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  1. Janos1986

    Patch time?

    Aw man, not even the 100 euros Edge of Hypeness bundle with extra hype space?
  2. Janos1986

    Patch time?

    Are there anymore tickets for the Hype Train?
  3. Janos1986

    Stashing scav raid loot = Cringe

    Tip 1: Fold what you can fold, take apart what you can take apart JUST BEFORE extracting. Tip 2: Buy a Lucky Scav Junkbox to store your loot items as soon as you level Therapist L2, so you can store in there your small items and move the others in the container the scav has on him, and move that in your stash Tip 3: Free up at least a 2x10 row for weapons and a 6x3 for a backpack+vest in your stash before starting a Scav Run. Tip 4: Sell stuff. A lot of things you have in your inventory are either less useful than you think or you're just clinging to them for no reason. There is more but I just woke up and I'm tired.
  4. Janos1986

    Release when, do it already.

    I want to make one thing clear for everyone: He had to grind twice to level 25. I think. I don't know. Poor guy. Was it level 25? Nobody likes grinding my lad, especially with how the trader rep system works at the moment and the randomness of some quest items. Just put up with it and hope the 1.0 is a bit more streamlined in that aspect.
  5. Janos1986

    hoarding cash and items

    I want cases so bad. I don't want to upgrade to EoD, so I need to handle my inventory properly.
  6. Janos1986

    Spawning next to enemy player

    After 2:30 minutes of "Matching", that is just MMMMMMMMH perfect.
  7. Janos1986

    Spawning next to enemy player

    Gotta love the 10 seconds raid time, my record is 8 seconds though.
  8. Janos1986

    0.10 patch WIP

    Uno poi non vuole essere polemico a tutti i costi, però converrai con me che se esce un dev update che ti dice "yeee questa settimana update", e poi non è vero, e si rimanda alla settimana successiva, e ricomincia il cinema da capo anche quella dopo, va bene tutto ma perdi la pazienza alla fine. Sì, noi compriamo un Early Access, ma l'Early Access lo prendi dimostrando fiducia nel team di sviluppo, e praticamente per fare GRATIS quello che una volta veniva fatto a pagamento, perchè i beta tester prima venivano pagati per giocare. Se dopo aver dimostrato la tua fiducia il team di sviluppo ti prende per i fondelli ignorando le deadline in maniera sistematica e promettendo più di quanto riesca a mantenere, penso che in qualità di acquirente io abbia pieno diritto di esprimere il mio fastidio.
  9. Janos1986

    Desync, why is it still a thing.....

    Don't worry, they'll fix it next week.
  10. Janos1986

    Is this a hacker?

    That may be a severe case of bullet-to-the-face-itis. Apply topical cream, rest for a couple days and you'll be fine.
  11. Janos1986

    hoarding cash and items

    I don't know what you're talking about.
  12. Janos1986

    Fresh account trader reps super high?

    Good thing they didn't wipe the rep, since at the moment it is a bit of a pain to grind it. I really hope they let people grind rep slowly by selling stuff to traders. I know that may be exploited though, so maybe a daily rep gain limit should do the trick.
  13. Janos1986

    A weapon you must include in this game

    This ain't Fallout 5 boye
  14. Janos1986

    What gun kills with 1 shot to the leg

    Shotguns rip legs apart, they work wonders in Factory, or any circumstance where you can get up close and personal with an enemy anyway. But remember kids: leg meta is not a thing.
  15. Janos1986

    Yahoo! Finally killed 12 pmcs!!!!

    Just got there. I found an AFK guy hiding in the bathroom of the radar tower. And he was a BEAR. FML.