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  1. Janos1986

    Game buggy

    Just try to shoot a helmet with a 7.62 PS. Do it. But remember to file a bug report with a screenshot, since the problemsolving at BSG consists of rolling out a game-breaking patch without prior internal testing and see the complaints after it hits live. Then MAYBE they'll fix it after a couple weeks. "B-but it's a beta!" This is early alpha kind of stuff, come on.
  2. "Trader rep is easy" Yup. Like getting stuck on a bunch of quests that you can't complete because you need a specific key with an abysmal chance of spawning, and that's IF you spawn on the right side of the map, otherwise probably someone else already took it. Easy as pie.
  3. Janos1986

    What systems are you running?

    Win10 pro Intel Core i5-8600K (Overclocked to 4.5Ghz), liquid-cooled Asus Strix GTX 1070 (I plan to get a GTX 1080 at least) Asus Z370 Plus Gaming motherboard 16GB Corsair Vengeance 3.6 DDR4 (XMP enabled) SSD + Optane-coupled HDD (EFT is installed on the SSD) 144hz curved Samsung monitor Corsair CX750M PSU Cooler-Master h500p case + 3x Arctic Bionix F140 to optimize the airflow Gigabit Ethernet connection to the home router, of course. I play EFT with medium details with an average of 70-90FPS, as soon as I crank up the anti-aliasing a bit, it runs like crap.
  4. "90% of people disagree with me, so 90% of people are wrong" Welp, let's wrap this up shall we?
  5. Janos1986

    ONE SIMPLE TRICK to get rich in Tarkov!

    On Interchange pistol/hatchling runs, I usually enter one of the back loading areas, either the OLI or the IDEA, and through the back I go in the Goshan loading area to loot the weapon crates near the military truck. I then go across the Goshan to the cash registers, then into the Bizarro shop or the bathroom just past the cash registers, and after that I get on the corridor on the other side. Inside a shop on the immediate right corner that I currently can't recall the name of, there is another weapon crate on a couch. The next stop is straight into Emercom with my trusty key, a quick peek into Mantis for a little more loot, then I get out from the main entrance. With both weapon crates and Emercom I get a minimum of 60k worth of loot every run with relatively little risk. I also have a high chance to find a fully loaded AK74U in one of the crates along the way to fight scavs with.
  6. Janos1986

    Remington 700 rifle coming soon (TM)

    Eftballistics doomsday thread incoming with graphs and absolute truths in it, brace yourselves.
  7. Janos1986

    The Mosin Should go back to 16k Change my mind.

    I couldnt care less about its price to be honest. The Mosin doesn't make you instantly better, regardless of the price, and it doesn't guarantee you a kill.
  8. Janos1986

    Kill trading

    And the question is...?
  9. Janos1986

    Game needs to do level'd matchmaking

    I will now apply the same logic that I usually apply to CSGO. If you get matched against players of your level, you won't learn a thing. Better players will always teach you something about positioning, good angles to hold, movement mechanics, effective flanking, when to shoot and when not to shoot, where to look at and where to prefire/nade for good measure. Get past the salt and try to get something out of your untimely death in EFT. Be a sponge for knowledge, not for bullets.
  10. Janos1986

    Surrounded by idiots

    I jumped in a ditch on customs with a black leg to drop my weapons in case somebody found me, and in that exact moment my painkillers wore off. I was unable to get out of the hole I jumped in and died there. Good times.
  11. Janos1986


    You watched some youtube highlights from streamers and you said "yeeeeah I'm gonna do that" and bought the game thinking it would be like PUBG or something. Guess what, you were wrong. It's a game of patience, wits, and awareness. There is no such thing as a camper in a realistic situation, just a planned ambush. If you know there may be enemies lying around waiting for kills, maneuver around them as you should, use grenades, bait them, be clever in general. But who am I kidding, complaining is better, ain't it?
  12. I thought non-scoped Mosin is currently at 0 Roubles, because that's what I'm paying for it, since many people buy it because it's cheap but are not capable of shooting it properly or don't bring a pistol for close quarters. And you also find it on scavs, so yeah.
  13. Region lock must be a thing, and not only for the Chinese hackers. People are currently exploiting the possibility to play in other regions to get the advantage of their local time zone, in order to find the servers almost completely empty and to loot easier.
  14. Janos1986

    0.10 is actually offering enjoyable gameplay

    I'm having more fun as well, and when I die I feel that's more of my fault than the game's this time around. There are still some sketchy things here and there (desync, people with no armor eating 5.45 PRS like froot loops etc.) but I feel it's better than before.