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  1. DrakeVanders

    Developers diary: Molot Arms Report Part 2!

    I'm curious if we might see the Molot Vepr SOK-94 "Boar", I remember that rifle from Survarium and it was one of my favourite rifles so it would be awesome if that was added in one of 4 calibers it comes in which I believe is 5,56x45, 7,62x39, .308 Winchester and 7,64x54mmR
  2. DrakeVanders

    New Items Coming! Soon!! 6-18-18

    Curious about the flare gun, I have theories but unsure what kind of use it could have. Some popular ones on my mind are: Possible extraction tool through the use of special ammo (Green Flare to summon an extraction?) Scav Signal Tool, Scav "Scouts" could fire a red Flare to alert all Scavs of a PMC encounter Counter-Measure to NVG users with White illumination flares Last Ditch Improvised Weapon Possible modification to turn the weapon into a single shot, 12 gauge hand cannon with the use of barrel sleeves
  3. DrakeVanders

    Knife dmg too low, unbalanced between hatchet

    In terms of balancing the melee weapons I believe the Hatchet should remain a 1 hit kill to unprotected areas of the head such as the cranium and face however the primary "slash" should be very slow in attack rate. The alternate fire should do very little damage but be much faster (as your basically punching someone at that point). As for Knives, primary fire should do less damage anyway as your basically slashing your oppenant. The alt fire Stab attack should do equivelant damage to the hatchets primary but again be very slow but alot more pin point. Also I'm pretty sure it's a bug right now but as of the current patch I've noticed that some hatchet players can 1 shot kill helmet clad players yet those without helmets sometimes take upto 2 hits, I've even survived a hit to the head from a hatchet on more than one occassion. This maybe a bug related to the face hitbox when wearing a helmet.
  4. DrakeVanders

    Geting to mid game, silencers and ap rounds

    The other potential benefits of using a suppressor is also very beneficial for CQB as it muffles the noise report enough to where an operator doesn't always require hearing protection and it reduces muzzle flash which can be disorientating in dark places. Of course the downsides of a suppressor are usually down to a decrease in range and power due to the slowing of velocity. Additionally the dev's have stated that one of the "modules" of the hideout will feature crafting options which may include the possibility of "home-spun" suppressors. But I wouldn't expect that feature any time soon as it probably wont come until open beta or longer
  5. DrakeVanders

    Geting to mid game, silencers and ap rounds

    The dev's have mentioned in the past that Suppressors will eventually posses durability much like your weapons & armor and using a suppressor too much will render it useless if you dont use the correct type of ammo. In time I believe this will change how players effectively use suppressors since using AP ammo will absolutely wreck a suppressor compared to using subsonic ammo. In addition the dev's have mentioned before how rifle Suppressors may become a barter only item much like the AS Val in early levels requiring items in order to trade for them and only becoming purchaseable with money at later levels. Granted I think the amount of AP ammo that spawns in world right now is a little crazy at times (finding almost 300 BT rounds in an single interchange raid for example and usually finding a box or two there after). However I also think that the majority of players also don't use BP or high quality AP and rather go for a middle ground round such as PS or M855 which have balanced stats against someone wearing soft armor such as Level 2 or 3. Honestly I'd prefer if traders sold ammo in boxes which limit the space and amount one can buy and you can only buy individual bullets at late levels of reputation.
  6. DrakeVanders

    PVE Online??

    While I support a Co-Op PvE mode there are things that need to be addressed. For starters it NEEDS to be a seperate character and stash from your main account, which means trader inventories, reputation and experience gained in PvE is completely different from your main PvP character. As a suggestion it would be nice to have multiple characters under a single account, lets say 3 characters as an example. Second, I believe since it's PvE, Scav mode should be turned off. Since your facing against AI only you should be restricted to playing your PMC in this mode. Maps will instead feature larger degree's of AI Scav's and any other potential AI enemy. Third, the Tasks will need to be rearranged to accomadate PvE mode, certain tasks are only available in PvP mode so some of the Tasks will have to be reevulated for this mode. Finally, the rate at which you gain loot and experience in PvE mode should be HALF of what you get in PvP mode. The real experience lies in PvP so you should get the maximum benefit of experience and loot gained there. In PvE loot in general is much rarer and survival aspects are therefore increased.
  7. So while watching a stream on Deadlyslobs account, there was a moment were myself and a few people (deadly himself) were discussing future trade and treasure based items that could exist in the world. Here's a few of the suggestions that were thrown around: Laptops & Notebooks - Around the size of a 2x2 or a 2x3 item, can be sold all together or "dismantled" to get some PC parts. Gold Teeth in a Jar - Spawns on AI Scavs, collection of golden teeth and fillings in a jar filled with sand. Cigars / Box of Cigars - Potential barter item and high quality smoking consumable. Could be found either in a single tube or inside a ornately designed wooden box. 100% Cuban. Smoking Pipe - A ornately decorated smoking pipe. Radios / Broken Radios - AM/FM Radios, Military Radio's and Walkie Talkies. Ones that in working order sell for a high price. Camera's / Broken Camera's - Digital Compact and Professional photography Camers & Camcorders. Ones in working order sell for a high price. Ear Rings - Whether Silver, Gold or Diamond Ear Rings these will probably fetch a high price. Rings - As with Ear Rings, Rings of this nature whether Bronze, Silver or Gold will fetch a high price.
  8. DrakeVanders

    New Event idea: Scavpocalypse

    So an idea for a future event and one I think that will test the servers performance with multiple AI is something called "Scavpocalypse". This would make larger maps more interesting to fight in while the smaller maps end up being chaos as Scav's roam in larger groups than before. Simply put this event has maps spawn alot of Scavs and when I say ALOT I mean a alot. Say 3 to 5 times the normal amount and areas where it's normally devoid of Scav activity spawn some more such as the Village and Swamp in Shoreline or the Gas Station and Dorms on Customs with maps like Factory having constant waves of Scav's pour in.
  9. DrakeVanders

    New Gun Ideas

    Weapons that the OP suggested are entirely possible to be featured with exception of the TAVOR, not the right setting for that gun. Some weapons like the Kar98K and Remington 700 are likely to be these Scav weapons and possibly weapons used by Scav Snipers, UMP isn't that far fetched since the UMP is actually CHEAPER than the MP5. ACR and AUG are possible but they'll probably be along the same rarity lines as the RSASS in many respects. I could see some guns that are used by UN Peacekeeping European nations like Germany and France and even eastern bloc countries like Bosnia, Croatia, Yugoslavia and Czech Rebublic
  10. In the current state of the game, UBGL's and Grenade Launchers will only serve people as expensive weapons they can sell for a huge profit and for those that just want to mess around. Same goes for Rocket Launchers. They won't break the game at all. The reason why everyone seems to grenade spam is because Grenades are tied to leveling your strength soft skill, so your actually incentivised to throw as many grenades as possible to get more points on that soft skill, it's unreliable but if you don't wanna get over 50KG and jump around everywhere thats your next best option. However once the game opens up, hopefully with the open world content I would believe these weapons will have more of a purpose. ESPECIALLY if the Dev's decide on adding NPC based vehicles like Scav Technicals, Trucks and maybe even a APC/Tank at some point but that won't happen for some time. UBGL's as many have stated, take considerable training to operate and use effectively. The effective range of most grenade launchers is 150m's with a max range of 400m and almost all grenades have a minimum arming distance before they detonate, otherwise they function the same as a low velocity slug in close range. They are single shot, slow to reload, ammunition weighs a ton and is EXPENSIVE, a 40x46mm grenade often costs between $200 a round. The only other purpose I could see someone putting a UBGL on their gun is for heightened recoil control at the expense of a massive debuff to ergonomics. UBGL's, Standalone Grenade Launchers and Revolving Grenade Launchers will likely only serve a purpose as force multiplier against entrenched targets behind cover or in buildings, grouped targets such as Scavs and light vehicles since their explosive radius is often much smaller than most Hand grenades. As for Rocket Launchers I suspect we'll mostly only get disposable, single use launchers such as the M72 LAW, AT4 and RPG-26 (a bear even carries an RPG-26 on game artwork). An RPG-7 is possible too as it's a very iconic RPG and extremely popular even for PMC's who want a cheap anti-armor weapon but as stated above it's applications will be very limited and have significant penalties to using one especially considering ammunition is both bulky and expensive.
  11. DrakeVanders

    Patch 0.8 Ammo Rebalance?

    A while ago one of the planned features mentioned during a dev stream said something about all the traders selling ammo via boxes instead of individual bullets, with some boxes storing larger amounts of ammo than what you'd find in a raid The idea behind it was to limit a players ability to bulk buy expensive AP ammunition like BS or M995, since you could easily just buyout an entire stocks worth of ammo just by putting in 3k or so, the other reason I believe was that it could bug out traders when excessively over-buying stuff like ammo. I was asking to see as clarification if thats what they mean't for patch 0.8 or if its something more
  12. DrakeVanders

    Patch 0.8 Ammo Rebalance?

    Reading over the prelimnary patch notes for 0.8 I noticed "Ammo Rebalance" and while it lists levels of loyalty, specs and prices I'm wondering if this patch may bring the change of ammo being purchased via boxes instead of individual rounds? Also wondering if the rebalance is mean't to bring some of the later level Hollow Point/Soft Point rounds (like Geska and Blue tip CCI) down to Level 2 reputations
  13. DrakeVanders

    Minor factions

    I was thinking that maybe as a seperate faction there could be Survivors or Refugee's that aren't exactly aligned with Scavs but are just regular citizens that weren't able to be evacuated as well? Perhaps saving one gives you a cash bonus or some kind of equipment or karma bonus?
  14. DrakeVanders

    Private Coop

    I'm under the pretense we should have seperate characters one for each mode. We have one character dedicated to online PvPvE and another character based on strictly PvE with it's own XP leveling and stash seperate from that of course from PvP modes. I say this because there is still a market out there for players who want strictly PvE and it would benefit them greatly I think if they tapped into that market as the level of decent co-op shooters is dramatically low.
  15. DrakeVanders

    Tear Gas, Flashbangs, low Level Ballistic shield

    The lighter polycarbonate ballistic shields used by police for riots sometimes are rated to stop low-velocity hollow point rounds from pistols but they can only take so much punishment from even blunt weapons before they shatter and break apart. The overall larger metal ballistic shields have been rated to stop almost all pistol calibers and some center-fire rifles from upto 5,56mm to 7,62x39mm. I don't know how well they'd stop a dedicated Armor peircing round like BP or BS, but it's very possible they can stop rounds such as PS, PRS and other low velocity Hollow point rounds. But again they probably won't stand up to a constant barrage. However these large shields which can stop a 7,62x39 PS round are extremely heavy and should prevent the player from even sprinting and suffer a mobilty penalty as a result from just carrying it around. I doubt anyone could reliable hold both one of these shields and a pistol in one hand in which these shields may need to be held with both hands to be effective.