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  1. the_RedDuke

    Combat Summary

    That would be nice. All corpses that are Searched thoroughly would be listed. Meaning you checked where the wounds were, where the kill shot was.
  2. the_RedDuke

    Ranked System

    I think game will not be this endless arena thing... ?! Read somewhere about the release aiming at a storyline across 10 locations, kind of what we have now and then the full map to explore and survive.
  3. the_RedDuke

    Scav on Scav violence

    Love the chaotic uncertainty of the raids. Scav on scav violence surely plays a part in that.
  4. the_RedDuke

    August Discounts!

    This is what shows on my end 34,99 5,24 15% discount ( there's a 1 cent difference, page says 29,74 not 29,75 ) plus taxes
  5. the_RedDuke

    Tarkov OBT clarification

    Was reading the Q&A of 1st August and chatting with some fellows we came to some doubts. Given OBT - Open Beta Test, question(s) as follows: When will OBT start and will it be open for everyone or only for some people? has not OBT already started? or OBT means something else than buy'n'play?
  6. the_RedDuke

    Edge of Darkness is only 15% instead of 20%

    Did show correctly on my end. 20% - 70€ add the taxes on top. When in payment screen it shows the top banner advertising the sale 15% during the period of the time, but is not the value of the receipt, rather just a info thing. Receipt shows the discount value before taxes.
  7. the_RedDuke

    Huge ban wave

    Wow :O I was always thought that leisure activities, such as playing games, were a fun activity in itself. Given most games are multiplayer ( look at basic games like go, chess and checkers ) one wonders WHY on earth would someone subvert the common values of fun just to get fame and glory as virtual as it gets ... so their "fun" at the expense of the other's !?... that's no fun, sorry. Being a newcomer I am yet immune to these crazy stunts in Tarkov but can only applaud the "umpire" for keeping the game rolling as intended. ~S~
  8. the_RedDuke

    0.10 patch WIP

    Regarding this: any limitations of the combo keys controls or you mean literally setup at our heart desire ? It it is the latter my deepest appreciation. o7
  9. the_RedDuke

    Hey all :)

    Well, so far so good. I guess being a newcomer has its perks and not noticing all the crazy stunts people write about. Did play a bit, maybe less than I wanted but still had some good introductory raids, both solo and in company. I must say that going out in a team can be more detrimental to the "tarkov experience" than beneficial in the sense that, and especially in a group of veterans and newcomers, the vets want to do the runs without exploration while the new arrivals are still in awe with all the details and just want to explore... or maybe it is just me, but I really like the roving about, spending time checking the dark corners, and enjoying the overall ambience, locations, etc. In the gunplay milsim level I am very very pleased. I really like how the distance to obstacles plays in - can't scrape walls with the barrel so if I want to kiss the wall to make a smaller target I pay off with having the gun lowered, all good. I miss the roll when prone, arma like, unless I missed something. Had a firefight where I got pinned behind a jeep and went prone for vantage point but didn't find a way to roll over and didn't have a backpack. But no biggie, the rest feels great. It is great to be a newb and discover all the stuff Did reset my profile twice, because events unfolded and felt like restarting again with the basic gear. So there's that also, so whatever experience I get of how to move around the game will come into play more than the character level or gear, I hope. Snappy salute!
  10. the_RedDuke

    Hey all :)

    Yeah, good point. In truth comms is a must i'm no stranger to it. Having a look around on the groups board. Something cozy and not overly populated. Regarding the handouts, i'm not particularly an adept of it myself. Rather climb the curve by scavenging what I can. Thanks m8 ~S~
  11. the_RedDuke

    Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

    Cheers fellows, Hethwill#0846
  12. the_RedDuke

    Hey all :)

    Thanks to all Appreciated for all the advice and warm welcome. Some of the newcomer exercises you fellows tip off i did pick up naturally, like offline recon of the areas, mainly Customs given the first task from a trader is the shotguns from there and the Examine the stuff. Will definitely go through the milsim listed groups or maybe join the unofficial discord and see where it leads. Social being the biggest chunk of a multiplayer game, I guess. Snappy salute ~S~
  13. the_RedDuke

    Hey all :)

    Sorry if there's a Introductions thread, couldn't find it in the 22 seconds i spent using search. Finally bought the standard edition of the game ( maybe upgrade later ) mostly due to: - survival themed - really enjoy the extractions confined maps and totally looking forward to future open big map. - credible realistic combat ( physics, sounds, movement, ... ) - steep curve of learning/progression - possibility of group and solo - some really relaxed streamers showcasing the game in great calm fashion and positiveness Good game. GG!