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  1. Remori

    Headset for Tarkov

    Overall Ive had great results with Sennheiser. For Tarkov i use my 558s due to tighter bass and great positional audio. One thing i will say I also own a pair of Sennheiser 6XXs these are your 300+ ohm audiophile style headphones. The sound is outstanding for music but terrible for gaming as the bass is subdued and the positional audio is all out of wack. So just keep in mind higher prices dont give you a better edge. (speaking from experience) :)
  2. Remori

    New player

    glad to have you tag if you want (DeadshotRemo)
  3. Had this happen to me as well! Just had to reset my lvl 50 account thinking it would fix it. Still have all my messages and now no progress. FIX THIS! ITS SIMPLE FFS.
  4. Tried restarting multiple times. No messages from Prapor for my insurance will appear. Even If i lose my gear it will show 1 green message at the bottom for a moment then disappear. Does anyone know how to fix this issue. A lot of items are going to expire and this is a critical bug to have.
  5. Is there any chance of a set of servers for South America coming? It seems like there has been a huge influx of SA players and its starting to affect gameplay. Countless times because of distance I am getting no hit registration against these players due to their pings and desync. Im tired of losing countless sets of gear to this.
  6. Remori

    When will the wipes stop?

    I very much like this idea! You dont loose your progression but keeps that fresh feel.
  7. Anyone else having spawn issues since today's patch? Last 8 customs rounds most players spawned on top of each other practically. Its a 30 sec meat grinder for some reason. Was this an accident from this update or am I crazy?
  8. Remori

    When will the wipes stop?

    Is it strange that I hope there are some along the way after release? While I like having awesome gear along the way. Early wipes are the most visceral and exciting I feel.
  9. Remori

    Bug with BP rounds?

    The new rigs are making that a bit more challenging. The upgraded rigs also provide levels of armor protection. I tested it earlier today, it ate the damage before even touching my fort.
  10. Remori

    Insurance Recovery

    Just throwing the idea out there. I find that the current system to get your items back kind of tedious. Anyone else thing having it like one dump bin with timers on each item a nice feature? I find myself missing out on collecting some since each time i collect I have to scroll through tons of messages to get to the items. Just giving some general feedback and seeing how others feel on a possible QOL improvement for the game.
  11. Remori

    How to quit in style

    Inb4 he drops the backpack on the ground and cant access/pickup.... XD
  12. Remori


    need to wipe the account via the website menu then it populates. Via account reset.
  13. Remori

    Can we fix the Factory spawns

    For solo wait for the teams to hustle then TT on the rafters. Normally what I do. Gotten more that a bit of gear with better TT bullets and a silencer.
  14. This topic has been repeatedly addressed by the devs. Until the game is out of beta NOBODY will be banned for exploiting. I test it every patch to see if its an issue then only go in with my exfil key. Thing is, its not just an issue on factory either. Marked room has been an issue this patch with the same trick in the hallway.... eventually it will be patched, but until the game is live and out of beta... no bans unless 3rd party software use.
  15. Remori

    Is there a new vest or is this a hacker?

    Sadly the devs have addressed this. They cannot be banned during any part of beta for using glitches and the like. It needs patched no doubt. But unless they use a 3rd party program to "cheat" if its in the game during beta it is what it is. I check every patch to see if its fixed. I hoped in these last few patches it would be patched out. unfortunately it hasnt.