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  1. johncage213

    Banned: The Sad Story of the 500 Cheaters

    thank those retards for their monetary support. i hope they buy the game again and then get banned again
  2. johncage213

    Escape from Tarkov 0.8 Patch Highlights Video

    saw sphera helmet! but still missing winter uniform for bear:
  3. johncage213

    congrats on killing armors

    scrubs ruining the game everyday with their feedback tbh. to devs: go with your gut instinct. don't placate ameri-noobs who want everything simplified and casualized don't worry, they will buy anything anyway thank you
  4. johncage213

    Planned Features 2018 (unofficial)

    the new bear uniform is epic win. but his torso looks cold. just a poo? give him a jacket!
  5. johncage213

    What secrets are hidden in this blackbox?

    probably some circuit boards.
  6. johncage213

    Ban for forbidden software using 

    it's so awesome that these cheaters are actually helping to fund the game twice when they buy the game again
  7. johncage213

    This should be an actual scope

    isnt that an in game screenshot?
  8. johncage213

    Dorms is a deathzone

    join [taw] and run 5 man teams.
  9. johncage213

    32 keys in 3 slots! :D New Keybar item

    lol at this trolling. but if it's legit, kind of cool how it has two windows.
  10. johncage213

    Shoreline RECON! Pt2

    physical billiard balls or uninstall
  11. johncage213

    Player scavs killing player scavs

    reputation when at grouping screen would be better. hero skin is cartoony
  12. holy christ at how tanky people are with fort
  13. johncage213

    The Big Fluid Fix (the BFF)

    call of duty is that way>>>> running and gunning doesn't work all that well in this game unless you are exceptionally skilled, then maybe you can pull it off. but generally speaking, you need to follow real life rules of physics and understand that your actions have realistic consequences. ie you fired 5 rounds at someone from ambush, he somehow got away, you chased him down and reloaded when you shouldn't have, then you complained that the game didn't reload fast enough. the problem wasn't the game, it was you choosing the wrong time to reload. and probably doing a bunch of other things that contributed to you dying.
  14. johncage213


    no, it would lookg cucky. best to wear 3 hole balaclava like real man
  15. johncage213

    No cool down for Successful SCAV extraction

    by making scavs have wait, you are incentivizing hoarding loot and running away rather than having scavs actually be scavs. all of the loot on the map essentially belongs to them, there's no point to take them. lore wise, it's pmcs coming across their path in an effort to escape. all of the stuff you are looting as pmc, is stuff that is being kept around by the scavs because the entire map is their territory. my suggestion: take away the timer. you play as a scav to kill pmcs and guard your territory with fellow scavs. you will be rewarded at end of round automatically with random items from the loot pool generated in the world provided pmc did not extract with it. the caveat being that every pmc extracted with the loot will reduce the actual item that they extratced with. so if the game session generated only 1 sks, and the pmc got to it and extracted, that item will not be available to you as part of the selection pool for your random rewards. this is crucial=scavs do not extract, you can only quit the map and leave with nothing, or die and are awarded later with message from either skier or fence when the round is over, or if you successfully kill all pmc presence in the map. basically, you don't bother looting in the game, because you cannot extract anyway, you loot only to replenish supplies and get back in the fight. scav mode done right, don't make it just another pmc looting run