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  1. Yaseen

    Raiders in Labs

    When you do first time on labs you will say that the raiders are OP but you will get used it and you will realize they are not bad, I did one solo lab with a pistol and managed to kill 1 and get his loot and kill 6 more to make the kills number at 7 and get the loot and dip
  2. Yaseen

    Escape From Tarkov Upgrade

    i need to refill my credit card all over again
  3. Happened to me yesterday, couldn't wait for it as I contacted xsolla almost immediately and they have issued a refund for me and it will take 1-10 days? i really want to make it faster so I can buy it with the 25% discount
  4. Yaseen

    Escape From Tarkov Upgrade

    I sorted it out with xsolla , the refund has been issued and it will take 1-10 days, is there a way to make it fast so I can buy it with 25% discount?
  5. Yaseen

    Escape From Tarkov Upgrade

    Thats the problem , i didnt reiceve such a transaction ID . I mean i bought the standard edition had no problem . The only thing i can provide is my last 4 digit to verfiy it
  6. So recently was looking forward to upgrading my game from standard to EOD edition, proceeded to do the payment but it said that "has been canceled bu xsolla actually took the money out from the credit card and didn't actually receive any upgrades ? can someone help me as I feel scammed at this point.