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    Equalizers and Sound Settings, set yourself

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  2. geiservicenzi

    Equalizers and Sound Settings, set yourself

    As I had previously commented, I would humbly like opinions to accelerate and improve my learning! It is of extreme importance to know that the effects can be contradictory, change by countless variables, hardware, user and mainly accessory being the headset, its material, construction, model or brand, purpose to which it is determined. This is exactly where the simple and objective sharing of everyone, coherently entering, providing ease of information to those who seek it. I imagine that at some point, we could even create statistics by choosing the best settings for each brand / model headset in relation to the game. OBS :. Follow the same post patterns as you like, settings photo, hardware model and accessory mark, followed with brief explanation and/or observations. Classification of frequencies: Closed environments = serious audios 32Hz Imperceptible effects in the tests; 64Hz Improvement - sense of direction, (up, down, right and left), distance, voices ... 125Hz It is advisable to always work with positive values (values above zero) but smaller, because it will neutralize certain acute noises that would have the purpose of being heard; 250Hz frequency responsible for increments as a sense of echo; 500Hz frequency responsible for increments of environment, climate, etc ... but contrary to the value 125Hz, does not have as significant effects on noise neutralization; Open Environments = acute audios 1kHz Improvement - Water divider, frequency that titled as average, it increases offers overall volume of any configuration; 2kHz Improvement - frequency responsible for increments, offers openness to certain noises audible without it, like steps of certain distance generated when hearing the boots dragging sand in a concrete floor, races with strong beats to the ground, diverse leaps ... Always advisable to work with it negative (values below zero) 4kHz Improvement - Frequency that produces the best response noises to adversaries, improves hearing in the passage of certain materials such as metal, cement, shrubs, footsteps and silent walks ... 8kHz Extreme acute, includes only low noise, sometimes uncomfortable, therefore I consider disposable; 16kHz Imperceptible effects in the tests; Final Suggestions: There is an easier way that I found of you to prove the best configuration with the questions, YOU vs. ADVERSARY, is to play in offline mode, lower all frequencies to minus twelve (-12dB), play this way, then with Alt + TAB help , add one by one, put a maximum of + 12dB and observe the effect against scavs "your chance to demystify those low frequencies, which listen to steps, so respected", then just add/remove another one to form the best combination. Below is a legal combination that I have been testing at the moment, with no environment / climate noises and with good harmony only in relation to the opponent. However possible only with the help of the options Treble Boost and Reverb in 100% (unfortunately), regardless of the map.
  3. geiservicenzi

    Equalizers and Sound Settings, set yourself

    Enlightening and respectable comments, thanks for the feedback. The intention behind this post would be to make statistics of each brand / model of the headset, offering options with minimal adjustments in relation to the game, however I believe I was a little mistaken in the analysis, because there was information not yet understood by me, please kindness that helps with new observations to the details that had been working, would be eternally grateful.
  4. geiservicenzi

    Equalizers and Sound Settings, set yourself

    Thank you for your participation and sharing opinions, experiences. The ideal is exactly this, mainly show people looking on the subject who should test the audio sensations that suits you as there are no magic numbers much less secret formula.
  5. geiservicenzi

    Equalizers and Sound Settings, set yourself

    Maybe the photos help, other details on the subject, you find in tons on the internet, however I especially recommend for the seriousness this post already in response to what I'm receiving is in accordance with what I expect, quieter (smaller) environment sounds focused on opponents, giving priority to mostly steps / noises of approximation with the sense of amplitude, as quoted.
  6. Not forgetting stock adjustments and preferences, it is common knowledge that certain frequencies are more important than others, each has its own goals of harmony and compensation, however I would like to share the details observed about them shortly. Finishing with a sample or initial test base, suggesting new ideas, with these best suggestions. OBS :. I was unable to define exactly whether the problem is being generated on my PC, even though I consider possible stability (audible improvement) to happen after a few minutes of raid or shortly after the first opponent's death and loot. General audio settings: Working frequency: 32Hz-16kHz Scale: 0-12dB Softwares Equalizers: Commonly found, standard examples that accompany the respective hardware or use of third parties with small adjustments, examples: vbcable + voicemeter, peace + equalizerAPO among others. Settings used in test: Hardware: Headset: Corsair HS50; Software: Sonic Studio III; Theoretical summary by simple analyzes in game, dedicated to different situations. Environment: External (stationary character / stable weather) 64-1kHz high band 1-4kHz low band 4-16kHz noises Environment: Inner (stationary character / stable weather) 64-500Hz high band 500-16kHz falling band Environment: External (character standing / unstable weather "rain") 64-4kHz high band 4-16kHz falling band Environment: Indoor (character standing / unstable weather "rain") 32-100Hz high band / with accessory is decreased 100-1kHz high band 1-10kHz falling band Environment: External (character running / stable climate) 32-100Hz high band / with accessory is decreased 100-1kHz high band / with accessory significantly increased 1-10kHz falling band / with accessory significantly increased Environment: External (passing through shrub / stable climate) 32-100Hz extremely high bandwidth / with accessories significantly decreased 100-1kHz extremely low bandwidth / with accessories significantly increased 4-10kHz falling band / with accessories significantly increased Environment: External / Internal (character jumping / stable climate) 32-100Hz high band / with accessories is decreased 100-500Hz high band / with accessories significantly increased 500-4kHz falling band / with accessories significantly increased 4-10kHz noises / with accessories significantly increased noises Environment: External / Internal (passing through metals / stable climate) 32-100Hz high band / with accessories is decreased 100-1kHz high band / with accessories significantly increased 1-10kHz falling band Environment: External / Internal (Opposites walking and running / stable climate) 32-100Hz high band / with accessories significantly decreased 100-500Hz high band / with accessories significantly decreased 500-16kHz falling band / with accessories significantly increasing especially from 4-16kHz Ambinte: External / Internal (throws / grenades) 32-100Hz high band / with accessories extremely diminished 100-250Hz drop band / with accessories extremely diminished 250-16kHz drop band / with accessories significantly decreasing especially from 4-16kHz Exemplary of better adaptation: It will be used with/without accessories (Comtacs, Helmets), with minimum adjustments in the frequencies 2-16kHz, because they are the main responsible for the noise opponents, opening and closing of doors etc ... to compensate their extremes the 250Hz band is used for that: 32Hz – +12dB 64Hz – +12dB 125Hz – -5dB 250Hz – +10/12dB 500Hz – -6 1kHz – -6 2kHz – +8/10dB 4kHz – +6dB 8kHz – +6dB 16kHz – +6dB Other compensations needed for compression: Smart Volume = 25% Soft option, compressor responsible for keeping volume constant on all elements, plus auto and smooth; Treble Boost = 30%, increases the volume of high frequency sounds; Reverb = Theater option 60-75%, increases the sensation of amplitude or noises caused at a distance; Windows OS 10 = 40-60% of the total volume; Hope this helps
  7. New locations resulting from mistakes: New ideas that can be thought of as game modes, taking advantage of the same structure and design, besides the proposed theme. Capture and defense of a prison camp; Special forces to combat drug trafficking; Recognition and defense groups for special refugee camps; Others....
  8. Happy with all the comments, thank you really, I decided not to quote just to not overdo it in extension okay. The initial idea has always been to exchange experiences, express a simple and respectful opinion of a newbie to accelerate learning as much as possible and the channel to contribute.
  9. Understood, thanks for the feedback
  10. Hello everyone! Would like to share with the community some knowledge, analysis with possible suggestions that I have developed over time to this incredible and great project called Escape from Tarkov. Endorse that they are exclusively understood conceptions aimed at personal preferences, however I believe that I can contribute at least as a north there is someone, ask for understanding and respect in feedbacks that are not directly related to the subject matter (topic), because they are legitimate demonstrations aimed at improvements and supported where possible in captured common gameplay images along with theories, inquiries and own risk investigations. For reasons of ease, comprehension, monitoring and linearity of reasoning, I defined that all subjects could coexist in a single topic, contrary issues and future divisions could be made, indicated with links to each. PC Configuration Used: The game general mode: Dispensable of comments, definitely should be like one of the best games ever developed by a team, is unique, magical, select in every detail, breathtaking literally, elevates, mixes, demands, envelops and projects an imaginable eviction of emotions soon reactions human beings imaginable in fractions of seconds, being a mere observer is not enough, just follow much less, have to feel, practice, overcome, develop not only the skills you already have, they will not suffice, challenge your senses and expectations, when you least expect will be facing new indispensable and amazing strategies to stay alive and leave Tarkov. More than valid investment, "even being a BR (unfair conversion in currency value)" at the very least, will provide countless hours of pure fun and/or competitive desire for immersion and richness in details based on sheer realism. Gameplay: Start troubled, difficult, unfair times, countless reasons, mainly unbalance in the supply of armaments, accessories, ammunition, strategic knowledge and map. Intentional or not, facilitated if played in a group or experienced player. After a certain level, I consider 20-30 the chaos decreases considerably, the game starts to get much easier, directed tactical skills and stealth against pvp fighting, targeting specific locations of loot cost/benefit or enrichment sometimes unusable. Bugs: Perceived mainly by the junction, marriage of algorithms, audio and graphics, happen in specific areas of maps, sometimes connection with single object, other speeds in processing the wealth of realistic visual details and grandiose amount of sounds emitted, produces confusion between opinions formed in falls of FPS inclusive, reason not being possible to determine exactly where the error is, like player. Several examples follow: Theoretical solutions: Standardization, general and specific regulation in the audio frequencies emitted equally between maps, aiming at coherence, synchrony with the responsibility of not interfering in the strategic difficulties and practices involved. Among the analyzes and observations I highlight three complementary theories, the first involves a sort of scrambler frequencies compressed along the schedule, preventing a reproduction and selective advantage of players owners of preamplifiers/equalizers digital (pro line, programmed in DSP). Yet after countless hours of testing, combinations and attempts at least comfortable reproduction are not harmful to hearing health, i noticed that there are different recordings for the same goal, only additions, adaptations due to the environment or map played, more severe closed/spruce times, medium frequencies with/without echo, with/without exaggerated acute explosions that are completely disguised, overlapping with the use of comtacs (accessories available in game, accounts up to a certain level) transforming them into an obligatory "*unnecessary" object, causing countless controversial postings and minimal priority dedication, momentarily to the devs. A second theory leads me to believe that it can only be indicative of possible choices for the developers in their final project (test phase), as there are strong indications, including verifiable existence of a packate with good and bad transmissions, however it would require time dedication in making decisions. Complementary without neglecting the logic of previous ones, the third results in saturation and redirection errors due to uncontrolled amounts of minimizations of the game screen, leading to instability of audio processing. Independently the facts are proven of common form and varied as: specific places, proxity to objects, bots (scavs) and determined areas of respawn of players, where in the latter, if used with comtacs is of extreme importance, replacement for effective operation. I have also identified that AI (bots) respond in particular to acute noise, but I hope that at an appropriate time the attention will be given "choosing the best for its players", prioritizing the audible needs indicated the smaller dedicated to the environments/climate and larger of overlapping (compact equalizations, compact equalizations, priority distance frequencies) in the recognition of the proximity of the opponents, finally justifying combats by acquired ability. I conclude by emphasizing in general the extreme importance to be considered as: discomfort, disadvantages, frustrations caused to many, mainly the burial of the growing and relentless negative marketing generators of the brand jus to the subject. Already on graphical errors are mere adjustments with possible additions, nothing disturbing. * unnecessary - just freedom of choice for the player, since he may want and/or need to be with his instincts sharpened for critical situations with arbitrarily fair exchanges. PS :. It follows the settings that best fits my view, audio and visual, individual understanding, so caution. Used in the impossibility of comtacts and open to constructive opinions, the best compression found with audible overlays of good quality with respect to the opponents resulted in the proper sequence: Shoreline, Interchange, Woods, Factory and Customs, the latter presenting the biggest problems with high frequencies (medium and high) 4-16 kHz, extremely exaggerated, including forcing to decrease the volume of the used operating system with a maximum value of 60%, limiting the games to only instinctive, otherwise uncomfortable and/or irritants; The software used was the standards that accompany the respective hardware, however I believe you can use third-party settings with small adjustments: vbcable + voicemeter, peace + equalizerAPO, among others. Audio: Hardware: Headphones: Corsair HS50; Software: Sonic Studio III; Graphics: Hardware: MSI Lightning 1080TI; Software: Nvidia Gforce Experience; Mira and Zeroing adjustment: I have been trying hard to prove and answer questions, one of which I present to you as the images that follow, was the best I have ever achieved. The tests prove the difficulty of certain shots, especially the first in crucial fights. The demonstration was made holding the breath with 100% life (medium, left and right), depending on the weapon, aim, distance and / or situation tends to get worse, including delay of adjustment, weapon used, simple SKS, level 1 -16. Offline Mode: Delicate subject that generates polemics for its own reasons, but I believe that essential in game because it provides numerous advantages, in addition to practical development, general and specific are acquired first by him, including countless tests, impossible online, without interruptions with the need for each which, the inclusion of new difficulties, IA, boss, among other differentials would be very welcome and seen. Final Suggestions: Addition and possible minimum improvements with respect to balance, difficulties and disadvantages that cause frustrations targeting new players; Add or adapt other physical forces to the character as a tilt when slipping, throwing himself on the ground and being able to shoot side (simple animation) among others; Obviously not forgetting the realism, leaving as speed as real-life competence, the rapid exchange of cartridge in all the weapons; Reevaluate and provide improvements in leaked shots such as data on glass, windows, fences, and other materials where only the first projectiles could have small deviations, delays in speed of impact among others and not blocking as observed almost completely; Minimal color adjustments and pattern blurs, especially those caused by the sharpen option, as I believe they are too dark, leading to significant loss of wealth in such well-crafted details offered in game; Offer individual events and group on/offline, aiming at unique rewards in the form of a loot, limited only to one per account; Implementation of use of strategic camouflage in weapons, clothing, accessories and the like, there is only the map or defended area played; Adaptation in simple intelligence commands (bots) to fight side by side in certain situations with the player himself; Disable aggregate values of dog tags and loot of deaths caused by tk; Add in programming lines actions dedicated to possible cheats not recognized by the game's own algorithm, impossible and improbable shots, immortality, invisibility can be cited for this example; Add audio and/or actions, including hilar scopes, as a means of communication between scav players; Vary, add, undefine, and decentralize locations of valuable thefts and appearance of bots representing greater surprises or difficulty; Require individual recoil practices, especially in automatic armaments and shots, free sequences, carried out at a distance, independent of the attachments or ammunition it possesses; Imagine only the possibility of adding differentials to the ammunition by weight, dimensions and materials constituted in its construction; Analyze in special possibility, the increase of desperate acts of escape where the character can overcome certain windows of smaller diameter when to play heights with scrolling reducing damages caused; Add a special value to the head of a single player who has possessed a rare loot in raid, consistently hampering the life and the emotional of it, before it escapes. An idea that repeats others cited, in no case keep many and repeated properties directed to the same account, serving only collectible demonstrative object, thus useless;
  11. geiservicenzi

    Detalhes atualizados para o patch 0.10

    Indefinitivamente conquistado o meu respeito! Todas as dúvidas e relacionados foram sanados. Parabéns há todos os nossos dedicados porta vozes BR, além do mais são jogadores comuns e sentem as mesmas dificuldades, principalmente quando esquecem um pouquinho a diversão e acaba dando prioridade a competitividade. Enfim o game é incomparável, único, emoção indescritível, não basta apenas acompanhar/aguardar, tem que jogar para sentir na pele a verdadeira magia. No entanto definitivamente apesar das inúmeras opiniões relacionadas há compreensão/paciência, relações culturais, possíveis e caras estruturas compatíveis, hardwares atualizados entre outros, na minha humilde opinião são apenas desculpas, pois nós meros tupiniquins, AINDA não fazemos parte de uma lista prioritária ponto final, enfim BR sempre, somos guerreiros na vida real (termos gerais) bora engolir, conviver e aproveitar o que é nos oferecido, pois nem uma outra nação se compara conosco quanto ao termo guerreiros por que não escapers não é?! hehe Abraço e nos encontramos em game
  12. geiservicenzi

    Detalhes atualizados para o patch 0.10

    Parabéns pela iniciativa e tradução, o patch chegou em ótima hora, e além das inúmeras correções veio acrescentar mais jogabilidade a esse game incrivelmente único. Contudo, gostaria de saber mais sobre os tão aguardados servers BR nesse ano político! Pois apesar das correções há muito lag ainda.