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  1. This is related to game desync and lag I think. EU servers are not good actually, people moving around a corner or an object seems to see you first and sometimes the delay between two players is very evident. The hit registration is bad too, the last fix was not that good for the optimization, but I don't know if the problem it's caused by the current bad EU servers-base. We can only hope in the next patch/wipe/update of the game.
  2. Cheaters ban

    Probably a "Report" function would be useless and too expensive, but the Anticheat is completely broken right now: *link removed* Cheaters are many more than we can imagine. There are undetected softwares, or the anticheat is only a manual ban for now. With a manual ban of cheaters the procedure is long, expensive and it does not allow to ban all cheaters anyway. For a player using only a speed hack is nearly impossible to check him with a manual procedure, and probably "smart cheaters" are not using all the detectable stuff of the cheat software like aimbot and similar. These senseless people are destroying the game. Who sell cheats deserve a legal action because they are destroying Developers work and users investment for games.
  3. Cercasi players =)

    Unitevi alla community italiana su Discord per trovare nuovi players: https://discord.gg/nw73VNQ
  4. Cheaters ban

    I know two players using an already (multiple time) reported cheat are not in this list. They admitted they are cheating, but I don't see their nick in the list. So I can only argue that the Anticheat is broken because I can still see their nick in the game. Cheaters killing everyone in a raid and reaching level 50+ in few hours with aimbot are still here after 2 month of cheating (and selling cheat to other players). Not a good job. The "Anticheat" is clearly not working and I personally sended a message to you Mr @Blackb1rd reporting the new cheat-software and the web-site selling it. Reported time ago with a Support-Ticket too. No results. I hope for the future of this game in a real working Anticheat system. Regards
  5. Upgraded Account, nothing happened

    Here: https://www.escapefromtarkov.com/profile Press the button --> REMEMBER: when you reset the game profile you lose every in-game progress and every object in your stash.
  6. Shot indication

    I prefer the realism, or the minor compromise towards realism.
  7. Silencers are too quiet.

    It is hard to emulate the real impact of the sound on the ears, teorically changing the position of the head the sound is different. Ambient-noise, wind, bushes, position of the head and a lot of things can have a huge impact to the perception of any sound like the suppressed-fire. Probably a 3D Stereo sound in the game would be a great improvement, otherwise, it is hard to change the volume of a suppressed weapon in the game because if people can ear a silencer also at big distance (like 500 meters) silencers become useless in the game, and actually the maps are not that big. I think it is very hard to balance the reality with the "realism" of the game. Probably a lot of players judge the sound of the game without a proper setting for the audio-equalizer of their system, but beside this 3D Stereo sound would be the best things to add to the game. For the rest, probably would be necessary only a good compromise and no more.
  8. Giving away Fort & Kiver for new players w Skier task

    A nice idea to help new players, above all for Standard-version users. Good job!
  9. What should I upgrade

    16GB of ram are required now, but the game currently is non optimized, so lags and other problems are still here for everyone. Shoreline is the more problematic map actually, unplayable for a lot of players, but for other maps +8GB ram for your rig is a good improvement. An SSD can give a good improvement too. For the rest, your GPU is good, your CPU can handle the game and your system with this upgrade is enough to play 60fps @ 1080p with the right Graphic settings (obviusly, lags and frame drops are normal for this version of the game).
  10. EFT is falling down

    It is not a surprise that cheaters are here. And it is simple to see on Youtube recent videos about EFT where players are cheating (also without cover up the nickname) with the current version of the game. So, no arguments about this. "Skill" is a thing, "cheat" is another thing. Don't think that people complaining fot cheaters are stupid, Devs and most of old-users are aware of the problem that currently with the netcode is the biggest problem in EFT. I have personally spoke with a cheater who admitted he is cheating, he was in my platoon and I have already reported him long time ago but he still here. I remember a thread where an user was reporting him and the only answers he received were "it is desync", "it is skill", "if he cheat the anticheat will ban him". Ridiculous. I do not know if people really think certain things, evidently they live a different reality from mine. We no need a lot of immagination to understand that currently "the anticheat" is probably a "manual ban", because the opposite assumption is that the current anticheat system is not working good against these cheating-softwares. I like this game, I want to keep it clean. I know this is a Beta and I know that Devs are aware of problems and they are working hard to make a great game. I think there is a lot of work to do for these problems and I think BSG will do the right thing about, I trust this. But I really understand the frustation of players against cheaters, glitchers, or complaining about the desync/netcode. Who claims that these things do not exist has no idea what he is saying.
  11. 0.7.4.x Patch Note Preliminari

    Belle implementazioni, la modifica della lobby in cui gli amici appaiono sotto al proprio nick sarà molto utile per quando si gioca in squadra, ci voleva questa opzione
  12. The 666 Klan is Recruiting !

    Here the right section man: https://forum.escapefromtarkov.com/forum/40-clans/
  13. New languages in Escape from Tarkov

    Good news!
  14. usare la doppia ottica

    @FoNzY_ITA il Leupold HAMR Mark 4 quando lo compri non ha il red-dot montato nell'alloggiamento dedicato (sopra di esso), devi comprarlo e mettercelo tu il red-dot. E' il Leupold Delta Point Reflex Sight, si installa proprio sopra l'HAMR. Una volta montati entrambi, in raid passi dall'uno all'altro con CTRL + Tasto destro mouse. Qui trovi alcuni dei controlli di gioco in file pdf: link
  15. Upgrade to Unity 2018