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  1. johncage213

    need help identifying boot make

    bump. this shoe feels amazing. like canvas, much less stiff than the usual full grain leather material, but durable and strong. i bought the ashy puke green color like in the screenshot and enjoy the look. i wear it under the pants and it just looks like an ordinary pair of shoes. i prefer this over "tacticool" american style shoes or ugly hiking shoes with overdesigned nudges and bumps everywhere
  2. johncage213

    need help identifying boot make

    bought a pair from bytek's american store on amazon/ebay
  3. johncage213

    need help identifying boot make

    edit i found out what it is. it's the cobra/xboot 12031 in the olive green color. here's a video:
  4. johncage213

    need help identifying boot make

    can someone help tell me what boot this is? the brand and model?
  5. johncage213

    New WiP materials 20/11/2018

    awesome. can't wait to larp chechnya
  6. johncage213

    New WiP materials

    eww that modern chit looks so bad. give me soviet russia equipment any day. chechnya role play...soon. just give me the 6b3, sphera, proper bear army winter flora uniform and we are there.
  7. johncage213

    PVE Character

    offline would not work well unless they designed high funcitoning ai friendlies, otherwise will require coop so you can have pve with friendly soldiers
  8. johncage213

    Getting killed again in perfect ambush

    tarkov significantly decreased the impact reflex effect where it throws off aim, perhaps they are still testing. but it used to be if you got the drop on someone and pumped him full of lead, his weapon would wobble and he wouldn't be able to return fire accurately unless he got out of the line of fire and wasn't getting hit. this means very rarely would someone who is being hit be able to turn around and kill you. he would have to run away hide and then try and return fire to kill you. i think the way it was originally was much better. this new way encourages rambo'ing, as there is no penalty to being shot at, your movement is pretty much the same and your aim is only slightly affected. ak class weapon,shotguns, etc definitely need more impact damage. for pistols maybe its exceptable, but full auto ak74 to your chest is different story
  9. johncage213

    Will that new WW3 game discourage battlestate games?

    i have played more and it is quite bad i agree, but i have been spoiled by tarkov. made suggestion for devs to follow tarkov's lead not battlefield or call of duty, hopefully they listen and the game is influenced more towards detail and realism.
  10. johncage213

    Will that new WW3 game discourage battlestate games?

    i have bough ww3 because it's relatively cheap, but it is no way come close to hardcore realism immersion of tarkov. if at most it's a good battlefield clone with nice cusotmization setting. maybe it will have pve which tarkov does not have. now battlefield is "woke" with feminism, ww3 will rape battlefield together with tarkov
  11. lets put big marker over their heads too.
  12. johncage213

    First EFT Russian Podcast Leaks

    6b3+sphera chechnya war ready
  13. johncage213

    the bear character needs better uniform

    ok thank you. i like the summer clothing design, but winter clothing will need to. thank you
  14. johncage213

    RIP This Guy

    some people buy depleted helmets off the black market just for the cosmetics
  15. johncage213

    Netcode is still horrendous.

    they aren't going to invest resources into netcode when they're not ready yet and deep in development on other core areas. learn what testing means. you're not meant to "play" and "enjoy" the game, you're supposed to test it.