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  1. New area suggestion *Tarkov Int'l airport (TKV)*

    I love this idea! Yeah, I always thought that CQB airport maps were a little strange even though MW2 is a good game. Even though I've only been to airports as a consumer, from what I've seen there's so much potential plus there's everything you know. It would take awhile to create this but it would be well worth the wait and it would add so much to the game. Thanks for sharing your idea!
  2. Last Suggestions

    Wait, they're removing PvE? I truly live under a rock. Also it would be nice if there was some type of animation that would allow players to see what fire selector their gun is on (Semi, auto, etc)
  3. Partnership of Battlestate Games and WARTECH

    Great addition! I can't wait to see more.
  4. The Shoreline Location

    Looking Smexy
  5. Leg armour.

    Love the idea.
  6. So, what weapons is everyone looking forward to or even love using? I can't wait to get my hands on some mouth watering MP5's
  7. PP-19-01 Vityaz submachinegun

    Absolutely. I love the Bizon!
  8. MP5

    FINALLY!!!! I've been eagerly waiting for this sexy beast
  9. Weapon Companies Thread

    C7A2 Eagle MRR Series MRR, C7, and EAGLE from Colt Canada CDX Precision Rifle Series Made by CADEX Defense INTERNATIONAL OFFICE Jim Peter Safar International Business Development Director CAN: 1-514-998-9439 USA: 1-469-242-1942
  10. Getting close to Beta

    For something like this, they would need a command key. You know in other games how you press X or some other key and you have a list of dialogue/requests to say.
  11. Squad Spawning (WHEN WE HAVE THE FULL MAP)

    We need this so bad. I'm sick and tired of looking for my group and getting ambushed/spawned killed in the midst of it.
  12. Squad size balancing for Raids

    But then we can't play with our squads chaft I think opening up the limit in the server would be better. Having 10 people in a game instead of 6. That way a squad is going up against a larger number or possibly another squad.
  13. Adding more end-game weapons

    I don't the know the precise source since it was relayed through my superiors in my clan who have been in close operation with the devs.
  14. Adding more end-game weapons(continued)

    The devs mentioned that there's going to be more than 200 guns in the final release of EFT.
  15. Adding more end-game weapons

    The devs mentioned that there's going to be more than 200 guns in the final release of EFT. I know for a fact the MP5 is one of them. I'm not sure about the others.