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  1. At0mApple

    NA sherpa looking to help!

    Sorry for late reply but glad you solved it!
  2. At0mApple

    NA sherpa looking to help!

    thanks man! I had fun working with you too
  3. At0mApple

    NA sherpa looking to help!

    Hey Everyone, I've been playing this game for quite awhile now and I'm here to help YOU! I offer sincere and honest help to any player that feels they need it. (new or experienced) I will guide you through any map and give pointers for aiming and tactics. Anything else you could want, just ask! A little about me: Age:21 Timezone: PST Gaming experience: I've played it all (FPS, MOBA, RTS, ETC) but been focusing just on FPS games these last few months. If you are interested, please PM me here or on discord: Josh#6868 OR Join my discord server: https://discord.gg/zQjNmXw I look forward to meeting you all and helping anyway I can!
  4. At0mApple

    Leak Material from Podcast #5

  5. At0mApple

    Mosin sniper rifle (mod. M1891/30y.)

    I like the work on the gun! cant wait to see it in game
  6. At0mApple

    The Escape From Tarkov Sherpa Program

    I like the concept and look forward to see how it is implemented in the game.