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  1. Shaked007

    Новые игроки

    Имя персонажа Pick Описание mid 20 male came to tarkov as a part of his big trip around the world Его прошлое came from israel after a long army service, Как он попал в Тарков? as a part of his big trip after the army he decided to travel the world Пристрастия loner, trustable Друзья none Ранения и битвы fights a few battle as he took an active part in the IDF Стремления a simple man with a simple wish, to be happy Самые значительные достижения персонажа fought heroicly in a war in gaza Сила 24 Выносливость 30 Меткость 26 Инженер
  2. Shaked007

    New Massive Mem Leak 9/5/2018

    happened to me too i got the same specs, unplayable atm.
  3. Shaked007

    anti-cheat connection lost (getting kind of pissed)

    dont get me wrong, i love this game and i know its a beta and there's gonna be problems, but for the last week since the update i got nothing from the devs beside a generic cheack your firewall/check your internet connection answar. waiting for a real explanation or solution.
  4. been expiriencing this problem since last patch/hotfix, open a topic about it and the only answar i got from u devs is check your firewall/internet connection. can you guys pls adress the problem, which obviously not just me is having, at least tell us you are aware of it and working to fix it.
  5. Shaked007

    looking for israel player

    as the title says im looking for some israeli friendly players :)