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  1. EFT Ammo table

    Hello Escapers!!! We would like to present to you a detailed table explaining ammo. Here you will find our official details regarding the individual details of each round in game!
  2. playing in the dark as a newbie?

    @RavingGamer a few points to go over, and repeat from others, this game is still in testing phase and it does not contain every single feature intended for full release. First off, your best option is to take advantage of the offline mode that is available. This will allow you to have a safe environment to learn the maps threat free, and find extractions. Your next best bet is to research the game further. Watch youtube guides, read forum posts for beginners, search for custom made maps of each locations made by users. All of this will better prepare you for your escape. Your third option, which will help tremendously, is to not get worked up so quickly and reach out to other users for help. The greatest thing for this is to go to the clans section of the forums and find a group that relates to you. Doing this will help you get with experienced players to help you in your Tarkov experience. In conclusion, take it slow, utilize offline mode at this time, find friends to help you learn, and study custom maps online
  3. Bitcoin price

    This could also be due to your skills, as charisma does affect trader prices. If the skills are both the same, you may need to send a support ticket to have it looked into
  4. New Wepons

    Could you explain your question and intent of this thread in more detail?
  5. Scav aimbot making me want to quit until fixed.

    This subject is widely known and has been discussed hundreds of times already. Please adhere to the forum rules and refrain from making duplicate threads on subjects already discussed. The scav ai are still under development and thus will be adjust as we continue through the testing phase
  6. next ban wave?

    We do not proceed in the manner of ban waves at this time. Please refer to this thread to learn more about how bans are handled /
  7. Is shoreline pier exit broken

    This is fantastic to see! It's nice to see you have enjoyed the time and learned them by heart at this time
  8. Is there cheating in this game? How bad is it?

    Of course you're going to find cheating when playing any online game, it's the sad nature of a certain group of society we have to deal with when gaming. For every cheat, there is an anti cheat though, and the people who want to stoop so low as to cheat will pay the price for it. Please make sure to use the search function as this is a widely discussed topic already. I would like to also point out we will not tolerate videos being linked that portray these cheats, as well as ones that contains links to the cheats in their descriptions. This only helps advertise them and spread it where it doesn't belong. Thank you
  9. DSA SA58 and HK MP7

    Dear escapers, We would like to present a little preview of the DSA SA58 and HK MP7. These are currently a work in progress at this time! TRANSLATIONS Bulgarian translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to Emissary of Bulgaria @Shibby Turkish translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to Emissary of Turkey @Dimitri468
  10. Gaming Istanbul 2018

    ATTENTION: Please remember, this is still an English post so please speak in english when posting here
  11. Gaming Istanbul 2018

    Dear escapers, We have a report from our Turkish emissary @Dimitri468 at Gaming Istanbul 2018! During their time at the convention him and others have met with many broadcasters and publishers helping to showcase Escape from Tarkov. One youtuber Dimitri met with was EasterGamersTv ( ). They discussed EFT and making videos together in the future for multiple projects. Fedupsamania ( ) was also present at the convention. The biggest meeting, he reports, was with NVIDIA. He got together with Ilker Karaş ( ) a famous Turkish gaming platform to discuss some points about the EFT project. Also present at the event was another NVIDIA Twitch streamer RavenWits! (Alp Sariyer). During this time there was quite a bit of discussion and planning regarding a big upcoming project for Battle State Games and the Escape from Tarkov Project. Feel free to check out his channel! ( All in all, the reports show that there was wide support during the event for Escape from Tarkov, and shows alot of promise. Dimitri has stated that english subtitles will be added for the publications made. We look forward to seeing more updates from this and sharing photos with you all as they are presented!
  12. Dear Escapers, A fresh cache of weapon mods will be dropped into the ever changing world of Tarkov. Here is a sneak peak into what these new beauties will look like!
  13. Issues Purchasing Gift Copy of Game

    This is fantastic news!! Hope he enjoys his escape
  14. Factory Always Dark

    Very good point to me it would make sense that it'd be based off in game settings and not your monitor. If he records a video and we can see perfectly fine, this could help in determining if it is his monitor
  15. Issues Purchasing Gift Copy of Game

    All of my gift purchases are shown this way as well. Follow up here after a while and let me know if it shows up