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  1. Official Trading Thread

    need a factory key. will give probs anything lol
  2. Tarkov Special Forces - the chillest of all chill fam to play with

    Adding to the list, we will now only be accepting those 18 years and older, due to immaturity being an issue and causing negative effects among the community. If you are under 18 and wish to join, you're more than welcome, but you MUST talk to one of the high ranking members FIRST to be accepted. If you have an annoying high voice because you're balls haven't dropped yet.. don't even try. Thanks!
  3. Weapon Companies Thread

    I'd really like to see some 1-6X optics such as the vortex strike eagle. would be very usefull for all locations to be able to go from true 1 power like the reddots, to 6 times zoom in a second
  4. Tarkov Special Forces - the chillest of all chill fam to play with

    also, a mature community
  5. Tarkov Special Forces (TSF) COMMUNITY -Must be able to fluently speak English -Must be able to follow directions and rules -Dedication to the game and community Anyone is welcome to join us we accept every player. (unless you're annoy AF) If you are new to the game we have many members that are willing to teach you and help you get gear. We have over 80 members in our discord so you will always have someone to play with. We have our own ranking system in the discord server that you can rank up if you stay active in our community. People also play several other games in the discord, so you can play other games with these people too. COME JOIN US!!!! (we have that danky dank ) message me directly if there are problems getting into the discord, once in find one of the eft moderators and talk to them, I am "Han Solo" , you can find me in the eft operator section as well.
  6. The concept art of the trader "Skier" (Baryga)

    reminds me of GTA style