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    Remove hunger and thirst

    And i say it is Survival game. Any arguments that EFT is not ? It seems pretty survival game for me. Because by my knowledge and know definition of survival game it fits criteria. Pics or it didn't happen. Also this feature is intended, probably needs polishing, but it's gives purpose to other things in environment.
  2. cimbulimbu

    Wind sound

    i wanted to write this suggestion, but to addition, i would suggest it would affect bushes (make sound of it) . And also add couple variations (intensities) of winds. Like very strong winds slightly affect projectile.
  3. cimbulimbu

    Different Scav bosses for each map

    I'd say for shoreline boss should be in Weather station (sniper- would be challenging), since resort already gets way to much attention. Obvious for Woods - Lumberjack looking dood would be amazing :D