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  1. tokinterror

    Hackers Hackers and more Hackers

    Games a joke have not played in 2 months i am surprised its not dead already with the bugs and vast amounts of hackers. Best waste of 130 euros i ever did
  2. tokinterror

    New player questions

    probably not very well on a laptop
  3. tokinterror

    BANNED: 101 Reasons not to cheat

    autonut best be on the next list
  4. tokinterror

    BANNED: 101 Reasons not to cheat

    How do you go about reporting hackers ?
  5. tokinterror

    Next Hacker Ban?

    Man i one tapped some geared guy from 80 yards with a TT he had helmet n fort
  6. tokinterror

    hackers are getting smarter

    Where did you get this info last list of bans i seen was june 27 almost a month ago and half the banned accounts where EOD accounts so these guys will be back the next day with new accounts they clearly have money to blow so monthly bans will solve nothing
  7. tokinterror

    fence scripts

    cheers for info
  8. tokinterror

    My account was not partial wiped, BUT TOTAL.

    When it releases...
  9. tokinterror

    hackers are getting smarter

    I've just been 1 tapped from 200 yards + in fort and kiver from a [EOD account] pmc with a pistol after dropping 2 shots in his face with my ak 103 games getting old now BUY some anti cheat because what you have at the minute is utter garbage.
  10. tokinterror

    fence scripts

    Explains why i cant get any armor =/
  11. tokinterror

    fence scripts

    Ok can some 1 answer me this i can never get anything from fence because of ahk scripts is it legal ?
  12. tokinterror

    Frame drops after patch

    Ok cheers for the infomation
  13. tokinterror

    Game Breaking Bug?

    Is this whats affecting match making?
  14. tokinterror

    Frame drops after patch

    im running a i7 4790k gtx 1070 32gb ram im pretty sure its not my system when i was getting 60-80 frames before patch
  15. tokinterror

    Frame drops after patch

    Ok so im getting random drops in frames since 0.9 is this a issue for any 1 else