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  1. 2legs

    New animations showcase

    looks good. But too sped up.
  2. experience tells everyone whos actually used rifles that this is how it is. but then you have people with no experience who just want hollywood in a game that is supposed to be based on being as authentic as possible. And they just dont ever get it.
  3. scav boss is super easy now. Just use cover, go full auto and spam grenades on them. And hit them quickly without warning. Then they usually throw nothing. My mate and I are farming the scav boss and bodyguard ai in just over 10 minutes (includes extract). Only challenge is players with mosins who catch us just as we are finishing looting. But thats cool as well. The scav boss loot isnt very good but at least its a change from the usual grind.
  4. 2legs

    Why Have You Stopped Playing EFT?

    starts feeling pointless with wipe after wipe after wipe. Still we have run and gun hip firing full auto bullet sponge game, That a very far way away from being the promised hardcore and realistic online first-person action RPG/Simulator with MMO features and a story-driven walkthrough.
  5. https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/9ksk11/is_the_recoil_in_eft_realistic_and_balanced_yes/?sort=top better quality information in the link above. By some people that seem to actually have used firearms before as opposed to people educated by hollywood and youtube. Full auto videos are deceptive, the movement of the barrel has huge aim implications that you dont see in these videos. but if its youtube thats the source than vickers tactical has a military background and talks about full auto accuracy here.
  6. Squad gets it right, far more so than most. Klean makes sense as well . Tarkov is too arcade with its spray and pray full auto run and gun hip firing as a juggernaut bullet sponge nestled in armor. But there are people that like this, and who cry about being shot by cheaper mosins, etc.
  7. that was even worse. But what we have now isnt good either.
  8. it's ridiculous bullet sponge game right now. Not hardcore at all, just run and gun hip firing full auto everywhere with bullet sponge armor heal spamming opponents. What happened to EFT?
  9. i cant stop laughing at this nonsense. Thanks!
  10. If someone can aim and hit you and you cant move through an area using cover then you cry? Who cares what armor you are using? it isn't supposed to make you invulnerable and thats the problem you have. And wearing heavy armor or carrying heavy things should slow you down because of greater weight - thats part of the mobility vs protection compromise that armor naturally brings.
  11. all that weight really needs more consequence in this game. Sprinting with an additional 60kg+ on you? shouldn't happen.
  12. 2legs

    Umm whats the deal BSG

    BSG take your time
  13. 2legs


    thats pretty damn good quality animation and models there. Sks with traditional mag as well coming hopefully?
  14. great purchase. Just be pateint and wait for wipe. Or bite the bullet and wipe yourself. besides your current Level 15 is not very high, concentrate on tasks and you can get there in a couple of days. 2nd time is always way faster.
  15. this is the correct answer. Seems some regions get forcibly lower download rates than others. This circumvents it.