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  1. greekviking170

    Sketches of Escape from Tarkov

    good looking stuff jeez cant wait till this is finaly in game . maybe will take a while but atleast it seems to be done already mostly . So Get rid of evil old code and let that hypetrain come
  2. greekviking170

    Cheaters ban

    good riddence to this scum lets see if they buy the game again just to lose their money again
  3. greekviking170

    1PN138 Night Scope

    Slightly underwhelming on the quantity department but a new NVG is always sweet especialy one this cool
  4. greekviking170

    Quick Bar Hot Keys

    its already super easy why make it even easier? like i dont understand the logic
  5. greekviking170


    Its very simple . Desync . Case closed have a nice day
  6. greekviking170

    pacca not working

    Alright lets get this out of the way a paca is like LvL 2-3 armor . Which wasnt made to stop ak rounds it can take pistol rounds and maybe a lucky ak round or 2 if you are far away but any armor piercing round just ignores your paca Not a bug or anything thats just how they designed the paca as intended
  7. greekviking170

    Quick Bar Hot Keys

    Erm . U mean the feature thats already in ?? Put bandage in your pocked and drag it to the buttom where it says 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 ?? Yea that feature has been here for a while lol
  8. greekviking170

    Scav Language

    Its russian alright i know some of its meaning but thats only the short stuff . Pretty funny indeedclike narmas narmas means something like im ready or something along those lines i think I git a russian friend i play tgis with and i ask him what the poo they keep saying means
  9. greekviking170

    Новые игроки

    Имя персонажа Timur_Glazkov Описание Glazkov was born and raised in Vladivostok, Russia where his father worked in the shipping industry. and his mother was a nurse . later his mother died to a terminal desease Его прошлое Glazkov studied art in secondary school until the Beslan school hostage crisis inspired him to transfer to the Cadet Corps and pursue a career in the armed forces. Afterwards, he attended the Khabarovsk Military Commanders Training Academy before joining the Ground Forces of the Russian Federation and later the Spetsnaz 45th Guards Regiment. He saw action in the 2008 South Ossetia War. Как он попал в Тарков? He later became a PMC operator for the Battle Encounter Assault Regiment and was send to find proof of illegal Acts of the terra group company Пристрастия He loves sniper rifles and AK's He somewhat likes slipper and usualy always has one with him on accasions Друзья He made a friend named kevin that he knew he could trust because they seemed to have the same mission . to get out of tarkov Ранения и битвы Timur has fought in the russian-georgian war in a sniper squad Стремления Timur has his mind set in getting out of tarkov to meet his wife and children once again determined not to become one of tarkovs many casualties Самые значительные достижения персонажа He once got the world record for longest confirmed kill shot Сила 27 Выносливость 26 Меткость 27 Снайпер
  10. greekviking170

    The Escape from Tarkov-based forum text RPG has started!

    duck . my profile got wiped for some reason .. geez i spend 30 minutes making up a story and all . R.I.P dont have it on word or something
  11. greekviking170

    The Escape from Tarkov-based forum text RPG has started!

    Hyped This is gonna be Realy nice i bet .. wonder when there will be quests cuz right now its just buying and setting up the account , cant wait
  12. greekviking170

    whos the highest level

    Pretty sure its either ripper klean kotton mark . Mbs demolition man or any of the well known streamers who knows . Its not realy worth finding out realy its just a rank
  13. greekviking170

    Constanly attacked by friendly Scavs

    Its not that the devs dont want it in the game the suggestion is good but u gotta keep in mind it might not be easy for them tp put that kinda stuff in the game .
  14. greekviking170

    Am i supposed to just be doing knife runs?

    Personaly . I dislike hatched running alot. Dont get me wrong it can be easy funny and profitable but there are so many situations u could have done far better with a simple pistol . They are realy cheap and if you play your cards right u will go home bloated with loot
  15. greekviking170

    Hacks or skills?

    well each to their own i say . if it doenst become obsessive on hackusating people it will all be fine