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  1. Extreme loot

    gear exchange in factory? They must have near zero brains if that is the case.
  2. Metabolism leveling

    power leveling should have no place in a game like EFT.
  3. team vs. solo

    I go solo a lot as well. Doing ok. mostly. Suggest to never be caught in a fight that is not in your favor. Which means being sneaky and not greedy - rather lose a looting opportunity than a fight.
  4. Recoil is not nearly as bad as it should be

    muzzle should move more after each shot, auto should have more pent up movement that you can brace for a bit while firing (kind of an on the job adjustment) but after each shot/burst the muzzle should not return quite so close to the exact same position after firing.
  5. excellent news. Good interview too.
  6. no thanks. I run 100% solo. Its ok, just dont be rambo. But dont be pussy either. Hint. Play as an aggressive scav if you have too much trouble as pmc. Find an area where scavs are alive and provide back up to them. You'll be surprised how that can help turn the tables and take down full fort guys. And you will have friends - sort of.
  7. The Wipe is Coming??? Pilgrim bags?!

    yes. This is beta stage. Many wipes. Dont get attached to stuff as it will be lost either way. Test dont accumulate.
  8. Why is this a thing?

    I agree with almost everything you said. Except the allowed part. Do you fascist much? Allowed? Yes they are allowed to express their opinion and or criticisms. Absolutely. Even if it irritates or offends you.
  9. Inapropriate names

    Why encourage gestapo style behavior police? This mad determination to control what others can or cant write is as bad as the racist impulse. Worse because it is veiled in the pretense of doing good. Why try to destroy things because it you feel it dissents from your standards/beliefs and hurts your feels or sensitivity.
  10. Shot indication

    Shot direction indication? Not an idea that's a good fit for what this game wants to be.
  11. 2018 Escape from Tarkov development plans

    These are the most important. Especially the network improvements. Until we can reliably hit what we see in a shooter without bad delays, shooting lag, rubber banding and teleporting enemies there really is no point in playing seriously.
  12. Problems

    yeah, a pve mode is planned. Which is really great news. but on top of that you make a good point. However some people really really like curb stomping new people. Makes them feel big in their tiny existence i guess. Problem is that if playing this game is too brutal then people will stop playing and the player base will not grow. So the game could ultimately fail due to lack of players. It wouldnt be the first game to do so. Which would be bad because there is so much awesomeness about this game taht should make it special.
  13. Soon - Escape from Tarkov forum text RPG!

    text rpg? not interested personally. But there might be a few who are.
  14. Remove satanic symbols.

    lol the insanity. keep your medieval superstitious mis-beliefs in your head where they can terrorize you and you only.
  15. New Interchange Screenshots

    yeah it looks like it.