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  1. sgtsoviet

    Package Upgrading

    hm ok yea my stash is full at the moment would suck to lose that stuff
  2. sgtsoviet

    Package Upgrading

    hmmm ok then think i may go $50 then next pay got another $40 sweet thanks guys much appreciated
  3. sgtsoviet

    Package Upgrading

    huh i have standard says i need to pay $95
  4. sgtsoviet

    Package Upgrading

    sweet if i upgrade to the $50 one do i still need to pay the full $95 to upgrade to the other?
  5. sgtsoviet

    Package Upgrading

    Hi Just a question on upgrading packages if i upgrade my standard package to say the $50 one can i then later upgrade it to the $95 one? or is it a case of i can only upgrade from the standard game once? Thanks