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  1. My god, you two are playing a game, and a non-VR one at that. How does pressing W make you feel like you're walking on your feet? It's testament to BSG's great attention to detail that you're fooled into thinking Tarkov's real, but it's an illusion; literally get real. Micro-managing world dimensions is beyond the scope of detail this game's world can offer, and it realistically shows in the engine's trouble with the clumsy plays and desyncs, there's too much information to pass and the software should just allow it. It sounds as ridiculous as you demanding hand simulator mechanics to place down cards in Hearthstone, it doesn't make the game better.
  2. Everyone arguing for having the barrel automatically push up for the sake of realism doesn't know a thing about game design and should never give opinions on it. It's completely unnatural and unrealistic because as a human, you'd have agency over that in the real world. If you ended up getting too close to an opponent, you're going to position to shoot regardless. So having players consider those artificial distances in a game world, and have a computer decide what's close enough for us is completely arbitrary. The focus ultimately is on acquiring targets, not insignificant non-strategic micro-positionings governed by the software.
  3. @eftballistics such effort, but 1. Completely wasted since you're simulating a fringe optimal case which wouldn't happen with every single player in the game. Not everyone's interested in maxing with your playstyle. 2. The final game is so different than it is now your model's not even going to matter. Jebaited because this entire current setup is strictly just to balance test ballistics and server load operational variables. This current game is just a dummy setup
  4. hazric

    Tarkov longevity suggestion

    Creating new map modes will absolutely dilute the PMC player base on raid maps overall, and games are short enough already. When I jump into Shoreline or Interchange and see only half the numbers of when the 0.8 first hit, I get a little disappointed. If you watch Twitch, you'll see similar reactions as well from pro players when they load a map and see the lobby with only a handful of PMC's. Just think of how big the lobbies would be if there were no international servers and everyone globally played on the same ones. Small maps like Labs and Factory are good enough for an Arena experience. And I would rather see optimization fixed first than new features like ranked ladders, whatever that's just going to add more load to the servers. Look out how long it took PUBG to finally get their game to a playable framerate while they focused on feature-creep rather than the core game. A bunch of people jumped to Fortnite, an almost completely different game, and never looked back; people who enjoy the game will leave when they see their competition leaving. I just hope the devs keep this game simple, it's as complex as it is. This thread on reddit is a big concern and speaks to alot of practicality that will help the game out. I played alot of PUBG and Hunt Shodown, and still consider them my favorite games in my collection. But I keep coming back to Tarkov instead. I love the Fallout franchise and its similarly detailed loot system, and I'm very excited about 76, but I hope I'd keep coming back to Tarkov.
  5. hazric

    Tarkov longevity suggestion

    Love this game to death right now, but I'm having a hard time seeing this game survive as a classic, although I believe it could. If the game can continue securing exclusive rights to use guns and their likenesses (like the deal with Lone Star), keep writing new quests/stories for Traders, adding new Traders, and creating new maps, I can see this franchise continue for years as the most glorified shooting-range simulator ever. Cheap to maintain, cheap to update, and Tarkov 2 will just be an engine upgrade to the same formula for keeping up with the times. I hope Arena mode doesn't get implemented as it just takes away from people playing on maps that are great already I'm not a gun owner like alot of players here, but Tarkov is all I need. Keep up the great work and I hope you guys make the right decisions that keeps Tarkov around.
  6. hazric

    if wipe, keep containers?

    @EdgarHighman I'm totally for this, for the same reasons. Anyone who's gotten any case deserves to have that convenience carried over.
  7. hazric

    if wipe, keep containers?

    I used to work in game dev and I completely understand the importance of full wipes; it’s the best way to A/B test your balance changes and legitimately perform the scientific method. Was just wondering if they could keep track of all our containers seperately and gift them back to us post-wipe. You know, like how they have a saved base inventory based on whether you’re EOD/Standard/etc, same for those of us who received their new years gifts. Would be awesome if this is possible. Doesn’t seem like it would be massive overhead
  8. hazric

    if wipe, keep containers?

    kappa I will pay for my containers absolutely But I hope they don't go microstrans simply because it's just terrible PR for your game
  9. hazric

    if wipe, keep containers?

    @ManiacShogun A quality of life feature in video games is a feature that provides an input-reducing convenience to the player. Those of us who just hit Level 32 and got our first iCases and Tarbanks ran to the Traders many times to get our rep to where they are, now we can choose to go a little less. I've definitely earned it. New players will enjoy learning the game properly anyways, responsibly grinding and budgeting their cashflows with inventory management. And once they reach Level 32 they'll also feel the reward of earning those containers. This is a good thing. If BSG is planning to wipe everything, this is a suggestion that everyone gets to keep the containers they already own.
  10. hazric

    if wipe, keep containers?

    And that's all I'm asking for
  11. hazric

    if wipe, keep containers?

    Is no one here a native English speaker? There's nothing terrible about the idea, EOD players like me start with 1 iCase already. But it's not necessarily advantageous either. Does no one know what quality-of-life features are in a game? Essentially it's just starting with a bigger stash than players who didn't. I can hold more stuff so I have more of a choice of when to sell I don't mind doing quests and grinding trader rep again; go ahead and wipe that away. And for those who don't have containers, they'll have fun earning it as I did. Any veteran player knows you should be selling most of your stash to build trader rep anyways when first starting out
  12. hazric

    if wipe, keep containers?

    I see keeping trader reps as a bigger balance issue if not reset, but containers (tarbanks, wcases, icases, etc) are more of a quality of life feature. Alot of us grinded hard for our containers and would love to see them kept through a wipe above anything else. I don’t mind doing quests again. Or maybe EOD players can keep their containers?
  13. There's been talk amongst great Tarkov players of getting rid of the secure container. I think this will make the game a ton of fun in an ideal world, but given the state of hackers in almost every game, I feel the secure container actually keeps the game playable for me; relegating the hackers to just another survival threat to deal with. It might look like a "planning to fail" move to keep the containers for this reason, but hackers will always find a way, and I feel having a secure container allows me to mitigate that risk while having the hacker problem meta into the survival aspect of the game in a distasteful but graceful way. The strategy of deciding what to secure and not to secure in the middle of a raid is also a fun mechanic for me. Maybe there could be an option for hardcore raids where secures are not allowed; rewards staying the same. I just know I'm fully enjoying Tarkov despite the hackers because having a secure container allows me that flexible buffer and treat them as a calculated threat. No excuse not to fix the game, but I do enjoy the secure container and I feel all players (down to standard) should get one.
  14. hazric

    Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

    chasir#4861 please verify
  15. hazric

    still dropping mags on reload

    Yeah it's the oversensitive keyboard I believe Thanks guys