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  1. Khaosmatic

    Some Work in Progress Material

    Please don't pander to these streamers BSG, they should be content with the amount of views your product has given them and that doesn't necessarily mean you guys will also benefit. Considering some of them do complain about the game it's possible that they actually turn people off the idea of buying and playing and just watch others play instead. This is just bringing back vibes of the NDA days. Hardworking forum members who did nothing but help promote the game and provide help were not granted NDA passes and then completely random bigger streamers/YouTubers who had NO interest in the game and constantly poo-talked were given passes purely because of their channel size. I'll still support you BSG as you are making an almost dream game for me but it is stuff like this and when special privileges are given out which I don't understand and angers me. Stuff like this is done for example if one of the big time streamers who played dies and a memorial item is made but just giving it out because they have a big audience is just cheesey.
  2. Khaosmatic

    Recoil is not nearly as bad as it should be

    There are a ridiculous amount of factors in real life for recoil, I can only say from what I've read and seen (as the only shooting experience I have is shotguns), but various accounts from UK servicemen talk about the L85 (which is apparently quite controllable) even has trouble hitting anything accurately on full auto. It definitely needs some adjusting however it's not all entirely unrealistic, games do overplay how much recoil a lot of guns produce. Bear in mind the shooter strength, weapon weight, calibre and certain attachment's all affect recoil. Also bear in mind it's not just recoil the game is having problems with. A lot of people have no idea how much the game is going to change with non instant mag refilling and medication. Firefights will slow down considerably and you wont have people just mag dumping endless 60rnd drums and instantly reloading and going again. BSG needs to integrate those systems fast.
  3. Khaosmatic

    New Merchant: The Mechanic

    That's a nice hidden PKP he's got there. Will be nice to get a trader fully focused on weapon parts.
  4. Khaosmatic

    New Year Holiday Event and the Load Testing

    Does the final redeem time also mark the end of the trial or can you redeem it on January 4th and then get the 7 day trial still?
  5. Khaosmatic


    You don't seem to realise in your little "HEY I'M A BETA TESTER FOR OTHER STUFF TOO!" rants that Tarkov not only runs on a very different engine to PUBG it also has to do a lot more than PUBG. Calling everyone "butthurt fanboi's" also makes you sound like a complete child and does not help your case. There is no point comparing it to other games (and this is a point people need to understand rather than brush away) because like those other games, Tarkov is still in development it is going to have problems no matter what. If other games currently work better or worse then it doesn't matter because it's still not finished and does not represent the final product. Before you quickly tried to defend yourself in some clever way by calling me a "fan boi" just know that right now the game has some doubts from me especially when it comes to the content ready for release. However I have the common sense that (I swear almost everyone that came in after the close alpha doesn't have) that the game is not in the final state and eventually these problems will be solved. Looking at your account registration date I could say it is YOUR fault because you like so many others here jumped on the bandwagon and bought the game which caused the servers to overload. NOW I could also say it's Battlestates fault for being silly and opening the game to more people when it wasn't ready but I'm not going to. Because I expected things like this to happen in an ever developing game.
  6. Khaosmatic

    A sneak peek into the Battle State Games Studio

    I'd imagine there will be a number of glocks. There are so many different caliber variants. Given that's the same for the SIG's and we only have the one so far. But there's always hope! 40. S&W I pray.
  7. Khaosmatic

    The Hideout announcement

    Always loved housing mods in Fallout that actively displayed the items stored there such as weapons on wall racks, food and drinks on shelves. Would this be something we can expect to see? (I mean like if you had stuff in your stash it would appear not physically placing it.)
  8. Khaosmatic


    Hopefully we'll get rifle launched flares as well. Get some pretty parachute flares going.
  9. I've supported BSG on most of the things it has done but this was a very bad decision in my opinion. I don't stream so I don't care that the NDA is still in effect for me but I just watched a short park of Lirik's stream (who until today I've never heard of) and it was an amass of 25,000 people or so and the viewers idea of what the game was is so drastically skewed it was unreal. There were people saying Customs was a snippet of the open world (which while true I don't think they understand the raid system). I think they believe the whole game will be a open world similar to DayZ or Rust. There was A LOT of people who were unaware it was even an alpha and were complaining about the bugs present which is a lot of negative publicity from one stream! You gave the game to many streamers who literally never heard of or are even in the target audience of Tarkov. You can tell there has been a large amount of the wrong crowd who have bought the game as there are the most ridiculous of forum posts popping up. Well done I guess, you've cashed in on the Christmas hoard but I fear it may be for the worse. I think you've lost a lot of respect from the streamers that have been in the Tarkov testing for the long haul and have waited for the opportunity to show their love for the game. I hope you drop the NDA for the rest of the streamers in the community who have now been denied the chance to become the first big video sources of the game.
  10. Khaosmatic

    Escape from Tarkov Developer's 2016 Report

    You should have had some sense that it was not going to reach Beta by the end of the year, nearly everyone else here thought the exact same because of how much work they had to do. It probably surpassed the dev's plans but if it is all for the sake of making a better game than everyone should be supportive which is what the current situation is. I'm not allowed to talk about the alpha testing but just know this dev blog has been so exciting to see as they are incorporating what we are suggesting. A studio is ACTUALLY listening to it's playerbase and adjusting the game. The scope that Tarkov is working in is massive and at times I'll admit I'd been sceptical but Goddamn they are pulling off a masterpiece. If you really want to play it, spend the money and get one of the alpha access editions. Considering it's almost confirmed access now for most of the pre-order packs. As soon as beta drops half the damn players won't report anything and it will be left to those dedicated to refining the experience. I've seen it before with War Thunder, Planetside in fact any game that has a beta scheme. Trust me when I say that if they rushed this game, it would have been one of the greatest game tragedies in the first person genre. They are setting the bar and they are making damn well sure that no one else can come close.
  11. So it's a guide which explains the Emissary program?
  12. As Twerkins said, what kind of guide?
  13. Khaosmatic


    Pretty sure in the FAQ it states that drugs and smoking are in the plans to be able to be used.
  14. Khaosmatic

    General questions on weapon implementation

    I'm pretty sure it was stated that non-lethal weapons are not going to be included in the game.
  15. Khaosmatic

    Frozen winter in tarkov?

    It would make sense considering there is what I'm guessing is body temperature in the gameplay videos.