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  1. Rohrkrepierer

    Sherpas gear

    Maybe a signature weapon of some sorts? Definitely shouldn't be better or worse than another weapon of its kind that are available to everyone else.
  2. Rohrkrepierer

    How to know if your a sherpa

    I see someone has similar taste... Applied to be a Sherpa too. Haven't heard back yet. I hope I'll be accepted, played every patch since November 2016
  3. Rohrkrepierer

    Sherpa Discord

    Does anyone know when my application will be reviewed? How long does it usually take?
  4. Rohrkrepierer

    The Art of Warfare [TAW] - International Clan Recruiting

    Hey guys, my name is Rohrkrepierer and I am a TAW member for 2 months now. All I can say is: amazing. The amount of people you meet and get to talk to is almost overwhelming. Everybody is there for you if you have any problems, be it gameplay wise or technical. Not to mention the diversity of nationalities we have on TAW. The clan is very neatly structured, everything has its place. All in all, the best gaming community I've ever been a part of so far. Looking forward to raid with you guys again. Best regards, Rohrkrepierer o7
  5. Rohrkrepierer

    German Players

    I'm Austrian, so if you could pm me some details, that would be grrreat ;D
  6. Rohrkrepierer

    German Team looking for Players

    Dear Author, I am interested in joining your community, pls pm me more details. Best regards, Rohrkrepierer
  7. Rohrkrepierer

    German Team looking for Players

    Will do.