenade explosion but not much else.
  11. Factory exits are stupid

    Let me make this out so it's easy to understand. You see those big red hangar doors at either side of factory, one is both a spawn location and an exit. They look like this: The image shown above is Factory Public Extraction Point, the opposite red hangar door is what people commonly refer to as Singleplayer Spawn. Unless your playing as a Scav, the extracts for the PMC's have not changed at all this patch.
  12. Alternate use for MS2000 markers

    I could see this working as you stated, a kind of in-raid temporary stash that can be collected by one of the Scav teams hired by Therapist and Prapor. However I believe depending on the container Scav's may help themselves to whatevers inside so you need something to lock it with it. Furthermore an additional use I have in mind for Markers is to speed up insurance recovery times. If you die in raid with a Marker on you, it should reduce the overall time before an Insurance return can make it safely back to you. The percentage should vary but be something like between a 10% reduction all the way to an 80%.
  13. Packing Mags

    Speed Loaders should also be a thing, not just for Revolvers they make some for quickly loading pistol and rifle mags as well.
  14. Ranting and trolls aside. I think that the most important loot locations should be barred up to prevent people doing this to gain access to super easy loot. Something like iron security bar's or a chainlink mesh running across the balcony handrails to prevent people just dropping down from below.
  15. More depth to melee combat

    An ability to block or parry would be ideal for melee combat to protect your vital region from attacks however this comes at the cost of your arms and once they go black you can't block and the rest of your body is potentially exposed to attack from other areas (you can block while standing or crouched, but not while prone for example) Furthermore I believe the ability to block should not be limited to just melee weapons. A person should be able to use their weapon to potentially block melee attacks when attacking from the front at the risk of damaging your weapon. Like an example is a popular movie scene where the hero blocks an axe wielding maniac with his rifle either destroying his rifle but allowing him to draw a pistol or escape. Additionally I do believe we need to be able to kick freely or deliever a "bash" with the buttstock of a weapon, the purpose of this is to momentarily stun attacks or push them back which can leave them open to a counter, this could for future use be dangerous to do if your weapon uses a relatively fragile stock.