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  1. CaptainColon

    Can you play this game drunk?

    #JustDrunkenMasterThings Yup; this has been documented for ages. It's hard to say whether it's a "good" or "bad" thing to be a bit drunk during battle; I think we can all agree that it's definitely bad to be TOO drunk, but who knows where the line is?
  2. CaptainColon

    Can you play this game drunk?

    @ShiroTenshi Move this to general discussion maybe? lol I pretty much only play drunk; going hard on the alchy slav roleplay If you need roubles, I recommend running Interchange at night. Just stay away from Kiba and it's easy money.
  3. CaptainColon

    "Recon" and "Assault"

    This was my thinking as well. Pick Assault if you wanna run in and fight close-up; pick Recon if you'd rather creep around the bushes.
  4. CaptainColon

    Sherpas gear

    A good weapon Good armor, so he can survive most threats and stay alive to teach his students Medkits; good kits (IFAK or Salewa) again so he can stay alive Good ammunition, so he can deal with any threat and protect his charge Basically give them the tools they need to do their job
  5. CaptainColon

    Emissary For the USA

    Thanks for the reply; I guess what I meant to ask is if it is a "formal" community position that comes with a job description and tasks that must be seen to in a timely manner or just something that anyone who wants to spread the word about EFT and help other players out can sign up for and that doesn't carry too much responsibility beyond being a good community member
  6. CaptainColon

    Emissary For the USA

    What kind of special access to development news do you get as an emissary? I've been looking into applying, but if all it does is get me purple text on the forums I don't really see the point I'm learning Russian (slowly but surely) so I'd love to help with translation stuff as well.
  7. CaptainColon

    ONE SIMPLE TRICK to get rich in Tarkov!

    Welp, this got a bit long...hope someone finds it useful Thanks for all the other great tips! My preferred interchange route is just make a beeline for power station no matter where I start...klill the one or two scavs that are usually there, loot the office, then decide if I want to hit up the mall or just leave. By the time I'm done doing that the mall has usually emptied out and Kiba is usually open so I can pick over any scraps there if I want. I can't even remember the last time I've run into another PMC on that map that wasn't the result of me being impatient and running into a high-traffic area too early. Once it's about 15-20 minutes into the raid I'll make my way into the mall, usually through the parking lot so I can avoid anyone who might be making their way out through the mall's main entrances. I'll make my way up into Idea or Goshan and head straight for the electronics stores in the mall...I usually don't bother with any of the big three stores because they're so huge and the loot is so spread out that it takes a lot of time to rack up a reasonable haul, plus by this point any of the really good loot spots are probably picked clean anyway. The electronics stores seem to get ignored unless people need quest items there...I almost always find Techlight either untouched or only the very best loot that might've been there (e.g. gphones) has been taken. This probably has more to do with it being late into the wipe than anything else and people just not needing them for quests anymore; it was definitely different a month or so ago. I really like to collect the blue tape+yellow pliers+wrench+screwdriver to trade for tool sets, which you can then trade to Prapor for an AK74 (or just sell the toolsets themselves, as the AK isn't worth too much more than the combined value of both sets). Of course the money is nowhere near as good as going for weapon creates and collecting suppressors/optics, but it's also extremely low-risk as you don't find many people hunting around specifically for toolboxes. I think when you're just starting out and your loadouts typically clock in at well under 100k roubles in cost, this is the ideal way to stay afloat as you can also NOT sell the AK and just keep it on hand to use. My typical loadout when I'm questing or farming and not looking to fight other players is usually just PACA, MBSS or ScavBP and whatever cheap chest rig and gun I happen to have available in my stash (usually WTRig or Blackrock/AVS with an MP153 or suppressed PM(t), which I somehow have managed to find a bunch of). This may not get me rich quick, but the income is steady and reliable and that's going to do more for you in the long run than trying to get the same big scores that everyone else (who are likely to be much better geared and much better players than you) is trying to get. Same...where I end up actually going usually just depends on where I spawn, as it's such a huge map that you really don't have a lot of time to just wander around aimlessly. Most frustrating is spawning in the middle of the map with extracts on the road to customs side, as most of the loot is on the village side and I don't have the keys needed for pier area which saves you a lot of time running if you can just extract at pier/lighthouse. I usually just don't play shoreline unless I've got a quest to do; which is kind of a shame cause I actually like the map a lot, but it's just not that productive for me.
  8. CaptainColon

    ONE SIMPLE TRICK to get rich in Tarkov!

    Definitely gonna remember that one (or not, since I drink too much ). Optics, lasers, and flashlights are definitely the best things to grab in terms of money:space ratio. Even the bottom-tier flashlights are worth 3-5k; stuff like the Klesch is worth even more and not hard to find. Woods is a pretty spooky map though...hard to get to the good places without getting caught since there aren't a lot of places to hide and avoid engagement.
  9. CaptainColon

    ONE SIMPLE TRICK to get rich in Tarkov!

    Where do you go on shoreline? I'm not super familiar with the map but I thought all the juicy stuff was in the resort which is a bit of a deathtrap if you aren't geared and running with friends.
  10. Not really, sorry The point of this thread is for people to discuss strategies for staying afloat financially in a harsh world. I see a lot of people complaining about how they can't compete because they can't afford good gear even if they've unlocked it and I just don't get it. It's SUPER easy to make money in the game's current state; you just have to know how. For instance, I just made 60k roubles in about 10 minutes without fighting anyone and that's not even a particularly good haul (I usually scav interchange for a warm-up and that was this run). It just took a bit of patience and a bit of luck...let me tell you the story, my friends: Scav interchange, spawned in power station. Check the toolboxes for wrenches and screwdrivers so I can trade them for toolkits (already have tons of pliers and blue tape in my stash) which I can then trade for AKs to sell. Check the office for a graphics card or something nice in the computer - no dice - when I hear the AI scavs yelling. Okay now I know there's a PMC around; duck. Since I only have a pump shotgun I don't really wanna mess with them so I'm just gonna chill and pray they don't come in here. Quick spurt of suppressed gunshots and the always lulzy over-the-top screams of a dying scav - FML this PMC is out for blood; guess I'll just hide up on the second-level walkway where I can watch the corpse through the windows, maybe I'll be able to get a lucky one-tap when he goes to loot. Never even saw the PMC...guess he either just needed to kill scavs for a quest or was just on his way to extract; either way he didn't even bother with the corpse. Waited a few minutes just to make sure there was nobody around, looted the dead scav for an SKS, blackrock rig with 3 loaded mags, 3M armor, and some fancy glasses. Pretty good haul for the amount of effort required (literally none), so I just hoofed it to extract. Easy breezy beautiful Cover Girl. Anyway, what do you guys do to make quick money when you're running low? I usually just scav interchange or factory and avoid any kind of interaction with other players.
  11. CaptainColon

    The Future of 7.62x54R: A Practical Discussion

    If you mean usable as a suppression weapon where you're just flinging bullets randomly to keep heads down sure, I don't disagree with that. But look how much the gun is moving; those rounds are gonna be all over the place. If I were a decent distance away (lets say 100m) I wouldn't be too afraid to stand out in the open right in front of him and take the time to put a single well-aimed shot into that guy's chest or head. https://imgur.com/a/4nKhHRr here's a page from my copy of Emergency War Surgery that breaks down the injuries sustained by US soldiers over a year in Iraq and Afghanistan. Note that gunshots only make up ~11% of the total...that's largely (at least in my opinion based on footage I've seen and accounts I've read) because the people they're fighting use their guns like the guy in the video you posted. It may be doable, but it's really not doing anything useful.
  12. CaptainColon

    The Future of 7.62x54R: A Practical Discussion

    Hopefully they'll make it able to use STANAG mags but it jams every round and mag durability drops 10% each shot too I'd really love to see aim sway be based on current stamina level...give people a reason to think about it beyond just being able to get to the next piece of cover. I think 54R is in a good place right now and can't wait for more guns that use it (SVD plsssss). Only gripe I can think of is I wish there was a bit more variety in ammo; but I have that same gripe with 7.62x51 and 9x19.
  13. CaptainColon

    Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

    Captain Colon#5510
  14. CaptainColon

    Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

    Captain Colon#5510
  15. CaptainColon

    Melee combat system

    I've noticed it's possible to run up to people and push their gun out of the way just like what happens if you run into a wall. I've had a couple of close encounters and lost every one thinking "man if I could've just punched that dude in the face..." I'm assuming this is planned at some point because there's a buttstroke keybind (that doesn't seem to do anything right now), but I think it'd be really great for us sneeki breeki types to be able to clock someone on the head and mess up their perception.