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  1. zieft

    War With Cheaters!

    90% of the cheaters troll in this forum to make other believe that the BSG anti cheat works perfectly.
  2. zieft

    War With Cheaters!

    It's time for another ban wave, BSG, please!
  3. zieft

    Tired of the cheaters...

    Man, you don't proof on statements that are not falsifiable. In this case, hackers who didn't get banned are because of their stealthiness. Any proof process will destroy this stealthiness and cause the ban.
  4. It definitely dose! I suffer strong desync problem on most EU servers especially on Frankfurt even though I live in Germany. There is less problem when I choose other servers like Moscow 1-3, or some NA servers on the east coach.
  5. zieft

    Insurance :-P

    This game is not anti-PUBG, they are not at the same level. You need more skills to be good at EFT, and the learning curve is steeper. But in case your stash is empty, you can reset your account to get your starting equipment again. Insurance does not work on the new map "The Lab", on the other maps it works.
  6. zieft

    Raiders are way too overpowered.

    So far so good, before I met first desyncer after patch 0.11 last night. I quit play again until they release next Anti-cheat patch.
  7. zieft

    Massive amount of Microstuttering

    Something is wrong, my GPU is no more at 60%, also 1080ti, make sure your PC is miner free.
  8. zieft

    anticheat still useless ?

    @symbiote dude, don't waste time with white knight. Cheaters not only cheat in the game, they also trolling in the forums. Just don't waste your time We all know cheating is a big problem, and I believe the devs are doing there work against the cheaters. Its just a goddamn game, take it easy.
  9. zieft

    German localization is coming in!

  10. zieft

    List of recently banned players 26/11/2018

    You want details? Then sue the BSG. They will use these details as evidence in the court I think :).
  11. zieft

    List of recently banned players 26/11/2018

    Why am I supposed to think you are not a cheater only by watching your stream? As far as I know, Radar which running on a 2nd PC won't show up on your streaming PC (Those streamers will constantly glance sideways at his 2nd Screen, especially right before he makes some breakthrough), and, some of the cheats can separate the cheat-overlays away from streaming. No , not at all. All bans are manually reviewed. If you/your friend got banned, you/he had once cheated.
  12. zieft

    List of recently banned players 26/11/2018

    Don't get me wrong dude. Banning at any time is appreciated!
  13. zieft

    List of recently banned players 26/11/2018

    Banning right after black friday sale! Savage! lol
  14. zieft

    Sherpa Program promovideo!

    looks good
  15. zieft

    Did they remove SP6 and money case?

    they will be sold out in less than 1 second mate.