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  1. Svensk community

    Snyggt! Har kodat lite för lite med python för att klara av att hjälpa till på den biten tyvärr! Annars hade jag hjälpt dig med det! Najs med discord också! Smyger in där sen!
  2. Why is this a thing?

    Exactly how I've been thinking since day one. Great post!
  3. Svensk community

    Grymt! Finns det något man kan hjälpa till med så tveka inte på att hojta till så får vi se om jag har kunskap till att göra det du behöver hjälp med
  4. hahahaha creative!
  5. Giving away my inventory.

    aaaawh I would love an Glock!
  6. Sadface

    I understand what you're saying. I've seen some new stuff beeing added like the text RPG, yes it's super super low on the priority list to create that and I do understand that people get frustrated when they focus on something crazy like that instead of the important stuft like netcode. But maybe there is one or two web developers making text RPG to the forum and all other changes on this board? And another team for game dev, one team for marketing and so on.
  7. This happend to me tonight! I was running between 4 different extraction points on Customs and the time where running out. I just sat down and waited. "Lost in battle" hahaha That sucked, but I insured all my gear before I jumped in to Customs, so I'm safe I guess Pretty irritating bug tho.
  8. For real

    hahaha fix so that people can't play in groups! I think you got it all wrong what this game is about It's mainly not for solo playing, you can play solo but you will extremely often run into a squad of 2-5 players.
  9. I noticed a huge improvement when lowering the Hz on the screen. I played the game with 144hz with lags, then I tried 100hz and all the lags just dissapeared. Try it out if you have your screen set to 144hz.
  10. Banned for sharing the new Ban List

    It's because some of the names contains bad words like racist words etc.
  11. Cheaters ban

    Great news! No mercy for the low lifes!
  12. Svensk community

    Tjenare! Grattis! Ett Svenskt forum skulle kunna vara bra för att samla ihop folk och bilda klaner kan jag tänka mig! Jag tittade lite i tråden på flashback om EfT och den var rätt mager med ynka 16 sidor, EfT verkar inte riktigt ha tagit Sverige med storm ännu iaf, ett Svenskt community kanske skulle kunna skjuta på intresset lite mer, vem vet Jag själv är en solo spelare för det mesta (när jag inte lirar squad) eller så lirar jag med någon vän. En Discord som samlingspunkt där man kan leta rätt på lite "backup" och trevligt sällskap när man lessnat på solo spelandet är en bra idé tycker jag
  13. need an advice

    Cool! I believe I've never heard about this method before
  14. need an advice

    Yeah, you're right! The motherboard only supports 1600mhz. But at least 16Gb will do him a big favor since 8gb is pretty low for EFT that eats RAM for breakfast
  15. Sadface

    And yet another thread with exactly the same content as a billion other threads. The game is an ALPHA and the devs are working on the desync issues. Remember, it's an ALPHA not the full game, stop getting mad at it! Yeah, I know you didn't want to see "it's an alpha" comment, but I don't want to see "I'M SO SICK AND TIRED ON THIS GAME IT'S NOT WORKING!!!" all over the forums either you know... gets kinda old.