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    How should I ignore them I bought the game but didnt recieve it
  2. tristafrica


    I have already sent out multiple tickets none with reply. I have the problem that I preorderd the game but I have not recieved a copy of the game or any acces to the closed beta. To prove that I bought the game I attached screenshots of my bank account showing the amount I paid being transferred to the account of the devs. They don't seem to answere any of my tickets and it has been two days now since I preorderd the game. The only emails I recieve are emails confirming I have filed a support ticket but these emails only contain my support ticket no answere or anything which could help me. When I go on my profile and check my support tickets it says "answered" in all caps next to them but they have not yet been answered. I'm starting to get irritated since I literally filed 5 support tickets already and not one got an answere. The only thing close to an answere was an email that said they saw that I filed a support ticket but then went on to instruct me to write a new one which then just got ignored (thats the way it seems to me at this point) like the other 4 support ticket I wrote. Please if any staff or people of the support group sees this either give me the game or refund my money so I can buy it again.
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    Don't have the game?

    I have a similar problem just for me I never even played before Yesterday I bought the game over Klarna, the payment when though on my account but I never got an email saying that I bought it. Furthermore when I switched tabs back to the EFT tab It told me that the payment didnt go through but on my account it clearly says it did? I filled to support tickets but none have been answered it says "answered" above it. Does this have something to do with the game or is it Klarna ?