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    Neccessary medical optimizations (suggestion)

    You are right o f course, but also you need to scale it for the game, as time is going faster ingame. Maybe a little delay of 5-10 seconds until painkillers and Ibu will start to block pain. I agree to you in RL, but of course we should keep some playability in EfT. If every wounded player isn't able to act anymore , then this game will probably loose massivley players. In first place its just about the amount of pills in a painkillers and Ibuprofen.
  2. Rikas75

    Make Fence of use

    Hi all, i mostly agree to @BloodyDuty's idea. I also thought that some items should not be tradeable via fleamarket (no suggestions what items yet) and this could bring Fence an oportunity again.
  3. Hi all, I'm curious why painkiller an Ibuprofen only give 1 pill. There are 10 pills in painkiller and in the entire bottle of Ibuprofen should be around 20-50 pills! Also i must mention that Augementin is no painkiller, it is an antibiotica but this will never take pain. So suggestion is to adjust painkiller to 10x use, Ibuprofen to 20~25x use and of course remove Augmentin as painkiller (but keep as barter item, or whatever for final game) Best regards Rikas
  4. Rikas75

    Rarity of keybars and docs-case

    They do! I've got a document case meanwhile and almost a keybar .. just because of this crappy "Take/Examine/Search"-menu another player came and of course he shot me.. maybe 0,5sec more and it would be mine. And that super-reason is? It is annoying and therefore absolutely neccessary to do anything about this - like I said: early reward or give the possibility to cut a piece of wire with pliers.
  5. Rikas75

    Rarity of keybars and docs-case

    I'm working all day for my money, if i get my free time I want to play agreed I just did some more hatchruns, guess what .. right nothing. I keep on my suggestion give a keybar as a quest-reward or some like that. Else I suggest the (absolute realisitc) possibility to cut a fence with a pliers for a simple peace of wire that can easily carry 20++ keys.
  6. Hi all, you guys probably know about the rarity of keybars and docs-cases. I made countless "hatchling-runs", maybe not 100 but still many tho, but no luck for me. So my suggestion is, that players get a keybar as one of the earlier quest as rewards and maybe a doc-case as another reward. Best regards from Germany - Rikas