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  1. Zergggrrr

    New players

    Character name Zergggrrr Description A bandit from the zone His past Moved to the zone at a young age and accumalated a vast inventory of weapons, money and artifacts. Zergggrrr disappeared from the zone after reaching the entity "The Wish Granter" and has not been seen since. How did he get to Tarkov? Zergggrrr is not quite sure how he arrived in Tarkov but is certain the Wish Granter had something to do with it. Predilections Zergggrrr loves his home made moonshine, a TT-33 and a bar of soap. Friends Unknown Wounds, and battles Unknown Aspirations The Wish Granter took everything from Zergggrrr and he wants it back. The greatest achievement that character did Made it to the Brain Scorcher and The Wish Granter. Strength 24 Endurance 28 Accuracy 28 Fighter
  2. Zergggrrr

    Feed Back on Shoreline Kill Montage

    Better than anything I could create so good job. The one tap ending was not expected Keep the montages coming!
  3. Zergggrrr

    A little information for you!

    Great news! Keep it up BSG you are doing great!
  4. Zergggrrr

    Pretty lost in this game...

    @catastrophic37 Welcome to Tarkov! I am a fairly new player and had some trouble at first not knowing what I was doing, so I spent a stupid amount of time in the offline mode learning everything i can, possible scav spawns, weapon crates, first aid spawns and exits. Yeah you can go watch some of the streamers but I like to play and learn for myself anyway goodluck and try to escape from tarkov
  5. Zergggrrr

    Attention! Some Responses for you

    Great work BSG - Keep it up! you guys rock!
  6. I play on the London server only and have no problems'touch wood' - low ping and I dont mind waiting a couple minutes longer in matchmaking before I lose my gear.
  7. Zergggrrr

    Ban wave strikes again!

    GG BSG keep it up - and to the cheaters git gud or git out
  8. Zergggrrr

    BEAR wallpaper

    hey @Rex_Hilverstone if you get the time could you upload an 3840x2160 - again great wallpaper and very much appreciated
  9. Zergggrrr

    Phone USEC/BEAR wallpapers

    Using the Bear wallpaper but snatched both - Thank you!
  10. Zergggrrr

    BEAR wallpaper

    Loving the bear wallpaper - would love a 4k resolution
  11. Zergggrrr

    1,000,000 and Counting...

    1,000,000 posts! wow gj guys keep it up.
  12. Zergggrrr

    Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

    Please verify Zergggrrr#2505 Many thanks.