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  1. Hello, I was curious in knowing if this amazing and beautiful game may be coming to console?

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    2. Novaslain


      Thank you for the quick response. I am very excited for this game to release. I am extremely eager to play, but I am a console gamer. I have been following this game for over a year now and I have to say that I am so impressed and I've been waiting for a game this realistic for a very long time. I am sure this game will run pretty smooth on the Xbox Project Scorpio (which releases late 2017), hopefully also on the original Xbox One. I wish you and the dev team a good luck and a Happy New Years. Also, is there going to be an open beta for this game?

    3. Strange66


      Thank you! You as well!

      I know there will be a closed beta phase at some point in the future. As to an open beta I can't 100% give you a correct answer on that one. I wish I could, but you can probably find some more details posted in the forums. I hope that helps a little bit at least.

    4. Novaslain


      Oh, thats ok. Thank you for your realistic answer, haha. Take care and I really hope this game does come to console. I know all of you are very hard workers as Ive watched on your videos.

  2. I think I kind of get it. Maybe. Sort of. Kind of like, which place would be better for an emissary community and how/why to set it up.
  3. I need suggestions

    @bigsmoke636 Nope. No difference except the yellow ones cost more and have a weird docking station to extend the range of the wireless. Probably only extends the range by maybe 8 feet. So, no, they're the same. LOL
  4. I need suggestions

    @bigsmoke636 The sound is super crisp and you can adjust everything via sliders or EQ presets. I got the yellow special editions because it's all they had at the store. The bass isn't bad, I mean, they're headphones so they don't like shake your face or anything lol and the body is surprisingly sturdy. The arms attached to the actual headphone part are metal. The ear pads are big enough so that they don't rub at all so they're super comfortable. One feature I like is that it has adjustable sidetone, which lets you hear your voice. That way you're not screaming at people on accident. They do have an auto shutoff and I believe a full charge will last like 12+ hours. You can also download the Corsair utility engine and "Test Drive" so you can see the presets and EQ sliders and all that. The 7.1 kind of trips me out so I barely use it, but that works well too. It's just weird hearing things behind me wearing headphones lol
  5. I need suggestions

    I also fully recommend Corsair products. I've been using the Void wireless headset and I can't say enough about them. Are they the best available? No. Are they awesome for the price? Yes. I also have a Corsair keyboard and mouse, I switched from Razor and couldn't be happier about it. Here's a link for the Corsair headsets. The Voids go from 79-130 depending on what style, but theres also a model for 60 bucks. Hope that helps!
  6. What are you guys playing right now?

    Since people are still posting on this, I've been on a survival horror kick since Steam had a sale and I got back into playing MGSV since I never really got around to beating it. So, Battlefield 1, The Evil Within, MGSV, Payday 2, Battlefront, Rainbow Six Siege, and I'm probably going to give some of the past resident evils that I skipped a run through before RE7 comes out. I'm kind of excited about Dishonored 2 coming out too, so lots and lots of shtuff to keep me busy for a while!
  7. Looking to build a new computer - Need public assistance

    Ouch! Is it THAT much more in Canada? Yeah I wouldn't do that either then. Those builds are pretty solid tho. I run an i5-6600, r9-390x, 16g of ram, 2tb hard drive, a 1tb ssd and it cost about 1200. I also had to factor in monitors and everything else so i ran into about the 2200-2400 range. I also wish I would have waited a month to get a 1060 or 1070 for the same price as my r9, but, such is life.
  8. Looking to build a new computer - Need public assistance

    Might want to check into it anyway. It's like 10-15 bucks a month I think and I'm sure that's probably half the shipping on one or two of the items. Then you can just cancel it. I LOVE Amazon Prime tho, so I'm kind of partial to it.
  9. Looking to build a new computer - Need public assistance

    Pro Tip: I used PCPartPicker to make sure everything in my build was compatible and then used the Amazon Prime 1 month free trial and ended up saving a boat load just on shipping. Plus most of the parts are Prime eligible, which means free 2-day shipping. Even if the parts cost a few bucks more, it would still cost about the same but you wouldn't have to wait weeks for your parts.